Best Stabilizer for LED TV – Top Picks for 2021

By Arindam Roy

Are you worried about the damage of your costly LED smart tv because of the continuous ups and downs of the voltage? Then you must get yourself a good quality stabilizer with excellent performance that can protect your appliances from such unstable voltage issues.

To add consistent value to this altercation of the power supply, you need to find a stabilizer that is specially designed for the LED set and model you are using. The best stabilizer for LED tv will act as a static device to keep your TV safe, so that you can get seamless hours of entertainment, without getting interrupted by voltage fluctuation. At the same time, it will save your smart tv from sudden power cuts.

Overall Best #

V-Guard Mini Crystal Supreme TV Stabilizer | Applicable for Smart...
  • Suitable for TVs up to 82 cm (32”): Mini Crystal Supreme TV stabilizer is designed to accommodate TVs up to 82 cm (32”) in size. Whether you have a compact TV or a large screen, Mini Crystal Supreme provides the ideal power protection solution
  • Home Theatre System/Gaming Console Compatibility: Mini Crystal Supreme stabilizer for TV is not only designed for TVs but also compatible with home theatre systems and gaming consoles. Connect all your entertainment devices to Mini Crystal Supreme and enjoy uninterrupted and safe entertainment experiences
  • Initial Time Delay System: Mini Crystal Supreme stabilizer for TV is equipped with an initial time delay system that effectively extends the life of your TV's compressor. By providing a gradual power supply, it reduces the strain on the compressor, preventing premature wear and tear
  • Built-in Thermal Overload Protection: Rest easy knowing that Mini Crystal Supreme is equipped with a built-in thermal overload protection mechanism. This feature detects excessive heat and automatically shuts down the power supply, protecting your TV from potential damage caused by overheating
  • High and Low Voltage Cut Off: Voltage fluctuations can be detrimental to your TV's performance. With Mini Crystal Supreme TV stabilizer, you can bid farewell to worries about high or low voltage issues. It intelligently cuts off power supply during voltage spikes and dips, keeping your TV safe from voltage-related damage

Overall Budget #

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So, make a smart purchase by choosing the ideal stabilizer for your tv. Here are the reviews of our 13 top picks; go through them to make your decision making easier than before and pick the apt one for your home.

1. V-Guard Mini Crystal Supreme: Best Stabilzer for up to 32 inches (82 cm) LED TV

If you are looking for a top-notch stabilizer for an LED tv 32-inch TV, then this one is what you should bring to your home. This stabilizer comes with a sleek designed cabinet along with the option of wall mounting, which makes it easy to install without consuming enough space. Also, it looks clean and sober.

The thermal overload protection, which is a built-in feature in the stabilizer, takes care of the excessive current consumption caused by any internal short circuit in the supplying device. Moreover, the thermal sensor works for excessively sensing the consumption of current, and disconnects the loading of power to save your tv from burning.

The design of Advanced IC technology performs efficiently so that any small amount of unstable voltage cannot harm the sensitive components of your tv. Also, it assures a more efficient output of voltage by correcting the input voltage.

Along with the protection mechanism like high voltage cut-off and protection from short circuits, it also provides spike protection which works in a great way to save your tv from the short duration electric transients caused by short circuits and power outages.

Along with the wide range of voltage input this V-guard stabilizer keeps your appliances at the low functioning voltage, i.e. 90 V for a smooth and uninterrupted performance. There is a seven-segment digital display that shows you the input-output of the voltage. Also, there are smart indicators to show you the voltage fluctuation, power cut -off, etc.

  • With the working range of 90-120 V, this stabilizer ensures smooth, uninterrupted entertainment.
  • With a small and black appearance, it is easy to install and good for aesthetics.
  • This stabilizer gives an excellent performance in keeping the voltage table for both your led tv and set-top box.
  • Suitable for any 32 inches led tv
  • Comes with three years of warranty
  • The pin socket is limited.
  • Wasted some electricity

2. V-Guard Stabilizer Crystal Plus 3 Ampier: Perfect for LED/3D/Smart TV Upto 47 Inch

Are you worried about protecting your costly smart gadgets from unwanted voltage fluctuations? No need to worry anymore, as this V-guard crystal plus stabilizer covers it all. Being one of the best stabilizers for your smart TV or 4k Ultra HD TV, this product talks about durability along with heavy-duty performance.

