10 Best Washing Machines in India under 25000: Review & Buying Guide

By Arindam Roy

Do you find the task of doing laundry daunting? Are you looking for the best washing machines to delegate this task to a machine?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

No one looks forward to the laundry day. Well, how to simplify this intimidating work?

Can someone else do it for you? Can you wash your clothes while multitasking other chores?

The answer to these questions is: YES! Absolutely. If you have a budget as low as 25000, you can buy a fully automatic, long-lasting washing machine for an average Indian household.

Here are the top 10 best washing machines to help you in just under 25000.

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1. Bosch 6 kg Washing Machine: Best for Working Couple

Looking to wash clothes thoroughly, with complete disinfection and removal of bacteria? Bosch fully automatic washing machine is just for you.

Front-loading vs Top loading:

You can use it by opening its front door, instead of the top one. This ables it to consume less water and energy. The spinning is faster than top-loading machines. You can dry your clothes faster.

Does your electricity bill inflate significantly after washing machine usage? Don’t worry. Bosch washing machine conserves your power. The dryer needs to dry less water, and this requires lower energy.

You can lower your detergent expenses too. The fully-automatic model is best for busy men and women. You can attend to other tasks while it washes your clothes.

How many clothes can you fit into a 6kg washing machine?
Now you would be thinking about the capacity of this machine? Can it accommodate all your family clothes? How large can your load be?

It can easily wash:
  • 30 shirts, or
  • 6 shirts and 6 pairs of jeans, or
  • 12 bath towels, or
  • A single duvet
Without using extra detergent, water, or time. This makes it perfect for a couple or a small family of 3-4 members.


  • The spin speed of 800 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), that falls in the middle of the range.
  • Power consumption: 990W
  • 54 dB noise production during washing
  • 74 dB noise production during the spinning
  • 12 wash programs
  • Warranty of 2 years on full product and 10 years on motor

In addition to these, the Bosch washing machine comes with several user-friendly features. Let’s see how it eases your burden.

  • Tub Clean:
    Have you thought about cleaning the wash tub after your dirty clothes are pushed around in it?The machine cleans itself from bacteria and bad smells. It removes the detergent stuck on the inside too. Press this tub clean button to start the process.
  • Fuzzy logic control:
    Can’t seem to determine the correct water level for your laundry load? No worries. The machine can sense the amount of laundry load and optimize its water level.It can determine the number of rinsing cycles and spinning time too.
  • Reload program:
    Did you forget a shirt or a sock again before starting the washing? Is the blanket still lurking at the bottom of your laundry load, instead of in the washing machine?Don’t worry. Bosch has got you covered. You can open the machine mid-cycle and add or remove anything from the load.
  • Quick wash:
    Don’t want to wait an hour to have a clean shirt? Why waste so much water and energy on slightly dirty clothes?You can use a quick wash setting for this. It washes your clothes in just 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Antivibration addition:
    Does this unwanted moving and slipping of the machine annoy you? Are you tired of hearing the burrs and whirring of your machine?Bosch makes it easy for you by its antivibration design.
Best Washing Machine Under 25000
  • Conserves water and energy
  • Reload program
  • Fuzzy logic control
  • Tub clean
  • Silent working
  • No digital display
  • The washing cycle is longer than other machines (1 hour)
  • No buzzer as a reminder for cycle completion

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2. Godrej 7 Kg Washing Machine: Top Choice for Small Family

We all know about Godrej, right? It has made its name in the industry by its high-quality, durable appliances. We are seeing them in our homes for more than 60 years.

Fully automatic vs Semi-automatic:
Do you find it a hassle to scrub clothes and rinse them manually? The task of thorough squeezing and then hanging them out to dry?

Buy this fully automatic Godrej washing machine to solve all your problems, that you might be facing with a semi-automatic washer. Just put your clothes in it and then take out clean, dry laundry after an hour. You have to fold your laundry on your own though.

Is it top-loading or front-loading?
Are you tired of bending down to load and unload your washing machine? You can get this top-loading machine for easy removal of clothes over a front-loading washer.

You can add the forgotten laundry items after the start of the cycle too. It’s easy to pause the wash cycle and open the top lid to add clothes.

How many clothes can it wash in one cycle?
It has a capacity of 7 kg load for one cycle. This refers to the dry weight of clothes.

