Best Water Purifiers under 5000 in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

By Arindam Roy

Are you worried about the frequent waterborne diseases in your home, even after maintaining all the top-notch hygiene? Then your drinking water might be the reason for it. It is too difficult to detect debris, bacteria, and detrimental compounds, as most of the time the water looks clean apparently. So how do you do that? Don’t worry, a water purifier will do it for you.

But most of the time when you go for finding a good quality purifier with all features, they might seem costlier to you. But you’ll be glad to find that buying a water purifier under a limited budget is not that difficult a task.

As in this article, we are going to give you the reviews on 10 best water purifiers under rupees 5000 which you can easily purchase to retain the good health of you and your family. So let’s have a look:

1. Ruby RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller 12 Stage White & Blue: Best Rated Water Purifier under 5000

Best Water Purifier Under 5000

Are you looking for the most budget-friendly water purifier with the brilliant purifying technology? Then this one is perfect for you. The Ruby Water Purifier is designed with all the unique features to fight against all the impurities of water, which makes it one of the best water purifiers under 5000 rupees in India.

This brilliant quality product is designed to remove all the bacteria and viruses from the water with the utmost efficiency. It also removes the dissolved solids (TDS) conveniently. With the 12 ltr /hour of purified water flow, it has the 12 ltr of huge stage capacity. The 75 ltr /day of maximum duty cycle and 0.3 kg /cm sq-3 kg of min/max of inlet water pressure gives a brilliant purifying backup.

The 12 stages of purification offer a brilliant service. The Pre-filter effectively removes dirt, sand, rust, and particles with its 5 Micron sediment filter. The 1-micron sediment filter gives a second finishing to the dirt and sand removal. Featuring an activated carbon filter, it takes about all the chlorine and organic chemicals while enhancing the colour, odour, and taste.

With the Reverse Osmosis Membrane, it removes all hard contaminants like sodium, calcium, mercury, barium, lead, copper, fluoride, nitrate, pesticide, etc. Equipped with the UF filter, it works great in the adjustment of TDS.

The clean water is served then by making it rich with essential minerals to grow your immunity, all thanks to the Mineral Cartridge. The addition of UV rays works in a convenient way to kill all organisms like bacteria and viruses.

  • With the 75 GPD reverse osmosis membrane, it can remove the colour bacteria turbidity.
  • The UV dis-infector works great to kill all the infection-causing bacterias.
  • This RO + UV + TDS controller unit with Mineral Addition Technology is best for retaining your good health.
  • The extra-wide water level indicator keeps you updated with the purifying status.
  • Budget-friendly,
  • Too much power consumption.
  • A bit heavy.

2. R.K. AQUA FRESH INDIA White Ultra Advanced 12 Ltrs 14 Stage: Best RO Water Purifier under 5000 Rs.

R.K. AQUA FRESH INDIA White Ultra Advanced Water Purifier

Thinking of improving the quality of your health along with the completely pure water. Bring this R.K Aqua fresh water purifier without any second thoughts to get your desired results. Made with the universal RO+UV+MTDS technology, this purifier works with many conveniences with the water from different sources.

Along with a reliable purification process, it serves a high capacity storage system with the 12 ltr of the tank, which is built with good quality material which is completely food safe. This next-generation water purifier with its RO, UF, UV, and TDS adjusting technology speaks the language of purity and safety.

With the addition of the futuristic technology, it ensures the purity with every drop. The inbuilt TDS controller works with efficiency in retaining the natural minerals which are essential for good health. The double output standard water filtration system helps in increasing the contaminant rejection rate.

The 6 stages of the water purifying system help in giving the most effective results. Ths water purifier can excellently eliminate the algae, fungi, coli, cysts, viruses, other microorganisms, and harsh salts to improve the quality of the water. Most importantly, this purifier offers crystal clear and highly purified water with its 1-micron filter, which both ensures visibly effective purity.

