How To Organize Refrigerator: Tips

By Arindam Roy

This is an article about how to organize the inside of a refrigerator, with step-by-steps, photos and stuff.

The benefits of an organized refrigerator are plentiful. You’ll have a nice, neat appliance that will make a good first impression on your guests or new roommates. No need to shove items into different parts of the fridge (or find them at all), they’ll be within easy reach. Your food will last longer and you won’t waste any money on unnecessary groceries, and you will waste less food if you only have to log in previous purchases every other week or so for grocery shopping purposes.

Organizing your fridge can seem like an intimidating task at first; after all, there are many different types of people in the world and refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes. But we’ll show you how to get your refrigerator organized using our seven steps method for making any space clutter free.

Refrigerators can often be very busy and messy on the inside. When you have a lot of food in your fridge it can get so cluttered that you barely know where anything is. It’s no wonder why many people would like to learn how to better organize their fridge.

A refrigerator has many uses besides providing food storage. It is often used as a place for storing leftovers from meals too large for single meal containers like Tupperware. If you have leftovers from a meal in your refrigerator and need to store more food, make sure to make room for the new food by moving some of the old food into your freezer. This will help prevent overflow, which can lead to a stinky refrigerator. Make sure that you don’t put too much food into your freezer either because this can cause frozen foods to defrost and get spoiled. Do not store any perishables in the freezer.

It is very important that you keep the temperature of your fridge at an optimum level. A good temperature is between 34°F and 40°F.

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1st step:

First, gather about 4-5 boxes that are all at the same size. You will want to find about the smallest sized boxes that fit on your shelves. (the bottoms of the boxes should fit right underneath the bottom of your shelf, and the tops of the boxes should rest right on top of your shelf).

2nd step:

Place two or three empty boxes in your fridge (you may not need more than 3). The purpose of these extra boxes is so you can use them for additional storage. You will need to write a label for each box that tells what type of food you would like to store inside. For example, you could write “milk”, “beer”, “bread” on each box. These extra boxes are used for the same thing your regular boxes are used for, storing food.

3rd step:

You can now close your fridge and rearrange all of the items in it. You should have about 10-12 of these cardboard boxes where things can fit in them (which you will use to organize your fridge). You should have a similar number of open spaces on your refrigerator shelves (these should be as low as possible to the bottom shelf). The open spaces in between normal spaces is made up with small boxes.

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4th step:

Start organizing the inside of your refrigerator. You will want to start with the lowest item, then begin stacking items. (This will make more sense later on). Simply place your items into the boxes. If there are not enough boxes to fit all of the items, you may need to place an item in a different box. The purpose of these other boxes that aren’t used for storage is simply for something to lean against so that you can make your fridge look organized and neat looking at a glance. (There should never be an empty space inside your refrigerator where things can fit in them).

Always keep your refrigerator clean. A dirty refrigerator is a health hazard, and you should not consider it an option to store food in a dirty refrigerator. A fridge that is left dirty will also have an odor that will be carried over onto the foods being stored inside. If this occurs, you may need to throw out all of the food that was stored in your fridge and then clean the entire thing. Also, when throwing out old food, make sure it is in bags or containers that are tied up tightly to prevent bugs from getting in and contaminating the rest of your food.

While it may be tempting to stock your refrigerator with things like soda pop and other sugary drinks, these items are especially hard on your utility bill.

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5th step:

Label the boxes on the outside with what’s inside them. Make sure that the boxes are labeled “Front” and “Back” so that you know what goes where. (This is explained later on).

6th step:

Double check that all of your items are inside of their labeled boxes. If there are any items that aren’t in a box, they will need to be placed into one of the extra boxes.

7th step:

Look at your refrigerator for about 30 seconds and organize the inside of it again. You may want to move some items around so they look just right. After doing this, you should be finished! (This will take about 5-10 minutes if you do everything correctly).

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Here are some guidelines:

  • 1: Never place items in your fridge that aren’t food or drink. These things should be placed inside of the extra boxes to be used for storage.
  • 2: If you have a lot of food in your fridge, you may find that you don’t need an entire box for each type of food so keep that in mind when placing items into boxes. For example, if all of your drinks (soda, water, juice) can fit into one box instead of 4 different smaller boxes, then make it so that they all fit into one bigger box.
  • 3: If there are items that don’t fit into one box, or if you have more than 1 type of item inside a certain box, place them into another box.
  • 4: Never place anything into the refrigerator that isn’t food or drink. Even if a non-food item is inside one of the boxes, it should never be placed into your refrigerator. (i.e.: “I’m going to put my pillow in here”). That’s crazy talk.
  • 5: This will take some getting used to but everything will fit inside of your refrigerator so make sure that you take this article seriously and do everything exactly as I say.
  • 6: Label your boxes with both “Front” and “Back” so that you know what goes where.
  • 7: Before you finish organizing your fridge, double check everything. You may find that everything still needs to be organized again. If this happens make sure to re-organize the inside of your fridge for 30 seconds just like the first time you organize it. (It should only take 5-10 minutes).

You’re done! (To be honest, I’m not quite sure why I do step 5 and 6 but I’m sure they serve a purpose).

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