Don’t overfill the machine because it results in:
Damage of machine in the long run
Improper washing of clothes

So how can you estimate that your clothes are 7 kg?

Well, here’s an estimate for you, 7 kg means:
  • 35 shirts, or
  • 7 shirts and 7 pairs of jeans, or
  • 14 bath towels, or
  • A double duvet
If you feel that it’s probably too much weight, better to lessen it than risking it. 7 kg load capacity is perfect for a small family of 4-5 members.

How many wash programs does it have?

A total of 9 wash programs for different clothes types are present. They include:
  • Sportswear for dirty, sweaty clothes that need hot water to wash
  • Blanket for large beddings and quilts etc.
  • Baby care for soft wash and faster drying
  • Inners for a quick wash innerwear
  • Denim for jeans
  • Saree for washing long 6 yards clothes
  • Synthetic for a gentle wash that prevents tearing or ripping
  • Quick wash for lightly stained clothes
  • Curtains for heavy loads
What type of washing does it perform?
Have you heard of pulsator action for washing? Of course, you’ve heard about it. The pulsator rotates to create turbulence. This spins the clothes back and forth and cleans them efficiently.

Here, an aqua jet pulsator action washes clothes. It has significantly more surface area and greater turbulence generation. Moreover, it is 20% deeper than other pulsators.

This high-quality aqua jet pulsator uses several motions for rigorous cleaning. They include loop motion, tornado, and clockwork. It helps in tumbling clothes and scrubbing and rubbing them.

This increases the efficacy of detergent on clothes. The washer conserves 44 liters of water. It’s spinning speed is 700RPM.

What special features does it offer?

Customized control panel This helps in the selection of delayed start, pre-soak, rinse levels, wash timings, and spin time.
It is resistant to water
Tub Clean/ Dry
Gravity drum
Cascade waterfall The waterfalls from both sides of the drum
The glass lid Helps to keep a check on the washing
Tough to prevent breaking
Shuts gently
Child lock activates after a washing cycle starts
LED display To measure the time left
Fuzzy control The machine can estimate the weight of the laundry load. It adjusts the water level, the wash time, and the spinning time accordingly.
In-built water heater It can heat the water to 55°C. This helps in disinfecting sweaty clothes.

Washing Machine below 25000

  • Aqua jet pulsator
  • 9 wash programs
  • LED display
  • In-built heater
  • It can’t wash or spin separately
  • It’s noisy while spinning
  • The water inlet pipe is very short

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3. Samsung 6.5 kg Washing Machine: Outstanding Machine for Mid Size Family

Samsung is an international brand that has established its name in home appliances. We trust it implicitly owing to its durable and reliable products.

Like the other washing machines on the list, this Samsung product is also fully automatic. Get rid of all the menial manual work for washing clothes. You can trust the machine to take off every stain. You can save both your time and your hands.

Top-loading or Front-loading?
The product has top-loading. You can add or remove your laundry without straining your back.
As the drum of the machine is large enough, the loading and unloading are quite convenient. Moreover, you can pause the wash cycle at any time to add or remove clothes. This conserves water, energy, and your time too.

Is it suitable for a small family?
Are you worried about its capacity? Fear not. It has sufficient space to accommodate 33 shirts or a single duvet.

The 6.5 kg capacity is enough for a couple or a small family of 3-4 members. Don’t overload the machine or it may not work properly. Lighten your load to spare some space.

How efficient is its washing?
Similar to other washing machines on the list, it implies a pulsator action for rigorous washing. Here the pulsator is centre jet type.

It means that it causes water jets from its centre. This lifts the clothes that fall there. No clothes are stuck together with this action.

Do you want to rub the cuffs and collars before washing them? You can use its prewash system with water jets and a built-in sink. You can add this water to the next wash cycle.

It comes with 7 wash programs that can choose any of the 5 water levels. Different wash programs save you from the hassle of determining the specific wash time, water level, and spin time for separate clothes types.

They are:

Wash Program Purpose
Fuzzy for normal clothes like cotton and linens
Quick for lightly stained items like towels etc.
Soak to set pre-soaking time before washing
Jeans for clothes that need a thorough washing
Blanket for large size laundry including blankets and bedsheets etc.
Delicates for gentle washing of sweaters, cardigans, wool clothes, etc.
Eco tub clean to remove the residual detergent, bacteria, or any other objectionable smells from the inside of the tub. Activate it at least once every 1-3 months.

