With the speed the world is moving today, whether it is the technological developments or the various products and services available, there is an endless rate of growth and this has led to the availability of a ton of brands, models and styles available for a particular appliance or product.

With the wide range of products available in the market, there is an 80% of chances for you to get confused in the process of purchasing one and in turn frustrated with everything you see. Moreover, what if you made a wrong choice? It would a waste of your money, time, and energy. You get even more frustrated. We, ‘TrustedReview’ (TD) are here to get you sorted out in purchasing the right product for your budget and needs.

Why Choose Us?

trustedreview.in’ is a ‘One-stop’ buying guide for all your home appliances and products. We undergo through detailed analysis, reviewing, usage, durability, and stress tests along with research work done by our proficient team of scientists, researchers, and consumers.

We consider our team of professionals better than the rest you might have ever seen. A geek who can carry out any sort of testing and groundwork for the particular appliance, an incredible array of fascinating and useful products that make your life easier and great customer service.

What exactly is our review about?

This is the list of operations that we do in our reviews listed on our page:

  • We first choose a bunch of good quality and affordable appliances for one’s home and list them accordingly. It may include vacuum cleaners, induction cooktops, water heaters, water purifiers, televisions, washing machines and so on.
  • We then do research on the best selling and reviewed products sold on BestBuy, eBay, Amazon, Flipkart and other trusted online shopping sites.
  • We also read the reviews posted on forums, blogs, YouTube videos, Quora and also ask certain questions to the company officials if we have further doubts pending.
  • From tat list, we further sort out and filter the top 5 – 10 products based on the review and ground work done for that product. We try to elaborate the buying guides, FAQ’s, and some buying tips to save your valuable time and money.
  • We also promote our customers to purchase their good online only via Amazon eCommerce as it is the most trusted site with the best service and highly-secure payment options. For most part of the year, they have the best prices you can get online.

Are we affiliated with any particular brand? Does that make us biased?

No matter which brand we may or may not be affiliated to, our reviewers and writers writing all of this content do not get the permission to know which brands we are affiliated to. It is only because of the appliances that we purchase, test, analyze and review which is given in detail about to the writers and they create the content that you see.

We try our best to remain as neutral as possible just like a consumer of goods like you and hence we get commissions via affiliates only when the retailer gets a customer because of our reviews. Similarly, if one of our reader’s returns the same product due to poor service or dissatisfaction with the features offered, we get nothing. Hence, whatever we do is beneficial for us only if you (consumers) are happy and satisfied with the particular product.

You would never wish to read our reviews again if we do not suggest you the best of the best choices available in the market at the particular part of the year. We hope that we keep our ethics before anything which are: ‘Unbiased, Neutral, Informative and Consumer-friendly product reviews.’

What do I do if I can’t list a particular product?

If you are unable to find your favorite brand or product in our buying guides and lists, you can write to us to our mail ID or else subscribe to our newsletters for further updates. Our team comprises of smart and friendly people who would be glad to answer all of your questions.

What is our main ‘goal’?

Our motto is ‘Spend for the money, Spend for the best’. It is a misconception that the best one is always the most expensive. You get better specifications for a more expensive product but you would not need that and spending unnecessary money is not ideal. We are here to offer you appliances that offer value for money along with good added benefits along with a great customer support.

We spend all the time and money for you to get the best appliances available and do not want to waste your valuable hard work and time in reading our reviews. We hope you will reconsider visiting us every time you need the best quality products for you.