  • The 1-micron filter removes all the dust, dirt, and sand particles.
  • With a stylish and transparent design, it comes with wall mounting capabilities.
  • Gives an effective result with almost all kinds of water.
  • With the Real Reverse Osmosis technology, it effectively removes 80-90% of contaminants.
  • The box comes with free pre-filter and filling accessories which are easy to assemble.
  • Needs professional support to install.
  • Not so durable

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3. Faber Galaxy RO+UF+MAT, 9 Liters, 7 Stage: Excellent Mineral Water Purifier with Upto 2500 TDS

Mineral Water Purifier

Are you looking for a water purifier with high-quality efficiency? Then this one can be the ideal opinion for you. This Faber Galaxy RO +UF + MAT water filter comes with a high storage capacity tank of 9 ltr. Which efficiently works with the RO membrane to remove all the toxic chemicals from your drinking water.

This RO membrane is capable of removing all the pesticides, heavy metals, herbicides, salts, and hardness with much effectiveness. Moreover, the RO membrane is also capable of working at the high TDS of 2500 ppm in water. Also, it works quite well with the tank, borewell, and municipal supply water.

The storage capacity tank is made with the ABS food-grade plastic tank, which is completely safe to use and non-toxic. Thereby the copper guard technology is added to enable the antifouling agents to make sure you are always having a pure and hygienic drink.

Also, the filter works in a great way to make the water-rich with minerals to give improved health all the time. The addition of minerals like copper, calcium, and magnesium helps in increasing the health value of the water.

The 7 stage purification includes all the important levels of purifying; the 20-micron external sediment filter removes all the rust, dirt, particle, and debris. This process is followed by the pre carbon filter to remove all the organic compounds, chlorine, odour, and taste. Therefore, the micron sediment filter helps in removing all the solid particles.

The RO membranes are added for removing the dissolved impurities and heavy metals. Along with the Post carbon filter or MAT filter, it enhances the taste and health value of the water. In the end, the Ultra Filter MEmbrane removes all the bacteria and improves the TDS balance to present the purified drops.

  • RO + UF +MAT technology ensures to present the sweetness and safety with every drop.
  • With the 13.5 ltr/ hour filtration capacity and 1.0 LPM pump, it gives a super speedy filtration.
  • Good grade plastic material is completely safe to use.
  • With the elegant design, it increases the aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • Offers a huge storage capacity.
  • Pricey
  • Comes in a bulky shape.

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4. Ruby Economical Ro+ Uv+Tds Controller: Outstanding Multi-Stage Water Purifier

Ruby Economical Controller Multi-Stage Water Purifier

Make a fruitful investment to keep your health safe and happy all the time. This water purifier by Ruby comes at the best price along with all the essential features to keep you healthy all the time which makes it one of the top water purifiers under 6000/- in India

It is specifically designed for removing the bacteria with brilliant effectiveness. Therefore, the removal of dissolved solids (TDS) improves the health value of the water. The 6 stage purification design is served through the improved functionalities.

With the help of 5 Micron sediment filters, it pre-filters the water to remove rust, dirt, sand, and particles. The second stage includes the 1-micron sediment filter, which removes the particles more precisely. The activated carbon performs the most important role by removing chlorine and other organic chemicals while enhancing the reduction of odour, taste, and colour.

It features the reverse osmosis membrane, which helps in removing all the hard water contaminants like copper, barium, chloride, fluoride, nitrate, pesticides, etc. Another level of purification is added through the post-carbon filter, which enhances the taste and quality of the water.

Made with Ultra Violet Ray technology it kills the organisms, bacteria, and viruses quite fast. With the purification capacity up to the 12 ltr/ hour and maximum duty cycle of 75 ltr/day, this filter by Ruby has the storage tank capacity up to the 12 ltr.

  • The post-carbon filter improves water quality with much effectiveness.
  • Equipped with good quality electrical parts, it ensures durability.
  • With the unique design, it is easy to install.
  • Enough tank storage capacity is provided.
  • 75 RO membrane gives a high-quality purification.
  • The water output is comparatively slow
  • High power consumption

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5. Konvio Neer Amrit Mineral RO+UV+TDS: Great Quality Water Purifier with High TDS 3000 Membrane

Konvio Neer Amrit Mineral Water Purifier

Confused about which water purifier to purchase to get the improved quality water? Go for this one without having a second thought. This water purifier offers a completely safe and pure drinking water along with the Japanese UV technology. The Japanese Ultraviolet Lamp offers an immediate purification of the water by killing all the germ breeding.

