What Are The Disadvantages Of Refrigerator?: Explained

By Arindam Roy

Forget that it takes up counter space and the floor of your garage. It’s probably more than you can eat before it goes bad. You can’t even store a six-pack in one! They cost too much to buy and maintain, and they’re always breaking down just when you need them the most.

They are often noisy, releasing chilling air that takes up valuable freezer space and causes frost to accumulate on your windows. And yes, if you have a huge family or like to entertain your friends with dinner parties, refrigerators take too long to refresh after being stocked with food.

While some of the disadvantages hinging on the size have been addressed by refrigerator engineers, the range of options to choose from can still be overwhelming. Should you purchase a top-freezer, bottom-freezer, side-by-side or french door? And what about colors?

Before you spend more money on a refrigerator than you did on your car, make sure that it has everything you want or need. Here are some of the most important areas to consider when making this important kitchen purchase.

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Size: The first thing to do is determine how much space that refrigerator will occupy in your home. If you need a large one (and you don’t have a dishwasher), choose a top-freezer. If you don’t eat much on the go, with the right shelving, you can easily house a smaller larger refrigerator.

Design: Refrigerators come in many forms and styles. Slide-outs, side-by-sides and french doors are some of the choices available now. The design of the refrigerator affects how much space it takes up in your kitchen, but choices are available regarding width and depth for every budget. Wherever possible, choose an appliance that separates food from other foods so they do not have to be stored in a small space that is typically shared by other items like plates or glasses.

Capacity: Why pay more money for an appliance that holds less? Check the refrigerator’s capacity before you buy. You don’t want to pay extra for a fridge that only holds 15 cans of frozen food, only to discover that it also doesn’t hold frozen vegetables, and you end up buying them individually.

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Some manufacturers include an ice maker and water dispenser when shown on their websites as additional features. If this is included, check to make sure it will work with the make of your refrigerator. Also think about the amount of storage space you will need and how often guests will be over. Do you need bottle storage?

Versatility: Think about how often people will be using your refrigerator. Will you want to store your dinner bowls and silverware in one bowl holder as well as your food and drinks; or, is it just a refrigerator for food and beverages? You can even place your dishes in the freezer.

U tility: Speaking of utility, if you live in an apartment or condo, don’t forget to check how easy it will be to haul groceries back from your favorite neighborhood shop.

While some of the disadvantages hinging on the size have been addressed by refrigerator engineers, the range of options to choose from can still be overwhelming. Should you purchase a top-freezer, bottom-freezer, side-by-side or french door? And what about colors?

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The disadvantages to having a refrigerator are:

  • 1) You need electricity in order to run it. If there is an outage, then the food inside will spoil faster than usual.
  • 2) It can provide an ideal environment for bacteria and other organisms that cause illness if it is not cleaned properly between uses.
  • 3) You need space for the appliance as well as the contents that you put inside of it.
  • 4) The whole family has to agree on what should be kept because of limited storage space depending on how much food is purchased at once or how often it needs replacing.
  • 5) Reduce/stop eating at fast food restaurants – this includes MacDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut etc… All of these places serve food which is loaded with fats, carbohydrates and sodium. For example, there are more than 30 grams of fat in a single Big Mac from Mcdonalds – the problem is that this amount of fat in one meal can keep your body from absorbing vitamins and minerals from any other meals you eat that day.
  • 6) Stop eating microwave meals – microwaves use frequencies to alter the molecular structure of your food to alter it’s flavour. These alterations have not been tested long term on humans so we have no idea what long term effects eating microwaved food will have in regards to our health.
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  • 7) Stop eating drink additives – additives are simply chemicals that are used to colour the drinks and make them taste better. For example, Cherry Coke has food colouring in it – why is this? It doesn’t need to be, the coke would taste exactly like cherry coke if the colour were left out. Artificial sweeteners such as saccharine and aspartame have been linked with cancer and brain damage in rats. Foods with artificial sweeteners have also been linked with cancer in humans but studies haven’t been completed yet. Eliminating these junk foods will give your body a chance to rid itself of any impurities caused by ingesting them over a long period of time.
  • 8) Avoid eating processed foods – they are full of chemicals, preservatives and flavourings that we don’t need. They are full of carbohydrates and sugars that you might not need either. Processed foods have been linked with cancer in humans but studies haven’t been completed yet.
  • 9) Stop running – this is bad for your knees and will eventually lead to arthritis. Running is a stressful sport which causes the body to produce an excess amount of cortisol which increases the risk of heart disease. Running also uses up more calories than other workouts because it takes longer and uses more muscle energy than walking or swimming. Running uses up calories but it does not build muscle.
  • 10) Stop smoking (in all forms) – there is no need to put organic toxins into your body and increase your risk of heart disease, lung cancer and emphysema.
  • 12) Get rid of all synthetic dyes – they are known to leave behind impurities in the blood which can cause cancer.
  • 13) Stop using whiteners – these have been linked with cancer in humans and studies haven’t been completed yet. Your teeth are supposed to be white naturally, they aren’t supposed to be bleached or tinted.
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  • 14) Get rid of plastic containers – these can leech chemicals into the food that you store in them.
  • 15) Stop drinking water from public sources – I live by a river and my tap water tastes like the river so I buy spring water from the grocery store.
  • 17) Avoid eating pig meat – it has been linked with lung cancer and diseases such as AIDS because pigs eat refuse and they eat other sick pigs when there is a shortage of food. #18 Avoid eating fast food – when you eat fast food you are putting garbage into your body, fast food is high in fat, sodium and carbohydrates which is not good for your health.
  • 19) Stop eating trans fats – they are carcinogenic and the government doesn’t want to ban them.
  • 20) Stop eating foods cooked in any type of fat – these foods are high in saturated fat which is very bad for you, saturated fat is linked with heart disease and obesity. #21 Eat raw vegetables – it’s much more beneficial to eat them raw than cooked because they contain more vitamins and minerals. The heat from cooking destroys many nutrients that are naturally present in the food.
  • 22) Avoid eating foods that have been frozen before or after they have been cooked or put into a microwave oven – this can damage the bacteria which live in your gut and make you sick if there is not enough of them.
  • 23) Avoid eating foods that have been irradiated, this means putting electrons onto the food or putting a beam of electrons onto it. The beam kills the bacteria in your food and creates artificial flavours. These pieces of food are dangerous because there are radioactive particles in them. #24 Stop buying processed foods (they have too many additives, fillers and chemicals) – these foods increase your risk of cancer, heart disease and obesity as well as giving you an unnatural taste.
  • 25) Stop eating white sugar (it contains too much fructose) – fructose is known to be very bad for you, it is linked with obesity and insulin resistance. It can also increase your cholesterol levels.
  • 26) Don’t eat artificial sweeteners – they have been linked with cancer in humans.
  • 27) Avoid eating pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers – these chemicals will overload your body with toxins which defeats the purpose of detoxing your body. You are supposed to remove toxins from your body, not add more to them! #28 Avoid eating foods that contain dyes and MSG (monosodium glutamate) – these can damage the bacteria in your gut and make you sick.

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