Top 10 Best Washing Machines Under 15000 Rupees in India 2021

By Arindam Roy

Looking for the best washing machine under 15000? Want a budget-friendly washing machine? If so, then you don’t need to do any tension. Because we are here to assist you.

As there is a big market for washing machines, you can get plenty of choices. And you will get to see various types of features of washing machines in the market. Because today a lot of shops are there which have different stylish products with awesome features.

But you need the under 15000 rupees that meet your budget. Then how would you identify which one is the top-quality washing machine for you?

If you are a new buyer, you should know all the things about washing machines. To give you relief, we come here with a lot of details. So that you don’t need to face any problems while purchasing.

Overall Best (Top-Load Semi Automatic)

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You must know the difference between top loading and front loading or full and semi-automatic washing machines. When you are going to buy a washer for your family, you will want to know all the features.

This article will let you know about all the features that one washing machine should have. Let’s give some attention to the top loading and front loading high-grade washing machines under 15000.

1) LG 9 kg Semi-Automatic: Top Notch 5-star Rated Washing Machine under 15000 Rupees

Need a washer and dryer set? Want to have the top washing machine brand in 2020? Don’t go anywhere, you are in the right place.

The LG washing machine top loader comes with the latest features that make it the most desirable brand in 2020.

Features which attract the most:

The features that attract most of the people and take attention are:-

  • The top-loading washer can remove approx 99.9 % of germs and bacterias. You can use allergy care to clean your dirty clothes. This will assist you to remove maximum germs from the laundry.
  • The LG washer contains a hard plastic coating of size 3 mm. The outer body is consist of rat annoying chemicals. Such chemicals reduce any harm caused by rats as they can spoil the body of the machine. This feature makes it a high-class LG washer-top load.
  • Need your laundry much handier? LGThinQ® comes with wi-fi to make your job easier. There is some remote control program which helps you to wash clothes and remove diets. You can enhance the quality of your LG washer by downloading extra features. Those wash programs are capable of controlling the washing machines any time and from anywhere.
  • If the machine has some troubleshooting issues. The smart diagnosis system will help you. This will do the job for you by solving any minor issues.
  • If you want to clean your clothes more but consuming less time, TurboWash™ technology is there for you. The top-loading washer has JetSpray that sprays water to clean the clothes faster taking less time(within 39 minutes). This technology must be helpful for you than before.
  • Want to save your hands from detergent? If yes, then the inbuilt JetSpray will help you. The system cleans the dirt and removes the extra detergent from the clothes. As a result, the clothes are rinsed nicely with the speed of the water. Even, you don’t need to use hands. Your hands will remain tender and mild.
  • There presents no noise and vibration while the washers are running. Besides, the LG washer and dryer set has a smart motor for safety and smart inverter for extreme durability. The smart inverter technology controls the use of energy and saves about 36% of energy.
  • If you want to get an LG washing machine top loader under 15000, then the LG 9 kg semi-automatic washing machine is the best option for you.

Key features:

  • Can remove 99.9% germs
  • Smart motor for safety
  • Smart diagnosis system for solving minor issues
Best Washing machine under 15000
  • Great quality
  • Durable
  • Pulsators can remove marks from clothes
  • The spin and drain system of this product doesn’t work properly.

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2) LG 7.5 Kg Semi-Automatic: Best Washing Machine for Small Family

Need a budget-friendly LG top loader washer? LG 7.5 kg semi-automatic top loading washing machine comes with various types of facilities. Let’s give some attention to the LG washing machine brand.

Features which attract the most:

The facilities that the LG washer- top load provides are as follows:-

  • The LG top loading washing machine has a roller jet pulsator that is used for washing clothes. Its efficiency depends on the speed of rotation as how much the rotation increases the friction will also enhance.
  • LG technology has the best use is Rat away technology. LG top loader washers have a 3-millimetre tight cover made with plastic for giving safety from rats.
  • The smell and spots of soaks can be removed easily within 20 minutes. You just need to put the soaks inside the machine and your half job will be done.
  • You can make sure your clothes will be cleared by about 30% to 40%. As wind jet, dry sucks the remaining moisture from your laundry. As there is a spin tube inside the machine, the air comes out because of the high RPM.
  • When you need to clean the clothes, the four different wash programs( Gentle, Normal, soak, and strong) can assist you in this case.
  • The 360-degree wheels allow you to move the washing machine in any direction without any issues. You can move the machine with the help of magic wheels from one place to another.
    80.5 cm, 97.5 cm, and 47.8 cm are the LG washer and dryer dimensions in width, height, and depth respectively.
  • The line collector doesn’t allow the lint to get stuck in the machine. Therefore, you can get a good washing performance.
  • The machine has a collar scrubber which helps to rub collars and removes stains from clothes.
    According to the LG top load washer reviews, the semi-automatic washing machine comes with many features that are enough to attract the customers.

