Best Water Purifiers under ₹15000 in India – Buyer’s Guide

By Arindam Roy

Before buying the best purifier for your home, you must be familiar with the importance of purified water for your healthy and sound life. Do you know why you need water purifier?

Well, regular water may contain harmful minerals, pollutants, germs, and bacteria. With an excellent water purifier, you have access to clean and minerals enriched water. And believe me when I tell you that purified water can save you from cancer, heart risk, asthma and such diseases. Regular water contains chlorine which is responsible for these abhorring illnesses. Therefore, investing in a purifier has several benefits to it.

We have tested many and will share with you some of the best water purifiers in India. You can choose the most appropriate one for you from right here. Sodive in:

1. Kent – 11076 New Grand 8-ltr Wall Mountable RO + UV + TDS 20 litres/hr: Best Water Purifier under 15000 Rs.

best purifier under 15000

Key Features

  • UV+RO+UF+TDS control 
  • Mineral RO technology 
  • Retains essential minerals 
  • High storage capacity 
  • Water level indicator 
  • PNA India service network 
  • Wall-mounted design 
  • Filter cartridges 

Features Overview

KENT Grand is one of the top water purifier brands in India. With the advanced technology, KENT ensures that you get safe and clean drinking water with its multiple purification process of UV+RO+UF+TDS control.

The control removes dissolved impurities from the water, chemicals, salts, bacteria, and viruses to provide 100% clean water. Besides, the mineral RO technology pertains to natural minerals using the TDS controller. This way, you get minerals enriched water.

KENT Grand comes with high storage of 8 litres tank and 20 l/hr purification capacity. This way, the purifier works faster to ensure continuous supply even during the cut of electricity.

The purifier also comes with a water level indicator that keeps the water track. You can switch the machine on when the level of purified water decreases. With excellent customer service, you get prompt service, dedicated and trained technicians at the service centres near your home.

Coming with 1500+ customer service centres in India, you can relax if you face your purifier issue. This purifier is suitable for Indian homes and offices. In the same vein, it purifies brackish, tap water, municipal corporation water supply.

It has an inlet temperature of 10 degrees and a pressure of 3 kg/cm square.

  • RO technology
  • 20 liters per hour purification capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Installation issues
  • May require additional filter

2. KENT Supreme Lite 2020, Wall Mountable, RO + UF + TDS, 8 L Tank: Top Rated Water Purifier below 15000

KENT Water Purifier

Key Features

  • Multiple purification process
  • Mineral RO technology
  • TDS controller
  • RO+UF+TDS controller technology
  • High storage capacity
  • Water level indicator
  • ABS construction

Features Overview

Coming with advanced RO + UF + TDS control technology, this all-new KENT supreme lite RO water purifier ensures safe and clear water for you. The multiple purification process ensures that you get 100% pure water for drinking after removing dissolved impurities, salts, and kills bacteria and viruses.

The RO technology retains essential minerals in the purified water using the TDS control system. You get tasty and pure drinking water. Also, the cleaner has the epic storage of 8 litres water so that you can supply purified water even during cut down of electricity.

Moreover, the water level indicator keeps track of the purified water so that you can turn the machine on when the level decreases.

Keeping in view corrosion, KENT supreme lite has ABS food-grade plastic for a corrosion-free experience. This increases the durability and longevity of the purifier.

It is suitable for the purification of brackish, tap water, and municipal water supply. Moreover, it has four purification stages and 20 litres per hour of purification capacity. With the net weight of 7.5 kg, it ensures safe and healthy drinking water for you and your family.

  • RO + UF + TDS control
  • Multiple purification process
  • Suitable for many types of water
  • Four purification stages
  • High storage
  • The additional filter required
  • Installation issues

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3. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel 8L RO+UV e-boiling+MTDS with Active Copper: Perfect Water Purifier

Eureka Water Purifier

Key Features

  • Active copper technology
  • Mineral guard technology
  • UV e-boiling technology
  • Taste adjuster technology
  • Ultra purification process installed
  • Multiple cartridges
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Flexible installation
  • Large tank capacity
  • Service within 5km range

Features Overview

This excellent water purifier under 15000 Rupees has active copper technology. This marvel purifier has RO+UV+MTDS technology, which purifies and brings you ultra-clean and freshwater. The dynamic copper cartridge projects copper ions in the water, enhancing its goodness. Copper supports metabolism, provides energy, and helps in the growth and development of the body.

Its mineral guard technology helps to retain essential minerals such as Magnesium and Calcium. These minerals and copper simultaneously provide healthy drinking water. This cleaner has in-built water boiling UV technology that boils every drop of water for 20+ minutes and provides germs-free clean water for you and your family.

Whatever the source of water is, a refined taste adjuster sweetens the taste of the water. The water passes through multiple cartridges and purification stages. The first stage removes the suspended particles; the second stage blocks chemicals such as chlorine and organic impurities. The next step retains the mineral essence of water. At the same time, the fourth stage adjusts the taste.