Suitable for all kinds of LED, LCD, 3D TVs up to the range of 47 inches, for both HD and SD. Its stabilizing service also covers other gadgets like blu ray player, gaming console, home theatre system, set-top box, etc. so that you can enjoy seamless entertainment with maximum settings.

With a working range of 90-290 V, this device keeps the stability of the voltage under the wide range of the voltage spectrum. This voltage range works excellently by keeping the output voltage in an optimal range which makes it a suitable stabilizer for your AC. Featuring a durable cabinet with virgin ABS, it serves super durability for years.

With the Advanced IC technology design, it gives a supreme back up from the small voltage fluctuations that can affect the sensitive devices. Keeping the damaging risk of your devices due to overheating from the short circuit or component damage the built-in thermal overload protection gives premium security to your device.

Equipped with ultimate protection mechanisms like high and low voltage cut-off, initial time delay, and spike protection, this product proves itself to be one of the best stabilizers for LED tv.

  • Gives enhanced protection from fluctuating voltage cut-off
  • Performs brilliantly in a wide range of input voltage
  • Gives a continuous output voltage correction
  • Goes compatible with the generator
  • Gives complete protection from line noise and spike
  • It can show errors sometimes.
  • Pricey

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3. Candes for LCD/LED TV Up to 65 inches + Set Top Box/DVD Player: Excellent 100% Copper Voltage Stabilizer

Got a bigger screen at your home? Then the stabilizing needs to be installed to give it ultimate protection. This stabilizer is specially designed to serve your purpose and can be considered as the best monitor stabilizer for 65-inch LED TV.

Being suitable for devices like led/ LCD tv up to 65 inches, DVD set-top box, and all other top-quality components this stabilizer lets you enjoy uninterrupted entertainment in a large setting. Besides, it is also suitable for your air conditioner, refrigerator, and other mainline devices, so you never have to face interrupting voltage fluctuations.

Made with copper winding this stabilizer is built to give you complete protection from thermal overload, burn out from high-temperature n power supply cut off, and short circuit using Thermal Automatic Technology. Also, it covers the protection of your devices from overheating caused by the damage of any other components connected in the same line. Be it the under-volt situation or the overvolt situation this Candies stabilizer has got your back.

Built using the latest IC technology this power stabilizer offers complete protection from any small amount of fluctuations. The addition of an intelligent time-delay system adds up the extra preference for protection that saves your appliances from any sudden impacts. The built-in thermal overload protection goes furthermore, and gives advanced protection from short circuits, or catching fire due to the problems in the power supply.

The superior printed circuit board or PCB using a Microprocessor technology enables the spike protection system through the maximum spike current 1A, along with the protection from high voltage cut off. The stabilizer also features built-in surge protection. And it works at a wide voltage, which ranges from 90V -300V.

Having a fully protected stainless steel body is anti-rust and does not get overheated and gives complete protection from any sudden accidents. The silver appearance looks good and adds up to the aesthetics of your living room.

  • Suitable for versatile device protection
  • Easily mountable at cabinet walls or on the floor
  • Gives complete protection from low and high voltage cut-offs
  • The built-in Thermal Automatic Overload protection offers an auto cut-off when it senses any kind of instability.
  • Comes with six years of warranty along with three years for extended warranty
  • Quite bulky.
  • Wastes electricity.

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4. V-Guard VG Crystal: High Quality Voltage Stabilizer for LED Television, Black

Being one of the most reliable and reckoned manufacturers in the market of electronics, V-guard presents to you with its collection of the best stabilizer for tv. Keep your 40 inch smart LED TV safe for any kind of uncertain voltage tantrums by adding this stabilizer to it.

This all-black stabilizer comes with workability, which makes it an ideal device for television, DTH, DVD, and stop box to keep your complete entertainment setting, entirely safe. With the capacity of 2 amps, this stabilizer covers up the voltage range of 120-290 V.

Unlike any standard stabilizer, it also covers other functionalities like overload cut- off with the added automatic rest. Besides that, the output voltage correction is smoothly provided by this device without any break. Also, you don’t need to worry about the massive fluctuations of voltage, from high to low, as this stabilizer stabilises all those voltage issues and gives your tv a complete stable power supply, to keep its performance uninterrupted.

