Mumbai, rightly termed as the financial capital of India and a commercial and industrial hub, enjoys a numero uno status as far as India and the State’s economies are concerned. However, the lack of premium facilities, ever-increasing vehicular population, and the notorious traffic congestion continues to adversely affect the city’s local life.

Hence, to improve the city’s public transportation conditions and communication facilities, the Government of Maharashtra and the Railway Ministry – with a financial collaboration with the World Bank – has undertaken the Mumbai Urban Transport Project. This project was launched with the aim of improving traffic conditions, especially the suburban railway system in the city.

However, considering the present-day public transportation facilities available, traffic conditions in the city, and to meet futuristic needs, it was also necessary to undertake a project that would complement the road network.

The Mumbai Urban Infrastructure Project was aimed at improving the East-West and North-South connectivity in Mumbai. The MUIP was undertaken as per the Government Resolution No.MUI3403/PK65/NV-10, dated 01.11.2003.

Objectives of the Project

● Draft a traffic management model for ensuring efficient mobility and connectivity
● Develop and strengthen North-South road links in the suburbs including a Mass Rapid Transit connectivity
● Strengthen East-West connectivity in the suburbs
● Enhance safe and convenient passage through Subways, FOBs, Footpaths, and Skywalks
● Facilitate and strengthen uninterrupted road connection to both the Airports
● Remove level crossing in Mumbai
● Provide bus terminal/bus depots and to improve existing public bus facilities for passengers

The Master Plan of the proposed projects under MUIP includes

  • Improvements/provision of DP roads
  • Elevated Roads
  • Flyovers
  • ROBs
  • Vehicular and Pedestrian Subways
  • Skywalks for the Eastern and Western Suburbs and the Island City
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