Key features:

  • Wind jet dry for reducing moisture
  • Rat away technology to keep the machine safe
  • Scrubber to remove stains from collars
Best washing Machine Under 15000
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • No child lock system
  • There is no Inbuilt heater
  • Buzzer doesn’t work
  • Nobs are not tightened

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3) LG 7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading: High Rated Washing Machine

If you’re searching for a low budget top-loading washing machine, you can try this 7 kg top loader washer.

Features which attract the most:

The features which attract the attention of people are:-

  • Need a special washing process to clean your laundry? The LG top loader washing machine has three various wash programs such as gentle, normal, and strong.
  • You will get a Pulsator with the top loader. Here, the cleaning process depends on friction.
  • When your clothes have too much dirt, just put these in an evaporated detergent. Then, give the clothes into the machine and leave those for a few minutes. You can make sure that we won’t disappoint you.
  • We provide a link collector that gathers the fibers immediately from the pipes and save your clothes while cleaning.
  • The LG 7 kg top loader machine provides air-dry technology that assures you to clean your laundry faster than the line drying process. You can dry your clothes by 30% to 40% faster than that.
  • Need fast cleaning? There is a spin shower in the machine inside the tub that cleans the stains and dust with its heavy speed.
  • Now, you don’t need to give effort into rubbing the collars and cuffs. The collar scrubber will save you plenty of time. It will remove the heavy dust easily and make the washing process easier.
  • If you have any queries left after a delivery of the product, just call the service center or send a message to their number.
  • The product has a strong rat repellent chemical in the outer plastic cover. We assure you that no rat can dare to come near the machine. The cover seems like a safeguard.

Key features:

  • Pulsator to clean clothes
  • Spin shower to clean the stains and dust
  • Lint collector to remove lint from pipes
Best Washing Machine Under 15000
  • Drying and washing facilities
  • Less energy consuming
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Excellent drying capacity
  • The magic filter is absent
  • Not as adjustable as it is written in the user manual
  • Short lint height
  • Cable war is small in size

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4) Whirlpool 10.5 kg Semi-Automatic: Perfect Washing Machine for Large & Joint Family

Looking for a whirlpool heavy washing machine? Then Whirlpool 10.5 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine may be the one that you should select.

Whirlpool has a lot of exciting features that may feel you happy. So, look at the facilities available in the product.

Features which attract the most:

  • When we put heavy clothes inside the tub, the whirlpool top loading washing machine can help us in that case. The 3D supreme scrub technology can remove the toughest of dust from your laundry.
  • The product has a 3D lint filter that doesn’t make the fabrics stuck and helps to clear the clothes after every wash.
  • You will get a 3D turbo impeller that contains a rotation system and 3D scrubbing pads. If you want to remove dark marks and spots, you must need this.
  • Now you can keep your machine whatever you want without taking any tension. The shockproof and waterproof technology makes the washer extremely durable.
  • What will happen if your clothes have the spots of coffee, tomato sauce, oil, soft drinks, butter, etc.? The special stain removal cycle can give you a relief by removing the dark marks effortlessly.
  • The product has an idiosyncratic hard water wash method that is capable of clearing dust and stain.
  • You can clean the heavy size bed sheets at a time.
  • The 1400 RPM speed of the spin motor makes your laundry dryer in a few seconds.
  • If you have many places to keep a large washing machine in your home, this top loader washer is suitable for you. You can keep the washing machine in your bathroom also as the product is waterproof.

Key features:

  • 3D filter to clean clothes
  • 3D pads to remove stains
  • 1400 RPM speed of Spin motor to make the laundry dry very fast
Best washing Machine Under 15000
  • Awesome design
  • Nice color
  • Need technical support from the service person
  • Sometimes, wash programs get defective.

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5) LG 8 Kg Semi-Automatic: Excellent Value For Money Washing Machine

LG 8 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine can make your decision correct for choosing it if you are looking for a budget-friendly product.

Let’s take a look at the top features provided by one of the top picks under 15000.

Features which attract the most:

The facilities that impress the people are:-

  • The semi-automatic washing machine comes with a latest Rat Away technology. The machine consists of chemical plastic cover that does not allow rats to come near. Thus, you can get well experience.
  • Roller jet pulsator saves your costly clothes by removing fabrics instantly.
  • The 360-degree magic wheels help you to operate the machine. You don’t need to give much effort to transport it from one place to another.
  • When your dress has some wetness or moisture and you need to soak it very fast, then the wind jet dry comes into play. The spin tub rotates at high speed and provides air in the tub. Thus, you can remove your moisture while washing the clothes.
  • The product gives you an auto-restart feature that becomes on at the moment of getting power supply available.
  • An absolute collar scrubber removes dust and saves your precious time. You will get three wash programs-Gentle, Normal, and strong and maintain the fabric quality.
  • When the lint of the clothes gets stuck to the washers pipe, the link collector will give you a relief by removing it.
  • The soaking procedure of each dress can be done easily in a few minutes.