What are the additional features of this washing machine?
You can access many user-friendly options to ease your workload. They include:

Magic filter To filter out any lint or coarse impurities
This prevents the drain from clogging
Stainless-steel diamond drum The material is quite sturdy and long-lasting
The drum is specifically designed for gentle washing.
Small exit holes for water prevent clothes from tangling
Waterfall Water is thrown in a compact and concentrated way
This distributes your detergent nicely and evenly
Child lock This activates after the start of a wash cycle
Your children are safe from any damage by the washing machine
Air Turbo This option is especially for monsoon season in India
It provides faster drying of clothes than normal
Spinning speed for drying clothes id 680 RPM
Auto-restart This is its unique feature to save water and energy.
After a power cut, the machine resumes its cycle from it left off.
LCD This helps in easy selection of multiple options
You can see the remaining wash time
It tells you that clothes are on which phase of washing
Rat away It has a mesh to keep rats from entering it through water inlet or drain pipes
Tempered glass lid You can watch the clothes by its transparent lid
The material is durable
Smart sense It uses fuzzy logic control
It optimizes the water level according to the laundry load
Laundry net Use it for heavy loads like blankets and quilts
It helps them to soak completely



  • It weighs 31 kg only.
  • The full washing and drying of one load of clothes use approximately 160 liters of water.
  • Air turbo drying
  • Centre jet pulsator
  • Magic filter
  • Rat mesh
  • You can set pre-soak time
  • Longer wash cycle
  • Noisy
  • A small water inlet pipe

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4. IFB 7.5 kg Washing Machine: Excellent for Family & Older People

Have you still not found the most suitable washing machine for you? Don’t worry. We have got you covered.

Here’s another fully automatic washing machine. Use it once and you’ll never dread your that big load of laundry again. It saves your hands while conserving both your time and effort.

Its top-loading washer is perfect for older people. Your back will forever be grateful to you. Are you forgetful like me? Do you often find forgotten items lurking in your basket after starting a wash cycle? You can now just add items in mid-cycle without wasting precious water.

Can I fit my week’s load in it?
How many clothes make up a load of 7.5 kg? Do I have to weigh them every time before using my machine?

For rough estimation, you can accommodate 37 shirts or 15 bath towels in it. It can wash your double duvet too. This ables it to fulfill the washing needs of an average family of 5-6 members.

What are its specifications?

  • It sins with a speed of 720 RPM.
  • It has a water consumption of 116 liters.
  • It also offers a 4 years warranty on the full product.
How is the washing of an IFB fully automatic washing machine?
The product comes with options of 8 wash programs to choose from. You can select a different wash program according to your clothes’ type. It optimizes the water and energy usage to absolute need and no more.

You can the choice of 10 different water levels. Its distinguishing feature is its water inlet plumbing. You can connect it to hot or warm or cold water according to the requirement. You can trust it to disinfect sweaty clothes in hot water.

IFB claims to have a special deep clean system for its product. This includes:

Aqua Energie: It has a filter to completely dissolve the detergent. This provides a soft but effective wash.
Aqua Spa therapy: It feels like the clothes are sent to a spa for treatment
They have a water massage to cleanse them
Stains shake loose and rinse away
Triadic pulsator: Just like other washing machines, it comes with a pulsator that provides turbulence for washing
It boasts soft scrub pads for collars and cuffs
It employs swirling water jets and center punch to pull out stains
3D wash: It soaks the clothes completely
The machine rotates your laundry around 2 axis
Crescent moon drum: The drum has a specific shape for a gentle wash
Clothes don’t tangle in the process

What is intelligent washing?
In the world of smart technology, the washing machine needs to employ intelligent washing too. It achieves this by:

Smart Sensing: This uses fuzzy logic control
The machine adjusts its water level, wash time, number of rinse cycles, and spinning time according to the load
Express Wash: This is a quick wash for lightly stained clothes
Aqua Conserve: Do you want to use the same water for the next cycle?
You can activate aqua conserve to save your water and detergent

What special features does it offer?