The fifth stage removes TDS, pesticides, and heavy metals. Next stage, crystal clears the water and makes it free from bacteria and viruses. And the final stage infuses copper for richness and health.

  • Large tank capacity 8 liters
  • Customer service
  • Installation issues

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4. Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV+UF+MAT, 9 Liters, 8 Stage Mineral: Outstanding Water Purifier with Upto 2500 TDS

Faber Mineral Water Purifier

Key Features

  • Elegant design
  • RO membrane@2500 ppm
  • 8 stage purification
  • Large storage capacity
  • Copper guard technology
  • Mineral addition technology

Features Overview

This water purifier below 15000 in India comes with an elegant and aesthetic design that enhances your kitchen’s look. It has several unique features, such as its RO membrane feature. As the water passes through this layer, its harmful chemicals such as bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, hardness, and other salts reduce and leave behind clear and healthy drinking water.

Whatever the water type, this cleaner works with it. And the RO membrane works at high TDS of 2500 ppm in water even. The water purifies with eight stages of RO+UV+UF+MAT technology that enhances its richness and sweetens its taste. With a massive capacity of 9 litres, this cleaner is perfect for your family.

The copper guard technology ensures that fouling capacity reduces from the water and becomes pure and hygienic. In case the water has all essential minerals removed, the mineral addition technology adds other minerals such as copper, calcium, and magnesium. Its high flexibility in installation makes it desirable.

It also comes with a water level indicator that lets you fill it up again when it is ending. The water tank has ABS food-grade plastic with germ block technology. It comes with a 1-year warranty too.

  • High water storage capacity
  • Copper technology
  • Eight filtration stages
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Compact design
  • Maintenance cost

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5. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard RO+UV+MTDS 6 litres: Excellent Water Purifier under 15000

Best Water Purifier

Key Features

  • RO+UV+TDS technology
  • High storage capacity
  • Energy-saving mode
  • 1-year warranty
  • Sleek design finish

Features Overview

This excellent water purifier under INR 15000 embellishes your kitchen with its modern-looking and sleek finish purifiers. Not only this, but they come with unique features such as RO technology. RO technology enables water to come out clean and germs free. It reduces the heavy metals, the hardness of water, chemicals, pesticides, and harmful minerals.

The UV+RDS technology enables the water to retain all essential minerals and removes the dust and other harmful particles. Whatever the water source, this product filters it exceptionally, making it healthy and tasty for your family.

The smart energy-saving mode enables the cleaner to turn itself off automatically when full; this saves electric power and makes it highly durable. The company says that with every 1 litre of water, 650 ml of water gets thrown out of the machine. It is better not to discard that water but save it for other purposes such as cleaning dishes or washing clothes.

It has a high water storage capacity of 6 litres and operates at 45 watts, making it an energy saver. The 1-year Indian warranty card makes it desirable. Its weight of only 6 kilograms makes it easy to install. It is easy to use and may not even require professional help with installation.

  • Energy saver mode
  • Advanced technology
  • Warranty
  • Sleek design
  • Leaking issuest
  • Water discarded three times a liter

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6. Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard(RO+UV+UF+MTDS) 7L: Perfect water purifier with Ultra Filtration

Eureka Forbes AquaSure water purifier

Key Features

  • Multi-stage purification
  • Large storage tank
  • Advanced taste adjuster
  • Long-lasting cartridge
  • Supports all water sources
  • Sleek and compact design
  • LED indicators
  • Energy-saving mode

Features Overview

Undoubtedly, under the list of topwater purifiers in India under 15000 INR, Eureka Forbes shines with its unique and quality features. It has AquaSure Delight technology that includes RO+UV+UF+MTDS so that you get clean and healthy water at your home. You can save electricity with its ultra energy-saving mode, making it desirable and durable.

Coming with ultrafiltration technology, the purifier has a capillary tube type membrane that provides an extra purification layer so that the water is not contaminated with any chemicals or microbes. The multi-stage purification ensures that water is filtered from dirt, chemicals, organic impurities, chlorine, viruses, pesticides, etc. At last, it ensures you get crystal clear water safe and healthy too.

The cleaner has a large storage tank of 7 litres to ensure water availability even when the electricity is off. A feature highlight is its MTDS refined taste adjuster, which gives taste to any water source and makes it drinkable. The cartridge that comes with the cleaner is 6000 L life to have a safe water supply for a whole year. Moreover, it has power on a tank full and purification on led indicators.

  • Economical
  • Advanced technology
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Customer service issues

7. KENT Pearl 8-Litres Mineral RO + UV/UF + TDS: Top Water Purifier under 15000 (Blue and White)

Water Purifier in Reasonable Budget

Key Features

  • Multiple purification process
  • Mineral RO technology
  • Essential minerals retainer technology
  • Detachable tank
  • Zero water waste technology
  • High storage and purification technology
  • Customer service

Features Overview

Kent pearl uses double purification technology to ensure safe and healthy water for you and your family. The advanced RO+UV+UF+TDS technology enables the reduction of germs, microbes, pesticides, bacteria, chemicals, harmful minerals, and organic impurities from the water source. Whatever the water source, this top filter under 15000 in India clarifies the water.