Key features:

  • Magic wheels for easy operating
  • Spin tub to remove moisture
  • Roller jet pulsator to remove fabrics
Best Washing Machine Under 15000
  • A transparent window is present
  • Shockproof washer
  • Can select the water level
  • There is no inbuilt heater
  • Child Lock is not present
  • The self-cleaning process is unavailable.

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6) Godrej 8 Kg Semi-Automatic: Outstanding Washing Machine with in-built Water Heater Feature

Need a machine under 15000 rupees that meet your budget or best washer and dryer combo? Whatever you want to use, Godrej 8 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine can give you satisfaction from all sides.

Godrej has given excellent services in India throughout 62 years. We assure you that the features of these products can’t disappoint you. Rather you can make your mind select this product for your home.

Let’s see at the facilities of one of the top picks under 15000 that you can’t avoid.

Features which attract the most:

  • The spin shower provides a heavy speed of water and cleans the laundry easily. As a result, large specks of dirt and dust are removed quickly.
  • The product has an aqua jet pulsar that cleans the clothes with the help of its large surface area.
  • If the power is cut off, the Godrej top-loading washing machine contains an auto-restart system. That means the machine will be on automatically when the power will come.
  • When you have purchased the Godrej top loader washing machine, you can get an extra tray. You can use this tray for multiple purposes such as for containing the clothes, carrying them with you, and for many other uses.
  • When you need to move the washing machine, the magic wheels help you. The old people can easily remove the washer with the help of four strong wheels.
  • What happens sometimes we forget to keep the wires and keep it in a hanging position. The company provides you a perfect place to keep it in safety.

Key features:

  • Jet pulsator to clean clothes
  • Multiple uses of the tray
  • 360-degree wheels to move the machine
Best Washing Machine Under 15000
  • A transparent window is present
  • Digital interface with three nobs
  • No child lock system

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7) Whirlpool 9 Kg Semi-Automatic: Editor’s Choice Washing Machine

If you need a medium size top loader washing machine, Whirlpool 9 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine may be the one you are thinking about.

The product has plenty of features that behave like a machine under 15000 rupees that meet your budget. For any medium family, this whirlpool top loader washer is perfect.

Features that attract the most:

The product gives some facilities that attract people to are as follows:-

  • When you get stains or dust in your clothes, the 3D technology makes your job easier by getting rid of every single stain.
  • The top-loading washer is capable to clean 10 kinds of marks and stains such as butter spots, marks of tomato sauce, oil stains, marks of chocolate, etc.
  • A 3D lint filter having a supreme triple-layer method of filtering stores all types of lint. Because in every wash the clothes are cleaned very nicely.
  • The 3d turbo impeller has a rotary system that provides three times stronger motion to clean clothes combined with 3D scrub Pads.
  • You will get the latest feature of large Ace XL that acts as washer and dryer set for cleaning heavy laundry. If you need a fast-drying method, the spin motor comes with high RPM speed and sucks the moisture quickly.
  • Now you don’t need to get worried about the control panel. As the whirlpool top loading washer has an awesome waterproof and shockproof system, you can place it anywhere without any tension.
  • The incomparable wash procedure will provide you a better hard water experience while cleaning the clothes.

Key features:

  • 3D turbo impeller to clean clothes
  • Hard water process is available
  • Waterproof technology
Best Washing MAchine Under 15000
  • Easy to use
  • High-speed spin motor for absorbing moisture
  • There is no spin only system
  • The inbuilt heater is unavailable
  • The self-cleaning process doesn’t present

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8) Whirlpool 8 kg Semi-Automatic: Brilliant Washing Machine with Supersoak Feature

Whirlpool 8 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic top load washer has some sole features which you can’t avoid.

So let’s have a look at the features and know some details about them.

Features that attract the most:

  • Whirlpool 8 Kg top loading machine has a super soak technology that can easily clear any dust or stain. Therefore, you can get your cleaned and fresh by soaking and rubbing.
  • Lint filter removes the lint from the pipe very fast so that the laundry becomes clean after every wash.
  • Want to know what is going inside the tub? ACE wash station lets you know and you can collect the clothes and pack them in proper time.
  • If you want to clear the dust successfully, the impeller comes with a suitable speed to clear them.
  • You will get an extra tray for multiple uses. You can take your clothes and keep them inside it. The tray also helps to put water in the tub.
  • The top load washer contains a special Inbuilt scrubber that provides a unique wash to your clothes each time.
  • The product gives its users about five years warranty on the motor and prime mover.