With other significant features like Primary Switching technology and Zero Cross Detector technology, the stabilizer ensures enhanced protection of your device in any diverse situation or accidental incidents. With an over and under volt protection this stabilizer eases out the excessive stress on the power line and keeps your device safe, which makes it one of the best stabilizers for a 40-inch led tv.

  • Easy output voltage correction without any break
  • Easy to install and can be mounted anywhere easily
  • Lightweight
  • Features low/ high voltage cut off to keep your device safe from burning out.
  • With the mains turn-on delay, it keeps balance in the function.
  • A 2-pin socket doesn’t work conveniently.
  • It may cause a little bit of noise.

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5. V Guard  TV Stabilizer Crystal Plus Smart (3Ampier): Most Suitable for LED/3D/Smart TV up to 47 inch

The safety of your home appliances is not in your hands. But it’s definitely in the hands of a good stabilizer that you are choosing. For your 47 inches of smart tv, make sure you are choosing the best stabilizer for 47-inch LED TV as the complexity of the power supply, and stress on the supply line is excessive.

To keep this, stable this V guard crystal plus stabilizer is the apt one. It works by giving a Smart Output Voltage Correction Technology, which is ideal for ensuring the longevity of your devices as it delivers an optimum range of voltage to keep the performance smooth.

Featuring a digital micro-controlled operation, it takes note of every single small voltage fluctuation that corrects the voltage with much accuracy.

Its protection mechanism covers the enhanced security from all the voltage fluctuation related cut-offs, spike protection, short circuit protection, and built-in thermal overload protection.

Featuring the seven-segment digital display lets you monitor the input-output of the voltage through the digital monitor.

Designed to work with the wide input range of 90-290 V, this stabilizer keeps the voltage at the lower functioning range so that you can enjoy seamless, uninterrupted entertainment without worrying about the unstable voltage.

Packed in an eCommerce friendly packaging, the seller assures a damage-free delivery of your product, and along with three years of guarantee, the product gives you long years of reliable service.

  • The virgin ABS cabinet gives a super durable profile.
  • Easily mountable and doesn’t consume much storage.
  • Suitable for your complete set up including 47-inch tv, home theatre, and set-top box
  • The digital display ensures easy monitoring.
  • The microcontroller technology excellently enhances the durability and reliability of the stabilizer.
  • May show error sometimes.
  • Pricey.

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6. Simon Voltage Stabilizer for Led TV Up to 75″ inch (140V – 290V): Highly Efficient

If you are looking for a stabilizer that has great control over the incoming voltage range, then this one is ideal for you. This stabilizer by Simon comes with an input voltage range of 140-290 V which is capable of stabilizing any incoming voltage range between 220V to 230 V.

A Smart, Time Delay System does not let your tv turn on immediately after the power cut or voltage fluctuation, which is essential for ensuring the longevity of your tv.

This stabilizer features a very efficient High / low voltage cut off system that saves your appliances in any situation like a sudden drop of voltage below 140v or too high voltage increase up to 290 v or more. In this way, it immediately cuts off the tv so that it stays protected all the time. This device offers a fuse that is provided for the circuit breaker.

The inbuilt OVERLOAD protection and complete surge protection is excellent for creating a stabilized limit of voltage for better safeguarding of your tv. For that, it can easily be said that it is one of the best stabilizers for a 75-inch LED TV. Moreover, it goes compatible even with the generator to ensure you with complete protection all the time.

  • This power-packed stabilizer is apt for your 75 inches LED tv, plasma tv, LCD tv, CCTV, and set-top box.
  • Capable of correcting the input voltage without any voltage
  • Goes compatible with the generator
  • The wide working range enables the power from 140-290 volts.
  • The smart indicator enables easy monitoring.
  • Installation is quite tough.
  • Only two output sockets are available.

7. V-Guard Crystal Nano: Brilliant Voltage Stabilizer (Black) for LED TV

Just like other stabilizers from the crystal series by v-guard this one is also worth mentioning because of its brilliant performance. Compatible for all the devices like LED/ LCD TV, set-top box and DVD up to 1 amp gives a brilliant protection coverage from unpredictable voltage fluctuations.

