How Long Do Boiled Eggs Last In The Refrigerator: Explained

By Arindam Roy

Boiled eggs are a staple on most breakfast tables. They come in an easy to peel hard-boiled shell and typically don’t need any condiments, though they do taste better with salt and pepper. Because boiled eggs are so great for breakfast, a lot of people store them in the fridge. But how long can you keep boiled eggs refrigerated? Find out here!

When should I refrigerate my boiled eggs?

Boiled eggs, especially hard-boiled ones, tend to spoil quickly when left at room temperature for too long due to their high moisture content. To keep your hard-boiled egg fresh, store it in the fridge right after you’ve cooked it.

How long can I keep boiled eggs in the fridge?

Boiled eggs can last in the refrigerator for about a week to ten days. Still, you need to take into account the date on which you bought your eggs. The fresher the egg, the longer it will last in the fridge. Once you open a boiled egg package though, eat them as soon as possible or else they’ll go bad even if they weren’t refrigerated at first.

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How can I tell when my boiled egg is bad?

The healthiest way to determine if your boiled egg has gone bad is by how the yolk looks. If you’ve stored your eggs properly, the yolk should be light yellow in color and there should be no white in the middle of the yolk. When this happens, that means you either haven’t cooked the egg for long enough or it’s gone bad. Using a toothpick to check for white in the middle of your egg or having a friend taste it is another method of determining whether it’s spoiled.

Storing boiled eggs in a cooler bag or container with a tight fitting lid is another way to keep them fresh for longer periods of time.

How can I prevent my boiled eggs from going bad?

To keep your boiled eggs fresh in the fridge for longer, you should first put the peeled eggs inside a container with a tight fitting lid and store them in the refrigerator immediately. Also, store your eggs properly by putting them on the very bottom shelf of your refrigerator rather than on one of the shelves closer to the door. Do not leave them out of refrigeration for more than two hours. If you do so, it’ll take the same amount of time as if they had remained in refrigeration to get back to room temperature. Never store eggs on the counter. Doing so will cause them to spoil faster and you’ll risk getting salmonella poisoning.

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How do I properly store hard-boiled eggs?

Proper storage of hard-boiled eggs should include not only keeping them cold but also keeping them fresh at the same time. This can be done by simply storing them in a container with a tight fitting lid inside the refrigerator. After you’ve placed your boiled eggs in the refrigerator, you should try to use them up within ten days to prevent spoilage and food poisoning. Always remember that an egg’s freshness is determined by its sell-by date.

If refrigerated properly, you can keep hard-boiled eggs for about a week. If you wish to consume them after the date on the container of eggs has passed, you will need to use multiple methods of determining whether they’re ready to be eaten. Check out the above section of this post for more information on this topic.

Can boiled eggs be frozen?

You can freeze boiled eggs if you wish so. In order to do so, you should first make sure that your boiled eggs have cooled off enough prior to putting them into a container and placing them in the freezer. This way, you won’t risk getting a burn from the hot boiled egg or damaging your freezer’s shelves. As always, note the sell-by date on your eggs in order to ensure that they don’t go bad before you can use them.

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Should boiled eggs be kept in the freezer?

Freezing your boiled eggs will allow you to store them and keep using them for several months. You’d need to thaw them first though, so do make sure that you’re planning on having enough time to do so. But when frozen, boiled eggs will last for up to six months, depending on how well frozen vegetables are stored at the same time. Be sure they’re not stacked too high with each other or else they could freeze together making it harder for your egg to thaw and become unusable.

How do I thaw frozen boiled eggs?

You can easily thaw your boiled eggs by putting them into the refrigerator the day before you want to use them. They’ll take a few hours to defrost and you should plan a bit of time for this process. While deep freezing your eggs, you should make sure that they’re not stacked too high with each other or else they could freeze together making it harder for your egg to thaw and become unusable.

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What is the best way to store hard-boiled eggs without refrigerating them?

If you wish to enjoy hard-boiled eggs without having to store them in the refrigerator, you can do so by using ice trays. Simply fill the trays with water and freeze them. Once they’re frozen, put some of them in a plastic bag and take them out when you need to use one or more of the boiled eggs. You might need a bit of time to thaw the egg though, so make sure you leave yourself enough time for the process.

Can I store boiled eggs in an ice tray?

Although it seems like a convenient method of storing hard-boiled eggs without using refrigeration, this isn’t actually recommended as you should be careful not to store your eggs too close to each other on a tray with open space between each compartment as this could cause them to freeze together. Also, the egg shells are quite delicate and could become damaged while slipping out of an ice tray. And of course, you should only use individual trays for one egg each to keep the rest of your eggs from getting contaminated by mold and bacteria.

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How do I prevent my boiled eggs from cracking in the shell?

There are several methods you could use in order to prevent greasy or cracked boiled eggs. If your pot isn’t covered completely with water, it’s likely that your hard-boiled egg will crack after boiling. To avoid this, make sure to cover it completely with cold water or chicken broth to help prevent the egg from cracking in the hot water before and after boiling it. Also, don’t add salt to the boiling water. It will help keep the egg white intact, but it could also make your egg crack when you remove it from the pot.

How do I peel a hard-boiled egg?

It’s easy to peel a hard-boiled egg with minimal damage to the shell. Simply place it on a sink or cutting board and gently tap and roll on it with the back of your knife for about three seconds until you can slide your knife along one edge and remove it easily from the shell. If that doesn’t work, you can use a spoon to mash around inside the shell for an easier removal.

How can I make my hard-boiled eggs last longer?

There are two things you can do in order to make your hard-boiled eggs last longer. First, you can freeze them after boiling with the shells on. This will help keep the egg whites from breaking down and turning them into a grainy pulp in the freezer. But be careful not to overwrap your eggs in the shell since they could become squashed together and difficult to remove from the package.

You could also try covering your boiled eggs with a lid or wrap after they’re cooled off and before refrigerating them. This will help keep out air and moisture so that your eggs stay firm over time without further cooking or boiling required for storage.

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