What Temperature Should A Refrigerator Be? – Expert Advice

By Arindam Roy

The temperature you set your refrigerator to is dependent on the temperature in your house. If you live in a fairly warm geographical location and your kitchen has high heat, then it’s best to keep your refrigerator setting 10 degrees Fahrenheit colder than that. Set it at 40 degrees Fahrenheit if the in-house temperature might be around 60 degrees. If it’s cooler outside, then don’t have the fridge colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit just to be safe.

If you live somewhere with air conditioning and you have a basement, set the fridge at 40 degrees Fahrenheit because retrograde condensation can form on all of your food otherwise. If your basement does not have an air conditioning system to regulate it, then you should set the fridge at an even colder temperature.

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Many people put their refrigerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, but 70 percent of the population keeps it warmer in summer and colder in winter. The majority of consumers believe that this is the best temperature because it is what most companies recommend. But there are numerous studies regarding this issue, and they conclude that setting your refrigerator and freezer at 40 degrees Fahrenheit keeps food fresher for a longer period of time compared to keeping food at higher temperatures because the foods spoil faster in warmer conditions.

The average temperature outside in the United States is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a place that has lower humidity and drier air, you can live with the refrigerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. If you live somewhere with higher humidity, then it’s best to lower the temperature to 35 or 30 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.

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When buying your refrigerator, look for a model with the features listed below. Even though these items were not on the list of takeaways at this past Thanksgiving dinner, they are things that will make your life easier and save you money by making your shopping experience more efficient and pleasant:

    • 1. Temperature control for storage: It’s best to have the temperature in your fridge controlled by a thermostat. This way you can set the temperature based on what you’re going to be storing in there.
    • 2. Defrost option: The defrost option should automatically defrost when it senses that the door is open to avoid potentially spoiling food. More expensive models have a small fan in the freezer that will blow air over the food if it is freezing. This prevents ice crystals from forming on your meat and ice cream, which leads to spoilage.
    • 3. Freshness settings: It’s convenient if your refrigerator has a setting that tells you how long food will stay fresh.
    • 4. Computerized defrosting: This feature is recommended if you don’t have a lot of time to restock your freezer and fridge. Just leave the computer to do the work for you! Many manufacturers have this feature, but they generally charge more for it, so check before purchasing.

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    • 5. Display screen: Some refrigerators have an LED display screen that tells you when the door is open and how much electricity it is using at any given time. It’s a matter of convenience! If this sounds useful to you, be prepared to pay extra for it.
    • 6. Full-width drawers: A full-width drawer makes it easy to find everything in your refrigerator because you can see it all at a glance.
    • 7. Ready-to-freeze setting: This is the button that defrosts your freezer when you want to put new items in there. Many people don’t notice this option because they are preoccupied with checking out and purchasing other things on the list, but it’s an important feature to have if you don’t have lots of time to thaw fish and other frozen meat slowly so that they won’t be accidentally ruined.
    • 8. Ice maker: If you like drinking ice-cold bottled water, then you should get a model with an ice maker. This option will save you money. And if your kids are always thirsty, then you should get models that come with a water dispenser as well.
    • 9. No-Frost setting: If you want to keep your freezer unplugged all the time, then get a model that comes with this setting because it prevents frost from forming on the inside of the freezer. You shouldn’t have frost on the insides of your refrigerator because it can damage your food and can cause mold to grow in the interior space.
    • 10. Add ice option: If you want to keep your cold beverages cold, then you should get a model that comes with an ice maker. This option will save you money and time.
    • 11. Ice accessories: Some models come with trays that are perfect for storing your frozen food, such as ice cream or frozen vegetables, so that they don’t stick together.
    • 12. In-freezer light: You should also get a model with a light in the freezer if you have young children who like to play in there or if it is important for you to see what’s inside of it at all times.

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  • 13. Door lock: This is a safety feature for you and your family. The LED light will turn on if there’s a food that has been sitting in the fridge or freezer of any length of time.
  • 14. Self-cleaning feature: Most modern refrigerators have this feature, and it will automatically clean the interior space every sixty minutes.
  • 15. Power window shelves: If you’re going to buy a new refrigerator after Thanksgiving, then get one with power window shelves because they make it easier to see what’s inside.
  • 16. Left-side door shelves: This is the perfect option for storing containers and other food that need to be kept in the refrigerator. If you don’t like it, then you can always change it!
  • 17. Shelves that can adjust: This feature is particularly useful if you store two-liter bottles or milk containers on your shelf in the fridge. It makes it easier to adjust them as your family needs change.
  • 18. TempSense drawer: This feature allows you to put temperature-sensitive items in a drawer without needing to worry about damaging them with heat or cold from the refrigerator or freezer because this option prevents the temperature inside of it from changing.
  • 19. Condensers: You should get a model that has a condenser to lower the temperature of the air inside of the refrigerator so that your foods don’t spoil and you can keep them at their ideal temperature longer.
  • 20. Over-the-door storage: Some models come with this option, which means that you can store things on top of your fridge, such as wine bottles or gallon jugs. It’s a great way to save space!
  • 21. Freezer drawers: If you prefer to keep your frozen food organized, then get a model with freezer drawers so that you can store things in them without needing to worry about the food sticking together.
  • 22. Removable drawer: Your refrigerator shouldn’t be full of stuff that it’s difficult to reach because then your refrigerator won’t last long because the compressor will be constantly turned on and off.
  • 23. Interior lighting: It’s important for you to see what’s inside of the fridge as well as keep an eye on how much electricity is being used at all times.


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