Best Sandwich Maker & Grill Sandwich Maker in India | Quick Review

By Arindam Roy

Do you often rush during mealtimes? Indeed, trying to prepare complex meals can be daunting sometimes, and especially when you are going to have a speedy routine. Having a busy life and arranging food and tasty snacks for everyone could be a real challenge.

Over the decades, we have evolved with technology, giving us optimum space to create and recreate ultimate machines and makers with ultra-mechanisms that would lessen the manual cooking efforts and eventually saving time.

Yes, home and kitchen appliances are essential to every kitchen, and just like we cannot run a day without our phones and laptops, we need these machines to take care of the small kitchen tasks as well. Best Sandwich makers in India, have taken up the perfect in-charge to quick and delicious cooking.

Most of us love toasted sandwich plus, they are easy and fast to prepare, which works as a boon in the busy routine.

There was a time when not everyone could afford these sandwich makers but not anymore! With the thought of, “everyone should own a sandwich maker”, we have handpicked some cost-effective and superior performing sandwich makers to manage the cooking on behalf of you, isn’t that awesome?

Overall Best Sandwich Maker

Borosil Super Jumbo 2000-Watt Grill Sandwich Maker, Black
  • Large plate for 4 slice grill. Non Stick Grill Plate Dimension: 295 x 265 mm
  • Oil collector tray to remove excess oil
  • Thermal fuse for extra safety. Non-Skid Feet: No
  • Non stick grill surface
  • Temperature Control Knob

Overall Customers’ Choice Jumbo Sandwich Maker

Bajaj Majesty SWX400 700-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster (White)
  • Non stick coated plates for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Buckle clip on handle
  • Cord winder at the base
  • Warranty: 1 years on product
  • Power: 700 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 - 240 volts

Top 8 Best Sandwich Makers in India 2020

1. Bajaj Majesty SWX400 700- Watt: Best Grill Sandwich Toaster

Best Sandwich Makers in India

Straight from the most trusted and reputed house of the brand, Bajaj Majesty SWX400 grill sandwich toaster is an ideal Panini maker with all those portable and simple to use nature. Of course, it is ideal for everyone including small and mid-sized homes.

With Bajaj, you get a sturdy yet neat design full of compactness and flexibility which also makes it easier for you to carry it everywhere and anywhere you go. The two-slice capacity gets you to toast and grill two sandwiches at a time, which is a time-saver.

Saving money with the 700-watt thermostatic temperature controlling feature in power consumption, you could feel like winning a lottery. It has a non-toxic and non-stick coating that relieves you from grease, stickiness, cleaning, and maintenance post-cooking. Buckle clip and anti-skid base are additional benefits, which comes under the ergonomic handle with heat resistant material for you to hold the maker steady while toasting or grilling.

Cord winder is available on the base to provide you ultimate support and stability, whereas the power on and off indicator lights over the surface makes it easier to let us know post toasting and grilling. This best Bajaj sandwich maker also gives you a 180 flat surface barbeque storage space.

The drip collector cup collects excess oil and residue whereas the floating hinges let you choose to cook with any kind of sandwich fillings. It can also be used for a commercial purpose as it is the best sandwich maker that copes with the heavy-duty grilling too.

  • Anti-skid base for robust grip and hold.
  • It also has strong base support.
  • Non-stick coating for easy maintenance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • No residue or grease left behind.
  • Portable and flexible to store.
  • Drip collector cup for excess oil collection.
  • Goes on with heavy grilling and toasting.
  • It doesn’t support the temperature control.
  • Suitable for small-sized homes only.

2. Philips HD 2393 820 Watt: Top Rated Sandwich Maker

Best Sandwich Makers in India

Yes, you already know how amazing the brand’s appliances are, and the longevity their products provide can’t be put into comparison ever. The Philips HD 2393 sandwich maker is one such manufacturing from the house of superior quality appliances being available in different colour variants.

The non-stick plates coming with a sturdy built makes it easier for cleaning and maintenance. Red and green indicators for you to know whether your toasts are ready, as the red signal goes for the presence of power whereas green goes with finishing off the cooking.

If you are tired of cleaning your sandwich maker every time after cooking then it’s time for you to switch to Philips HD 2393 which comes with non-stick coating plates that leave no residue behind and also does provide you with a healthy sandwich.

This best Philips sandwich maker consumes a low amount of energy-giving the advantage of temperature management as the 820 watts power gives you a quickly cooked sandwich at less time saving both on your energy bills and of course your time. Its compact shape will give you nothing but the best cooking experience.