Key features:

  • Impeller for clearing dust
  • ACE wash station to let you know the proper time
  • A line filter is present
Best Washing Machine Under 15000
  • Lint filter presents that help to loosen lint from pipe
  • Move easily from one place to another
  • Extreme durability without rust
  • Not a good product for the money

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9) Whirlpool 7.5 Kg Semi-Automatic: Cheapest Washing Machine with 5-star Energy Rating

When you’re going to see a machine under 15000 rupees that meet your budget, Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is the one you should use for at least one time.

Features which attract the most:

  • When you are using the product, you can see a turbo dry system that is used for the fast drying process. It sucks moisture from your laundry within 10 minutes and makes your clothes neat and fresh.
  • Now you don’t have any worry about cleaning heavy bedsheets. The spin motor with 1400 RPM speed can make your dress dry quickly.
  • When you put your clothes in heavy detergent and keep those inside the tub, then the soak technology comes to use. It removes extra detergents from the laundry and cleans your dress clean enough.
  • You can get easy mobility that means you are capable to move the washing machine with the help of 4 magic wheels. Sometimes, you may get large wheels also which makes the machine stable.
  • The product has three washing programs which are delicate, normal, and heavy. Besides, the spin shower has a fast flow of water that removes the specks of dirt.
  • Inbuilt collar scrubber removes all the stains from the collar and makes your work easier. These washing machines have a long-lasting body where there is no rust and corrosion.
  • There presents a buzzer that indicates that the washing process has done.

Key features:

  • Spin motor for drying heavy bedsheets
  • Large wheels to operate easily
  • Soak technology to remove extra detergent
Best Washing Machine Under 15000
  • Lightweight
  • You can use it easily
  • Smoothly movable from one place to another
  • An inbuilt heater is unavailable

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10) Godrej 8.5 Kg Semi-Automatic: Top Quality Washing Machine

Godrej is the one company on which you can trust easily closing your eyes. The products of the company have been giving us service for 62 years and make themselves the top washing machines under 15000.

Features which attract the most:

  • The aqua jet pulsator creates higher turbulence and helps you with the large surface area.
  • You can soak your wet clothes in just a few minutes. What you need to do is to keep your laundry in front of the dryer. Thus, you will get a fresh dress within 20 minutes.
  • Now you don’t need to keep the war in hanging position. The product provides a place where you can keep the war after use.
  • The tray has plenty of uses such as you can carry your laundry, keep your wet dresses, etc. When you need to move the machine, you must remember the magic wheels as these help you to move the heavy washer without zero effort.
  • Spin shower can remove large bags of dust and stains quickly and clean the extra detergent.

Key features:

  • Storage space for keeping wires
  • Magic wheels to move the machine easily
  • Spin shower for cleaning stains
Best Washing Machine Under 15000
  • Magic wheels are available
  • The tray is used for multi-purpose
  • Design is imperfect

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Buying guide:

Do you know how to choose a washing machine under 15000 rupees that meet your budget? Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Before purchasing the washer, you need to know which types of machines are available over there. You must know your requirements while buying the washer.

Our article will clear your doubts and confusion about the concept of washers. It will let you know about some wash processes, efficiency, semi, and fully-automatic washing machines, etc.

The necessary things that you need to know before buying are as follows:

  • Semi or fully-automatic machine: when you are going to buy, you should see whether the machine is fully-automatic or semi-automatic. This will depend on your budget and requirements. The semi-automatic washing machine has different tubs for washing and drying where the fully-automatic washer has one tub. The water consumption is less in semi-automatic machines.
  • Wash process: Semi-automatic washers take a long time to dry. You just keep your clothes for wash and the machine does the rest work with perfection. That’s why it depends upon you which settings you will prefer.
  • Spinning: you should know which types of clothes are suitable for your machine. It depends on the rpm. The delicate clothes can be spoiled within 500 rpm where the other items can bear up to 1000 rpm.
  • Efficient: when you’re going to spend your money on washing machines, you want a nice one having maximum efficiency.
  • Large or small size: the size of the washers depends on how much load you will put. Depending on that, you have to choose your machine.
  • Load capacity: if you have a big family, then you may need a large Fully-Automatic washing machine that is capable to carry heavy clothes.
  • Drying facility: are you busy in your daily life? If so, then you must need a dryer that can make your jobs easier.
  • Front or top load: you should know about the front load washers and the top-loading washing machines.


In the article, you get to know about the top picks under 15000. Here you can see different companies and the features of different products. Every top loader washing machine has some unique feature that differs from the washer from others.

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