Retaining of essential minerals is its highlight. The mineral RO technology ensures the useful chemicals are not reduced from it. The flexibility of installation makes it easy to handle. You can easily clean it without any professional help. Zero water wastage technology easily re-circulates the rejected water and doesn’t allow any water wastage.

This cleaner comes with high storage and purification capacity and has an 8 litres storage tank. The customer service is available at 1500+ service across India and also comes with an auto-flashing system. This cleaner also comes with UV LED protection in the storage tank so that the water purified stays there for a longer time.

The one-year warranty and three years of extended service make it durable and desirable for customers. The design is sleek and stylish to go with the unique look of your kitchen.

  • Customer service
  • UV LED protection
  • High storage capacity
  • Advanced mineral retainment technology
  • Water overflow issue
  • Power supply issues
  • Noise issue

8. LG WW130NP with True RO Filtration: Perfect Water Purifier with Dual Protection (Red, Wall Mount)

LG Water Purifier Filtration & Dual Protection

Key Features

  • Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank
  • 5 stage RO filtration system
  • Digital sterilizing protection
  • Wall mount
  • Supportive maintenance
  • Multistage filtration process
  • True preservation
  • Authorized filter
  • Stainless certification
  • Storage capacity (8 litres)

Features Overview

A dual protection stainless steel tank of LG Water Purifier WW130NP inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, viruses, and heavy metals. It does not allow any contamination. It increases the water purity level. LG modern RO systems give protected and safe water for drinking through the multistage filtration process that eradicates germs even smaller than 0.0001 mm in size. It also prevents bacterial growth.

Furthermore, it is sterilized with a kit that also does not allow the production of harmful chemicals. That’s why it also contains a stainless certification of storage tanks. It has less bacterial growth compared to tanks of plastic.

Other than this, it has a smart display that gives it a very modish look and also it is designed to show the power and time for changing the water level in the storage tank. It is wall mounted that gives your kitchen a very mesmerizing look and an elegant impression for the guests visiting your house or office.

Moreover, it has authorized filter that keeps the efficiency of the product for a long time. It has a storage capacity of 8 litres this feature makes it excellent as its storage capacity is good with its price that makes it an amazing purifier under 15000 INR.

  • Advanced multistage reverse osmosis system
  • The multistage filtration method
  • Groundbreaking digital sterilizing care
  • Proper maintenance after the date of purchase and free for one year
  • Protection from harmful chemicals
  • 10 years stainless steel warranty
  • Makes hard water soft
  • Enhance water taste
  • Some beneficial minerals maybe get removed during the filtration process.
  • Reverse osmosis as the primary source of water can also cause general weaknesses.

9. Livpure Zinger Mineraliser+RO+UV+UF+Filter Indicator LED Display 6 Stage Purification: Excellent Water Purifier

Livpure Zinger Indicator LED Purification Water Purifier

Key Features

  • In-tank UV sterilization
  • RO+ UV+UF + Mineralizer purification technology used
  • 6 stages of purification
  • LED indicator
  • Insect proof technology
  • Electric source
  • Food grade plastic
  • 6.5 liters storage capacity
  • Ensures safe and pure drinking water
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Easy to usse

Features Overview

Modernized and smart Livpur Zinger water purifier protects immunity with the help of a mineralizer installed in it. It gives fresh and pure water. It has Reverse Osmosis, Ultra filtration, and Ultraviolet purifiers, which are giving the purest drinking water. It eliminates all kinds of disease-causing microorganisms.

Its In-tank UV sterilization technology keeps the water pure and makes it a difficult target for bacteria and viruses. It is a trustworthy brand for giving you healthy water. The polluted water can quickly become clean and pure.

It also has insect-proof technology, and that’s why it does not allow the water to get contaminated. It provides safe and healthy drinking water. The taste of water is also really great. Apart from this, its LED indicator display immediately tells about water leakage, the status of purification, and UV sterilization status. This feature is impressive in its price.

Moreover, this product’s maroon color gives it an amazingly attractive look for the interior of a kitchen or any indoor setting. This product is provided with the best customer services as we are giving free installation on your orders.

So, in populated countries like India, where pollution is increasing day by day, the health issues are also growing, so this purifier is a great step towards maintaining your health.

  • 6 step purification
  • Top-rated companies
  • Awarded and certified
  • Superior quality materials
  • Possess great capacity for different family sizes
  • Sometimes demineralized the water
  • It can be a disturbance for water pH
  • Its storage capacity can be not enough for a large family size

Frequently Asked Questions

Can water purifier be switch off automatically at night?

The most purifier works when you need to purify water, so it does not work at night.

Can water purifier remove fluoride?

Yes, the RO water purifier has a use for this purpose.

Can water purifier make you sick?

Yes, using an old purifier for a long time can add bacteria or fungus in it.

How do I know which water purifier I need for my home/office?

RO purifiers are the best because it purifies water at high TDS level.

How long can the water be stored in the filter?

For six months maximum, but if you place it at a cold and dark place, then it can be store for one to two years.

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