You can just grill two tasty sandwiches at a time, no, and don’t worry about the fillings. The cool-touch handle keeps the maker lets you hold the machine while it’s cooking, and the anti-skid rubber feet promises the stability of the product. The lock system and cut/seal plates are another highlighted feature that saves the ingredients from going out.

More space to store the Philips sandwich maker could feel great, especially if you have a small kitchen. Don’t worry, Philips HD 2393 is portable, flexible, and mobile and can be stored in a vertical

  • High quality materials used, supports durability.
  • Non-stick plates for easy cleaning.
  • Red and green light indicators to notify the stats.
  • Has temperature control knob.
  • Consumes less energy and saves on electricity bills.
  • Compact shape for easy storage.
  • Cut-seal plates supports every type of fillings.
  • Power cord is short.
  • Sometimes the skid/lock fails to hold the plate properly.

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3. Nova NGS 2449 1000 Watt: Panini Sandwich Grill Maker

Best Sandwich Makers in India

Next on our list is the next popular Nova NGS 2449 1000 watt Panini Maker which extensively supports different types of sandwiches and Panini with several fillings.

With non-removable grilling plates and locked hinges the toasting and sandwiching is easy. The body of this Panini maker is a double-coated high-quality non-stick heating base, which is also helpful for preparing oil-free and non-stick sandwiches.

This stainless steel grill sandwich maker is portable and compact with its size of 25.3 by 17.8 cm, available in black and grey color variants. The power consumption can go up to 1000 watt with the operating volts of 200-250, and it indeed helps the heating to be quick saving upon the electricity consumption.

The non-skid feature ensures to safeguard the grip so that it doesn’t slip off the surface. The automatic thermostat temperature control prevents your toast from burning up with overheat. The red and green indicators notify you when the device power is on and when the device is finished with the sandwiching.

This best Nova Grill sandwich maker comes with a heat-resistant and insulated built that prevents any sort of rust. As it is easily portable, you need not worry about its storage, even vertical storage is possible.

This one-year warranty sandwich maker is light in weight and is highly suitable to carry along. You also need not concern about the temperature control during grilling, as it can be manually controlled too unlike other sandwich maker brands available.

  • It is stainless steel with completely compact and portable design.
  • Double Teflon coating helps with easy cleaning and zero burning food.
  • Quick heating technology with less power consumption.
  • The cooling built keeps the outer surface cool.
  • It also has power indicators to signal the status.
  • Non-skid feet feature adds the safety and security to use.
  • Lid locking system makes the machine safe to use.
  • Perfect for every Indian household.
  • Suitable for every food items to grill.
  • Accommodates only two sandwiches to grill.
  • Sometimes causes uneven grilling.
  • ower cord is not so length

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4. INALSA: Perfect Easy Toast Sandwich Maker

Best Sandwich Makers in India

Another leading toast maker that manufactures electronics, home, and kitchen appliances. Of course, if you are looking for a portable and cheap sandwich maker then the INALSA sandwich maker could be the right pick for your kitchen.

It has an attractive design and appearance with colour variants that also features a shock-proof body. The non-stick coated grill plates give you the perfectly scrumptious shaped sandwich.

About the storage, you need not worry about storing your sandwich maker in your kitchen as it is compact in size and easily flexible enough with vertical storage.

Overheat protection technology helps the sandwich maker from getting too heated. The cord winding option and locking system ensure the utmost safety while cooking.

Ready to cook and power indicators are the best functions to ease your efforts. Also, the temperature adjustment knob lets you control the grilling effects from low to heavy with the thermostat feature.

This best INALSA sandwich maker has also got a built-in oil collector to collect excess oil during cooking. The 750 watts heating temperature ensures quick and effective heating that also helps with less consumption of energy of 200 A.C saving the electricity bills.

You can use the sandwich maker for also grilling or cooking veggies, burgers, Panini, steaks, and meat too. It has got the extra-large cooking base for jumbo cooking that opens up to 180 degrees of food stuffing which will suit large families too.

  • It has in-built detachable oil collector that poses to be removed easily.
  • You can grill all types of foods including steaks and meat.
  • The cooking surface is huge accommodating food for a mid-sized families.
  • Suits all stuffing and fillings in the sandwiches.
  • Non-stick coating plates leaves no residue behind, easy to clean.
  • Ideal for cooking in parties and events.
  • Comes with the temperature control knob.
  • Cord length up to 1 meter and is short.
  • The plates cannot be removed.

