How To Reset A Refrigerator: A Quick Fix Guide

By Arindam Roy

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve just bought a refrigerator and are noticing the door getting stuck or not closing properly. This post is going to outline the step by step procedure on how to reset your fridge!

    • 1) Before we start, make sure the appliance is unplugged. Disconnect power from the unit so that you don’t accidentally shock yourself. If it is a gas-powered refrigerator, make sure there’s no gas left in it by following these steps: turn off all power switches at both ends of the house, open up cabinet doors until they seal against each other and reach to touch both sides of cabinet door handles (then let go). If you feel gas leaking, open up the windows, set up fans to blow outwards and get everyone outside.

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    • 2) Now turn the refrigerator over. It is important to make sure you’re handling it with care and have a friend or two around in case it falls on you. You may use this guide on how to safely turn a refrigerator around if you’re unfamiliar with how to do so. If your refrigerator has casters/wheels, simply roll it backwards until its back is facing away from you and flip it over.
    • 3) Flip the refrigerator back upright. This is where you have a friend or two come in handy again. Have them grab each side of the unit’s bottom shelf and tilt it back into position. To lock the door into place, pull up on the left-most shelf until you feel and hear a ‘click’. If that did not work, chances are that your freezer door has shifted out from its original position and needs to be reset as well. Ensure your refrigerator is on a flat surface, then follow these steps:
    • 4) Take off both of the shelves at the bottom of your freezer compartment. This will give you better leverage to get at the front door.
    • 5) Once you have gotten to the door mechanism, use a flat-head screwdriver and unscrew the two screws on either side of the handle. Then open up the freezer compartment and remove your freezer door.
    • 6) Now take out all of your frozen food from inside and set them aside somewhere warm and safe. You will only be able to put fresh food back in once this is done.
    • 7) Look inside your refrigerator. You should notice a small, white plastic door on the left side of your fridge. Use a flat-head screwdriver to unscrew the three screws and remove it carefully (it will be cold).
    • 8) Take out all the food stored in the refrigerator and place it in a cooler. Do not refrigerate wet things, which includes meat juices and other foods that are moist. Be sure to dry them thoroughly before putting them back into the refrigerator.

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    • 9) Remove any items stored outside of your refrigerator, such as jars of food and containers of condiments and other foods that are normally kept on shelves or drawers built into your refrigerator compartment – especially if they have been there for a long time without being used (at least 4 days).
    • 1) Use a hair dryer to make sure all excess moisture has evaporated. Air should be able to circulate freely, so use the hair dryer if you need to.
    • 11) Leave your refrigerator doors open for at least 4 hours. This allows it to “breathe” and get rid of any left over moisture that might have been trapped inside.
    • 12) Leave a bowl of vinegar out overnight. Pour vinegar around the bottom of your refrigerator and let it sit or spill over the sides. Open up the door to let it evaporate fully into the fridge and make sure not to lock any doors shut as this could ruin your refrigerator’s inner workings due to condensation forming on internal parts such as motors, power switches and wiring.
    • 13) Once the plastic door is out, you will have access to the freezer control module. Look inside and locate the two wires connected to a small circuit board. Each wire should be stuck onto the module with an adhesive and wrapped with black tape. Take off this tape using something sharp (i.e.: pocket knife, butter knife, etc.). Then use one hand to hold down the wire beside the adhesive while you pull off half of it with your other hand. Take note that the wire might snap off when you do this but it’s okay, you just need to have one end of the wire still attached to the circuit board. You may want to use conductive insulation tape (available on Amazon) to wrap around the exposed wires in order to protect them from short-circuiting.

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  • 14) Screw on your white plastic door back onto your fridge, then lower your freezer compartment housing back into place. You will notice that only one side of the handle is supposed to be touching the wire (the side with a small gap in between). This is because there is a spring mechanism inside that will push against the door when you open it and cause it to snap shut again. Once you put this part back, line up the two wire connectors on your circuit board to the ones that were holding them in place on your freezer control module and replug both sides of the control module.
  • 15) Now place the freezer door back in its original position and push it closed until it locks into place. You will notice that there are two clips on either side of the handle. These are spring mechanisms that keep your door from opening too far all at once. Go ahead and push these clips to their bottommost position (they will click about halfway) to get a sense of how they’re supposed to fit together.
  • 16) Now put back your freezer shelves as well as the ones at the bottom of your refrigerator compartment. You should have nothing holding them in place, so they should just click into place. Finally, screw your white plastic door back into its original position. That’s it! Your fridge is now ready to use again!

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Other way to reset refrigerator

A refrigerator can’t function efficiently if the thermostat is not set correctly. If you’ve noticed that your food is spoiling, consider to reset the thermostat because this could be the reason. If you need help, read this guide on how to reset your refrigerator in order to make it work efficiently again!

  • 1. Turn off the power and unplug appliance below and behind appliances
  • 2. Disconnect anode rod from wall of fridge; raise cover
  • 3. Unplug the wire connected to the thermostat from the door; remove cover on back of the fridge.
  • 4. Pull out freezer section and freeze containers with clear fluid inside a plastic bag.
  • 5. Set timer on your microwave to 45 minutes; set oven to 275 degrees (pre-heated to 350).
  • 6. Heat manually one container for 10 min, one for 15 min, one for 20 min; set in all three containers a bowl with water and ice cubes
  • 7. Set other two containers at same time in freezer section of fridge
  • 8. Close door and plug back appliance below & behind appliances; wait at least 1 hour before testing coldness again
  • 9. Check water and ice cubes’ temperature with a thermometer; repeat steps 2 to 8 until it reads 40 degrees or lower.
  • 10. Wait at least 1 hour before testing coldness again
  • 11. If temperature is still not right, then repeat steps 2 to 9 again
  • 12. Once temperature is tested as 40 degrees or lower, change the thermostat and wires back


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