Made with high TDS (up to 3000) RO membrane the water purifier removes all the toxins from the water to give you always a clean and pure output. With 12-litre storage, it offers a huge tank that can hold the water for all the members of your family.

With the digitalized performance, it helps in giving an intelligent service. The Artificial intelligence-based purifier has the health management capabilities to keep you healthy all the time.

By generating the automatic service ticket, it ensures the improved quality of the water. There is a digital dashboard that records all the lifetime of the parts of the purifier. Thereby it goes compatible with the Konio Neer smart app with which you can easily control it.

  • With a pre-filter kit and installation tool kit, it is very easy to install.
  • Lets you enjoy the digitalized service of the purifier along with the improved design.
  • RO + UV technology works in an effective way to present clear and purified water.
  • With the TDS technology, it works conveniently to adjust the TDS balance in the water.
  • Comes at a pocket-friendly range.
  • The carbon cartridge doesn’t last more than 6 months.
  • Functionalities are quite complex.

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6. Remino RO with UV UF + TDS 12 litres: Perfect Water Purifier with Mineral Enhancer Black

Home Water Purifier

Upgrade the quality of your water and make it much healthier with the Remino RO water purifier. Designed in a unique way, it features an original Philips UV lamp which ensures the killing of all the bacteria with much effectiveness. The RO technology, paired with the goodness of UV serves a more convenient performance with the germicidal effect to make your water consumption much safer.

Remineralization technology is best for retaining all the essential minerals in the water to make it much healthier. Addition of the minerals like calcium, copper, and mineral is essential for ensuring the increase of your immunity to keep you healthy from inside. Thereby the Mineral cartridge and the TDS regulator works brilliantly to assure the safety along with the taste of the purified water which makes it the best water purifier under 6000 rupees.

With the large storage capacity of 12 litres, it makes sure that you never run out of the pure and healthy purified drinking water. Provided with the Fully Automatic Operation, it has a water level sensor that stops the power consumption after your water tank becomes full.

Made with the Hi-Performance RO Membrane, it extracts all the impurities from the water while saving more water up to 100% unlike a regular purifier with 25% of the recovery.

With the Multistage Purification Technology, it removes all the impurities, contaminants, chemicals, odours, microorganisms, etc. with utmost efficiency. The 5-micron sediment filter removes all the rust, sand, debris from the water.

The activated carbon filter promotes the reduction of all the odour and colour. Made from ABS food-grade plastic, it is completely food safe.

  • Serves safe and sweet water with each output.
  • Lessens the power consumption with the full automatic operation.
  • Suitable for all sources of water.
  • Activated carbon filters ensure 99% of chlorine and organic chemical removal.
  • The RO membrane processes 75 gallons/ day.
  • Complex to assemble.
  • The cartridge doesn’t go for a long time.

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7. Royal Aquafresh 12 Litre RO UV UF TDS MINERAL: Magnificent Water Purifier with 6 Months Warranty

Royal Aquafresh Water Purifier

Thinking of having a budget-friendly water purifier for your home to keep your family always protected from all the bacterial and viruses causing infections? Then go for this Royal Aquafresh purifier at a very pocket-friendly price which covers all the essential functionalities of a good quality purifier.

With the RO purifying technology, it works in a convenient way to keep all the contaminants away from your drinking water. Moreover, the RO feature is great in removing all the heavy metals like lead, copper, sodium, potassium, calcium, nitrate, fluoride along with the harsh salts, and pesticides away.

The RO technology has been combined with the UV technology which keeps all the bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms away from your water by killing them, and also prevents the reproduction of all those harmful components.

Made with the TDS adjusting capabilities this water purifier can efficiently adjust the TDS level in the water to provide you with the fresh and purified water every time to keep you miles away from any kind of waterborne diseases.

Featuring the mineral adding functionalities, it increases the health value of the water by adding essential minerals to the water to make you always strong with your immunity system.