It enables a protection shield from the problem causing elements like line noise and spike, to keep the power supply stabilized all the time. Moreover, the high voltage cut off protection is excellent in saving your tv or any other home appliances from the high voltage situations that can burn out your device.

The built-in overload protection ensures the optimized rate of voltage flow to avoid any kind of overloading pressure that can damage your device. Along with a wall mounting cabinet design, this stabilizer is easy to install and doesn’t require much place to fit in. This unit can be considered as the best Vguard Crystal Nano Stabilizer for LCD TV as it features all these useful functionalities that are enough to keep your tv safe from any unwanted harm.

With the three years of added warranty along with a warranty card, you can opt for a safe purchase to get top-quality service coverage if anything happens to your stabilizer.

  • Assures brilliant coverage from line noise and spike
  • Easy high voltage cut off protection keeps your costly device secured all the time.
  • High coverage of safety is offered by the overvolt, under volt, overload protection.
  • Continuous voltage correction with many conveniences adds up to its efficiency.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Not so durable.
  • Creates slight noise during work

8. V Guard TV Stabilizer Digi 200 Smart with Digital Display: Best for Television up to 70 (6 Ampere)

With easy wall mounting and budget-friendly expenses, this stabilizer can be an apt one for saving your household appliances from any sudden impact. With an elegantly designed cabinet, this sleek design is easy to install and doesn’t require much space to get fit in.

With the Smart Output Voltage Correction Technology, this device ensures the longevity of your costly appliances as it regulates the voltage according to the variable input voltage range and operates a safe functioning in the connected devices.

Featuring Electromagnetic Interference this V Guard Digi 200 Smart voltage stabilizer works with efficiency when it comes to suppressing the electromagnetic fields from other devices. It has a brilliant protection mechanism that covers almost all the interesting technicalities like spike protection, short circuit protection, thermal overload protection, low and high voltage cut -off, and digital micro-controlled operation.

The wide input range of 140-295v handles the most unpredictable input voltage range quite smartly. Along with the seven segments of digital display, monitoring the stabilizer is easier than ever, as it displays the critical indications in a more convenient way that proves it as the best stabilizer for OLED TV/ best voltage stabilizer for 55-inch led tv.

  • The virgin ABS cabinet speaks the language of durability.
  • With the total loading capacity up to 6 amps, it can be connected with any devices like tv up to 70 inches, blu-ray player, gaming console, home theatre system, and set-top box.
  • EMI filters save your TV from the electromagnetic waves created by other devices.
  • Comes in a safe e-commerce packaging that ensures product without damage
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The cable wire that comes with it is short in length.
  • Takes too much time for cooling

9. MONITOR (100% Copper) Voltage Stabilizer: Perfect for LED TV Up to 65 inches / 3 Amps

Made with 100% of copper winding this stabilizer is an absolute champion in the market as it acts as a brilliant electricity conductor, unlike an aluminium one. If you are searching for a stabilizer that works with less power loss and generates a low amount of heat, then this one can be the best stabilizer for tv.

Having a better power factor than any regular aluminium stabilizer, this one is designed to give you a stabilized output voltage. For adding up the longevity of your devices, this stabilizer functions in a convenient way through smart voltage correction technology. Along with it, the MONITOR DG100 is capable of regulating a voltage rate compatible with the variation of the voltage range to ensure the optimal performance in the connected devices.

Featuring a high voltage cut off this stabilizer performs in a smart way that operates everything in a standard voltage range to give enhanced protection from the panel pixel burning and PCB failure.

The epoxy-coated metal body is great to ensure durability, whereas the lightweight design is easy to install through wall mounting and floor setup. To ensure the functioning of the devices at the spectrum of wide voltage range, it works with 140-290 volts which makes it one of the best Vguard Crystal Plus Stabilizers for 42-inch & 43-inch LED TV.

  • It offers easy connectivity to devices like tv, home theatre system, blu ray player, HD/SD set-top box, and gaming console.
  • The high voltage cut off technology ensures protection caused by unpredictable issues.
  • Copper winding gives comparatively better performance.
  • Heat generation and less power loss make it a power-saving device.
  • Capable of ensuring the total load up to 3 amps
  • Doesn’t cover spike protection
  • May not bear with heavy voltages.