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5. iBELL SM209G 2000-Watt Contact: Amazing Grill Sandwich Maker

Best Sandwich Makers in India

If you are craving scrumptious sandwiches, then iBELL sandwich maker is the one you should go for that would perfectly accommodate your kitchen. Yes, it does provide a good processing capacity in comparison with other best sandwich makers with removable plates.

The la mode cutting edge blades in the sandwich maker can give you the appealing process with the overall style, design and the built, as it also helps in preparing quick sandwiches when you are rushing, already.

The advanced thermostat knob deals with the heating part pretty easily by controlling the temperature accordingly with an adjustable power consumption of 750 watts offering you the desired snack implying crispy or soft, however, you wish!

iBELL, this best sandwich maker with removable plates has got its cooking surface and the plates in non-stick material as it would not leave any residue behind post-cooking and toasting, which would be easier for you when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Indicators like red and green take care when you want to check the stats of the machine. The red indicator notifies when the machine is on, and green indicates when the machine is ready to cook and serve.

Plate size is quite comfortable with 29*23cm that can accommodate around three to four sandwiches to grill at once, which suits even the large family.

The shockproof built is one such feature that highlights its presence along with the easy handgrip that prevents you from burns and accidents, which ensures complete safety.

  • Amazing style and comfortable design for every kitchen.
  • Vertical hanging and storage is possible.
  • Detachable plates or grills to get you the best snack.
  • Consumes low power, saving on your energy bills.
  • Quick heating with 2000 watts of heat, saves time.
  • Timer function available for clear indication.
  • Shock proof body to prevent from accidents.
  • You can change the plates easily.
  • Easy to use and clean and maintain.
  • Cord length is a bit short.
  • Less color variants.
  • Upper plate is stubborn to be removed.

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6. Cello Super Club Toast-N-Grill: Outstanding Sandwich Maker

Best Sandwich Makers in India

The elegant black matte finished 750 watts grill sandwich maker from Cello has already reached the peak by applauds from the home appliances market. The royal style, a comfortable design, and the easy to operate functions have got you covered totally.

The heat and corrosion-resistant Bakelite body make sure of its durability, also prevents the die-cast aluminum from getting rusted. The non-stick heating plate helps with oil-free cooking and toasting leaving behind zero residues of the foods.

Preferring a huge sandwich maker then Cello Super Club should be the first on your list. The top plate has floating hinges which extensively looks forward to making sandwiches as per your desire and of course, you do not have to adjust as the maker blends well accordingly.

Yes, you can cook two to three sandwiches in one go with the 180 degrees wide opening, which efficiently suits mid-sized to large families, making your cooking tasks easy and instant.

The outer body is of plastic built, but it does last for a long period of time with zero scratches or corrosion troubles that are often found in stainless steel built.

You also get the light indicators to notify you when the power is on and every time this best sandwich maker is ready to cook. This multi-usage sandwich maker can also be used to make Panini and other of your favourite toasts too.

  • The floating hinges on top plate gives an astonishing cooking experience.
  • Can cook or toast two or three sandwiches at once.
  • Variety of grilled sandwiches and toasts can be cooked.
  • Can be hanged vertically or can be stored in a small space.
  • Automatic system shuts down the machine after cooking.
  • Adjustable height control technology for convenient cooking.
  • Cool touch grip and handle for safety.
  • 750 Watts helps with instant cooking and heating.
  • Non-stick plates for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Easy and user-friendly interface and functions.
  • The cord length is sort of short.
  • The indicators might stop working after long usage.

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7. Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 2000-Watt: Brilliant Sandwich Grill

Best Sandwich Makers in India

Looking for a sandwich maker that would go for a large family? Then, Borosil Super Jumbo Sandwich Grill Maker is at the top position with its appearance, style, its aesthetic design, and of course with its four slices grilling capacity at once.

The heat control knob that keeps an eye on overheating properties and also allows you to adjust the heating temperature as per your convenience. The thermal fuse within this best sandwich maker makes it better and safer to use.

Do not worry about power consumption, just like every other sandwich maker on this list, Borosil Super Jumbo also saves upon electricity with quick heating technology of energy with 230 volts and it takes upon 2000 watts and that is too much instant and quick to cook and roast.

Power indicator lights to notify the start and stop of this best commercial sandwich maker makes it a complete straightforward system and the most functional one to operate.