  • With the transparent design, the water level is easy to check.
  • 12 ltr of water capacity is enough for the storage.
  • With the RO + UV technology, it prevents all kinds of waterborne diseases.
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price.
  • Easy to install.
  • Not so durable.
  • Gives a comparatively slow performance.

8. Aquadpure RO+UV+UF+TDS -12 Litres: Brilliant Water Purifier below Rs. 5000

Aquadpure Water Purifier

What can be more exciting than a budget-friendly water purifier with all the essential features? Nothing right! This Aquadpure RO + UV +UF+ TDS is the perfect combination of good quality and best price value.

Designed with a copper filter, this RO water purifier works to add the goodness of copper to your water. The copper infusion promotes the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties to keep you healthy all the time.

Equipped with the 3000 Hi TDS membrane this purifier enables the capabilities of removing all the impurities from the water while saving 100% more water which is comparatively better than any other purifier.

The advanced TDS regulator helps in the removal of 95-98% of TDs. It also adjusts the taste of the water according to the source of the water. This intelligent unit is designed with the auto shut-off system, which automatically turns the function off when the water tank gets full.

With the capacity of 25 ltr /hr of filtration rate, it offers the maximum duty cycle of 150ltr / day. It is capable of reducing 99% of chlorine and organic chemicals with an enhanced reduction of colour and odour using the Activate carbon filter.

Featuring the UV light, it enables the bacteria destruction functionalities with proper efficiency. Along with the mineral cartridge, the filter adds essential minerals to the water, which enhances its health properties.

  • 12 ltr of storage capacity is enough for household usages.
  • 8 stage purification system gives the best quality purification.
  • Designed with a transparent cover and purified water level indicator, it helps in notifying you about the purification status.
  • Fully automated operation is hassle-free to use.
  • The ABS food grade plastic material is completely safe to use.
  • A bit heavier.
  • Too much of power consumption.

9. Grand Plus Aquagrand Blue Swift 10 L RO + UV + UF + TDS: Admirable Water Purifier (Blue)

Grand Plus Aquagrand Water Purifier

To fight all the waterborne diseases like a pro, bring this Grand plus Aquaguard purifier to ensure good health for your family. This water purifier is designed with perfection to give you the pure water along with the RO+UV+UF+TDS technology, which makes it a good water purifier below 6000 in India.

The Reverse Osmosis process in the water is added for ensuring the actually clean water free from any kind of contaminations, hard chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides using the pressure force to make the water pass through a purifying membrane.

With the ultraviolet rays, the filter performs a very efficient task in penetrating water molecules to make them free from any kind of bacteria, virus or harmful contaminants.

Designed in quite an attractive way, the purifier has a transparent cover along with a water level indicator to check the water level with ease. The product comes with a cartridge which is given for adding to the purification system to enable the filtration.

The cartridge works with much efficiency to strain all the impurities from the water. It is also refillable so that you don’t have to compromise with the water quality.

  • With the 10 ltr of water tank capacity, it serves enough storage.
  • With an attractive design and compact design, it is quite easy to install.
  • The water level indicator notifies you about the water level so that you can easily refill it.
  • Made with TDS manager technology it can easily balance the TS level in the water.
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price.
  • You need to change the cartridge quite frequently.
  • Doesn’t add minerals to the water.

10. Water Quality Enterprise Aqua DIGI 12 litter RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller: Affordable & Best Water Purifier

Water Quality Controller

Never compromise with the quality of your drinking water. To make every drop beneficial, consider picking this water purifier by Water Quality Enterprise. Featuring the Aqua Reverse Osmosis purification technology, it can be the best budget filter for you to choose.

With the advanced technology, this water purifier can give you the 100 per cent safe drinking water with both RO and UV purification. The 10-stage 100 per cent RO technology works great in removing all the heavy metals like copper, lead, sodium, fluoride, pesticides etc. Moreover, it also removes all the chemicals and offers an effective ALKALINE purification.

Featuring Mineral Z Technology, it helps in correcting the pH level of the water and essential natural minerals to increase the health value of the alkaline water to give you enhanced immunity.