10. V-Guard Abs Digi 200: High Rated Voltage Stabilizer for Television

Nothing can’t beat the performance of this v-guard stabilizer for your tv as it features the most interesting and useful characteristics to give you a stable and reliable backup service. This stabilizer featuring the Smart Output Voltage Correction helps in regulating the voltage according to the variation of input voltage which leads to an optimum range of the voltage range.

The addition of Digital Micro controlled operation is ideal for correcting the voltage quickly with much accuracy to protect the devices from any kind of small fluctuations. It simultaneously adds up to the durability of the stabilizer.

The enabling of the Electro-Magnetic Interference safeguards the devices from other high-power devices which can affect the longevity of your TV, which makes it one of the best Vguard stabilizers for TV.

With the Low- high cut off protection the stabilizer operates a certain standard of voltage to offer complete protection from panel pixel burning, failure of PCB, etc.

With a total capacity of 6 Amps and 15 amps of plug pin type, it goes compatible with your tv (both HD and sd), set-top box, home theatre, and gaming console.

Including other important features like zero-cross detector technology, surge protection, voltage output protection, over and under volt protection gives a complete secured voltage setup to your home.

  • Gives complete output voltage protection without any breaks
  • The sleek design fits into any corner.
  • Through the supply of required voltage correction, it safeguards all the home appliances from spikes and line noise.
  • Works in a wide working range of 90- 290 V
  • Comes with three years of domestic protection
  • A bit heavy.
  • Plug points are not that convenient.

11. SYSPRO Commander Voltage STABILIZER: Best Copper Coil (180-280V) LED (45 INCH)

If you are searching for a budget-friendly stabilizer with a convenient performance, then this Syspro stabilizer for 65-inch LED TV can be the perfect companion for your home appliances.

This stabilizer is designed with efficiency so that it can give all your devices like smart, LCD TV, LED TV, or 3D tv up to 47 inches along with home theatre, set-top box, gaming console, blu ray enhanced protection.

With the Intelligent Time Delay System, it provides the proper amount of compressor balancing during the return time of mains. It comes with an extra fuse included in the packaging for extra backup. The 55 inches of cable gives you enough length to connect it with your TV the way you want. The 100% of copper winding ensures low heating and low electricity loss by the stabilizer. With a white metal body, it is durable enough and comes with the five years of brand warranty.

All the necessary protections like a voltage regulator, overload protection, high/low cut off, surge protection, and time delay are offered by this unit to enhance the safety features.

The only drawback is its inconvenient design of 3 pin sockets.

12. SYSPRO Turbo Plus Voltage Stabilizer: Most Suitable for LED TV Up to 75 INCH (100% Copper) (145-280 V)

If you are thinking of having a Syspro Stabilizer for 75-inch LED TV, then you can easily go for this one with a better performance backup. Made with copper coil this turbo plus voltage stabilizer is capable of providing a proper compressor balancing through its Intelligent Time Delay System.

On the other hand, copper coils are much convenient for low heating and low electricity loss. With the wide voltage working range of 145- 280 v, it handles the voltage instability or power restoration with efficiency.

With the high/low voltage cut off, adequate protection is provided if the voltage goes above 290 V or goes down more than 170 v from the main supply. The addition of the latest IC technology saves the device from any small voltage fluctuations.

Featuring a wall mounting design this stabilizer is suitable for your LCD, led, plasma tv, and also covers the protection for DTH. But it can create some noise while working. Otherwise, it’s the right one for any tv up to the 75 inches.

13. V-Guard Mini Crystal Voltage Stabilizer: Brilliant for up to 32inch LED TV (90 – 290 V)

Just like any other crystal editions by the V-guard, this stabilizer is one of the best mini stabilizers for LED tv. With the operating input voltage range from 90-290 v, this stabilizer is suitable for any 32 inches tv, DVD, and DTH. With brilliant performance features like Mains Turn on delay, and high voltage cut off, it gives excellent protection coverage.

With the built-in thermal overload protection, it saves the connected device from any kind of overheating that can result in burning out. Moreover, the line noise and spike protections are great for protecting the device from any kind of small fluctuations.

There are primary switching technology and break-less output voltage correction. It goes on protecting your TV in a much more convenient way than any other standard mini stabilizer available in the market. With 95% efficiency with a wide power range, it goes compatible with generators also.