LED display

Lint tower filter: This helps in filtering out the lint or coarse impurities
Your drain pipe saves from clogging
Auto softener dispenser: Do you want your clothes wrinkle-free?
You can add fabric softener to the allotted slot in the machine
Bleach dispenser: Are you adding a load of white clothes and you need to brighten them?
You can use bleach and add it in its slot before washing
Durable material: It is made of stainless steel that makes it long-lasting


  • Aqua Energie
  • Aqua Conserve
  • Sturdy
  • Lint tower filter
  • Triadic pulsator wash
  • The machine remembers your favorite wash program
  • It dries clothes very slowly
  • The aftersales service is very bad

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5. IFB 6.5 kg Washing Machine: Highly Recommended for Small & Working Family

Do you know that in the UK in 2018, 94% of the families with “one adult, non-retired” had washing machines? While 100% of families with two adults having four or more children had washing machines.

This displays how necessary washing machines are for our homes. Better to buy a good washing machine when you’re going to buy one anyway.

This IFB washing machine is also a full-automatic one like others. You don’t need to add any manual work. The machine takes care of that.

The product is top-loading. This is easy on your back. It also helps to add or remove something from your washing load, mid-cycle. It conserves both water and energy.

Can it wash my family’s laundry?
The machine is suitable for a small family of 4 members. It can accommodate a dry load of 6.5 kg. Don’t overload the machine.

You can fit 33 shirts or 6-7 pairs of clothes in it. It washes a load of single duvet easily without using extra detergent, time, or energy.
Washing and spinning:

You can select from 10 different wash programs for your specific clothes types. It spins at a speed of 720 RPM that can easily dry normal cotton clothes. Heavy loads take longer.

Like the previous IFB washing machine, it also comes with a deep clean system. This method employs:

Aqua Energie
Aqua Spa therapy
3D wash system
Biaxial clothes rotation
Triadic pulsator Soft scrub pads
Swirl water jets
Center punch

Does it offer any features for user convenience?

LED display screen
Child lock Protects children from harm
Tub dry It prevents mold by drying the water tub or spin basket effectively
Eliminates all impurities, germs, scaling or bad smells from the tub inside
Activate this mode at least once a month
You shouldn’t put any laundry inside your tub when you’ve selected this option
Air dry It employs fresh air to dry clothes
There’s an exchange window for this purpose
Auto softener dispenser
Bleach dispenser
Lint tower filter
Drum Lamp The drum of the machine exhibits an LED light on its inside
It turns on during darkness to simplify the loading
LED display
3 options for the water inlet
You can connect the inlet pipe to either warm/hot or cold water

Does it have intelligent washing?
Like the other IFB washing machines, it also comes with a fuzzy control system. This helps it to optimize the water demand, was and spin time, and the number of rinse cycles.

The machine can also perform express washing for lightly soiled clothes up to 2kg. Aqua conserve function saves your water and detergent.

What unique features does the machine have?
Do you want to put your clothes to wash at night without disturbing others? You can do exactly that due to its silent washing.

Do you often have power cuts in your area? Do not fret. IFB washing machine can remember where the cycle stopped. It resumes washing from there instead of restarting the cycle.

Did you forget to level your clothes when loading them? Don’t get worked up. This washing machine can detect an imbalance and take up more water on that side to level itself. Isn’t it smart?

It consumes 104 litres of water. Bear that in mind before buying it.

It has a durable body. It’s made of stainless steel. IFB offers a warranty of 4 years on product and motor.


  • Deep clean system
  • Aqua Conserve
  • Sturdy
  • Program memory backup
  • Bad aftersales service
  • No collar scrubber is present
  • Air dry has a minimum timer of fifty minutes. This results in much slower drying.

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Final Thoughts:

The washing machine has become an essential part of our everyday life. A study estimated its market size in India to more than 4 billion US dollars in 2020.

Then why not buy the perfect machine that grows old with us? The one that lessens our workload significantly, and needs minimum repairs or replacements.

Focus on your specific needs while selecting which washing machine is for you. Aim for the most expensive and reliable for your budget.

It’s better to splurge on a machine that lives decades. Unlike the cheap one that needs repetitive repairs.

Choose wisely and tell us about the features of your favorite washing machine. Do you focus on its outlook as much as its capabilities? Do you prefer fancy features or a basic machine? Tell us in the comments.

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