Designed with the magnetic water revitalizer, it helps in enhancing the hydration improvement of the water and increases the mineral absorption. With the TDS adjuster, i adjust the TDS level of the water with much efficiency.

Designed with the UV chamber the Ultra Violet Rays in the purifier deactivates all the bacteria and parasites, and all the viruses along with microorganisms to keep you always protected from any kind of waterborne disease.

  • The 12 ltr of storage capacity along with 12 ltr/hour filtration rate it offers a heavy-duty performance.
  • With the wide water level indicator, you can easily check the water level.
  • Made with ABS food-grade cabinets the material is absolutely non-toxic and comes in a stylish black design.
  • The RO+UV technology retains the mineral fortification and alkaline addition to enhance the taste.
  • The UV chamber works effectively without adding any chemical to the water.
  • Comes in bulky size.
  • Gives a slow water output.

11. VXI® Fresh Aqua Dolphin WATER PURIFIER RO with Reverse Osmosis Technology

VXI® Fresh Aqua Dolphin WATER PURIFIER

If you are in search of a water purifier that works in a convenient way without many complexities, then this one is the best for you. Made with the RO system, the brand claims to offer the best water filtration in the world.

With a built-in high-class capacity booster pump, it helps in purifying the water with much effectiveness. Thereby the bacteria and virus removal capacity, you never have to worry about the waterborne diseases. It efficiently removes all the hardness from the water and extracts all the heavy metals from the water. It also improves the quality of the mineral.

Made with auto shut-off technology, there are no chances of coming in of feed water and at the same time, it saves power. With the 9-10 ltr of storage capacity and 12-15 ltr/hr purification capacity, it gives a brilliant performance. The only drawback to gas is the lack of durability.

12. R.k. Aqua Fresh India Swift 12ltrs 14Stage Purification

R.k. Aqua Fresh India Swift Purification With Pre Filter Set

Upgrade the quality of your daily drinking water along with this purifier by R. K fresh. This 15-litre purifier with the Reverse osmosis process and the Ultra Violet treatment it removes all the contaminants and microorganisms along with virus and bacteria. Available at a low price it is one of the best water purifiers under 6000 rupees in India.

With the attractive design and transparent cover with a water level indicator, you can easily check for the water level, which helps in knowing when to refill the purifier.

The water purifier comes with a cartridge which you can attach to the purifier to start the filtration system. This RO+ UV+ TDS+ UF+ MIneral cartridge purifies the water while improving the TDS balance and adding essential natural minerals. The only problem is its too much power consumption. However, it can be an ideal choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MTDS in a water purifier?

MTDS in a water purifier stands for Manually Total Dissolved Salts controller. Present in the form of regulator it lets the water purifier device adjust the output water’s TDS level.

RO or UV water purifier which is better?

Comparatively RO water purifiers give better purification than a UV purifier as it removes all the bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals with much effectiveness. But the best results can be achieved if you consider choosing a filter with the combination of both RO and UV.

What is MP in a water purifier?

MP refers to the Membrane Protector technology, which helps in increasing the lifespan of the RO membrane, to keep the safety and purity untouched for a long time and ensures durability.

Which type of water purifier is best?

A filter that comes with all the essential features like reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, ultrafiltration, TDS adjustment, and mineral addition, serves to give you the best performance.

What is TDS controller in a water purifier?

TDS refers to the combination of toxic substances present in the water that came from industries and pesticides. A TDS controller design in a water purifier works in a convenient way to remove these substances to keep the water safe.

Which water purifier is best for hard water?

As per our suggestionRuby Water Purifier RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller 12 Stage White & Blue is best for hard water.

After installing the water purifier at my place, will I be able to get rid of all the impurities from it?

Depending on the functionalities and features of the water purifier you have installed; it will work conveniently to give you the highly effective results. Make sure you are using the best quality water purifier to get the most of it.

Are these water purifiers durable?

Durability depends on the material and construction of a purifier. Those which are made of good quality plastic material are definitely durable.

Can I use RO wastewater for other purposes?

Yes. You can easily use the wastewater for cooking, or bathing, or for watering your plants to keep them healthy.

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