The only drawback that it includes is overheating.

What is a stabilizer?

A stabilizer is a particular kind of electrical device that is used for maintaining the constant supply of voltage to other circuits of the receiver device. The Ferro-resonant stabilizers work by using the magnetic saturation of the ferromagnetic cores. Usually, a low voltage can affect the performance of home appliances. Embedded with the microprocessor chips with the combination of power electronic devices, the stabilizers are used for incorporating a stable electric supply of power to the devices.

Is stabilizer required for led tv?

Based on the configuration used for your LED tv, you need to decide whether to opt for a stabilizer or not. Modern LED TVs are built with capabilities to work with low voltage range. For those, you don’t need a stabilizer.

But based on the area you live in, the voltage and power supply condition in your locality you can add a stabilizer to your LED tv to add some more protection. But if you are using an LED of the old version, then a stabilizer is a must-have device if you don’t want your tv to burn out. Always make sure you’re picking the best stabilizer for LED TV.

Buying guide for a stabilizer for led TV: How to choose a stabilizer for led tv?

Here are the few factors that you should consider before purchasing a stabilizer for your LED TV:


To prevent the risk of getting exposed to electric shock from the wet or damp floor, always go for a stabilizer with a wall mounting design.


The stabilizer you are picking should be a digitised one so that you can easily connect it with other devices as per your requirements.

Time delay technology:

It is one of the most important features to look for in a stabilizer to make sure the compressor of your device takes enough time to get turned on during the short time of power Cutts.

Spike and line noise protection:

Sudden fluctuations of the voltage can cause spike and line noise which can harm your device. Make sure your stabilizer covers that.

Overload protection:

To ensure the immediate turning off of your devices to avoid short circuit or burn out due to overload should be considered.


Indicators in a stabilizer are very useful to let you do constant monitoring of the voltage conditions so that you can opt for immediate actions.

Surge protection:

Including a surge protection technology is important for a stabilizer to prevent the voltage spike or voltage hike.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the usage of TV Stabilizers reduce electricity bills?

No. stabilizers are designed to keep the voltages stable, which eventually leads to the stabilization of the power consumption. But a stabilizer itself wastes 5% of energy, so it is not at all energy saving. However, using a stabilizer is great for keeping your device protected.

2. Which stabilizer is best for tv?

our suggestion goes with V-Guard Mini Crystal Supreme for up to 32 inches (82 cm) TV + Set Top Box for its brilliant thermal overload protection, spike protection, wide input range, and advanced IC technology design.

3. What is the ideal voltage requirement for TV?

Most of the TVs are designed with high voltage input that ranges from 110V to 240 V.

4. How to choose a stabilizer for tv?

For buying a stabilizer for a TV, you should look for some of the common factors like- type of mounting, protection from overload current, indicator display, and the time delay display. Also, the surge protection, power, and current rating of the device should be considered before choosing the best stabilizer for tv.

5. Can we use an ac stabilizer for tv?

Yes, you can use your AC stabilizer for your TV as it is designed to stabilize the load of too much voltage. But the stabilizer should not be more than the capacity of 2 kW which is usually used for a 1.5 ton of AC.

6. What is meant by the capacity of a voltage stabilizer for TV and its importance?

The capacity of a voltage stabilizer for tv goes compatible with the power consumption of a tv. It makes sure that the voltage surges should not damage the device, thereby making the stable power output regulation for protecting the tv.

7. Does low voltage bring damage to your TV?

Usually, the low voltage can damage your home appliances. But when it comes to tv, in modern days TVs are made with using the automatic switch mode power supplies, which makes the low voltage rate less impactful on TV.

8. Does MI TV need a TV Stabilizer?

Some of the previous models do need a stabilizer. But the latest smart TVs are designed using an inbuilt protection system that protects the tv from sudden voltage fluctuation, and power supply variation. But for enhanced protection, you can still consider using a stabilizer for your MI tv.

9. How can a repair be done to a TV stabilizer?

The repairing method of a TV stabilizer depends on the type of damage it is having. You need to check out that before. Electronic devices are prone to risk factors. So, it is good for you to not do it on your own. Get it done by a professional. Or if the damage has occurred in between the brand guarantee period, then opt for the brand’s service to get easy servicing.

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