Though the product dimensions are a bit too large with 41*37.6*15 cm, it would also suit inside every kitchen pretty easily. And, yes, this best commercial sandwich maker has its own oil collector to accumulate the excess oil produced during the cooking part.

Well, the non-stick heating plate that opens up to 105 degrees and gives access to toast a pair of extra slices with all those crispiness.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry and to store.
  • Handle lock is available for convenience.
  • Oil collector tray to cast out excess oil from your food and keeps the food healthy.
  • Thermal fuse that gives extra safety.
  • Non-stick heating plates and grill.
  • No burnt sandwiches with temperature control knob.
  • Suitable for a huge crowd or a family.
  • Best commercial sandwich maker.
  • 2 years of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Automatically shuts down when the food is ready.
  • Can be used for 3 to 4 hours consistently.
  • No cleaning efforts required, saves time.
  • The temperature control knob sort of goes off in the middle.
  • The cord length should have been lengthy.
  • Storage issue in a small kitchen.

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8. Morphy Richards SM3006 (G) 750 Watt: Great Quality Grill Sandwich Maker

Best Sandwich Makers in India

Morphy Richards sandwich maker is a portable, light-weight, and of course, an essential kitchen appliance for every Indian kitchen to reduce your rush hour breakfast efforts. The handle design of the product is shaped for convenient storage and comfort in any sized kitchen.

Cool touch body to use without worry about the burns and it provides ultimate safety. The red and the green lights to notify you of course.

The anti-skid feet to hold the appliance stable and to control its movements while it’s in use. Of course, it has two years of warranty from the manufacturer.

The oil collector tray is in-built to provide you with healthy eating. Also, the non-stick plates don’t make the sandwich or the cooking surface sticky, soggy, or untidy.

This Morphy Richards sandwich maker has also got a pre-heating technology or a function that would reduce the actual time of cooking, ultimately saving the efforts.

The power consumption is around 200 volts and takes upon 700 watts that is efficient and a money saver too.

  • Ant-slip base for smooth cooking.
  • Makes cleaning easy with removale platelets.
  • Can be stored in upright position and is secure.
  • Consumes 750 watt power, saves on energy bills.
  • Convenient enough for a small-mid-sized family.
  • Two year warranty provided.
  • Cool touch technology for extra safety.
  • Value for money.
  • Instant toasting and grilling with pre-heating technology.
  • No efficient enough to grill the toasts.
  • The non-stick coating might chip after a period of time.
  • Can’t accommodate thick foods.

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Best 5 Grill Sandwich Maker

1. Pigeon 750-Watt 4 Slice: Perfect Grill Sandwich Maker

Best Sandwich Makers in India

Morphy Richards sandwich maker is a portable, light-weight, and of course, an essential kitchen appliance for every Indian kitchen to reduce your rush hour breakfast efforts. The handle design of the product is shaped for convenient storage and comfort in any sized kitchen.

Cool touch body to use without worry about the burns and it provides ultimate safety. The red and the green lights to notify you of course.

The anti-skid feet to hold the appliance stable and to control its movements while it’s in use. Of course, it has two years of warranty from the manufacturer.

Oil collector tray is in-built to provide you with healthy eating. Also, the non-stick plates don’t make the sandwich or the cooking surface sticky, soggy, or untidy.

This Morphy Richards sandwich maker has also got a pre-heating technology or a function that would reduce the actual time of cooking, ultimately saving the efforts.

The power consumption is around 200 volts and takes upon 700 watts that is efficient and a money saver too.

  • Ant-slip base for smooth cooking.
  • Makes cleaning easy with removale platelets.
  • Can be stored in upright position and is secure.
  • Consumes 750 watt power, saves on energy bills.
  • Convenient enough for a small-mid-sized family.
  • Two year warranty provided.
  • Cool touch technology for extra safety.
  • Value for money.
  • Instant toasting and grilling with pre-heating technology.
  • No efficient enough to grill the toasts.
  • The non-stick coating might chip after a period of time.
  • Can’t accommodate thick foods.

2. Prestige PGMFB 800 Watt: Excellent Grill Sandwich Toaster

Best Sandwich Makers in India

Prestige, this popular brand has always been on the top list for the kitchen appliances in India, and it is once again back with the stylist and the best grill sandwich maker that is all set to prepare delicious and tasty grilled sandwiches.

Of course, this best prestige grill sandwich maker has fixed non-toxic and non-stick plates that serves modest cleaning and maintenance, while also providing healthy toasts and slices.

Yes, it indeed has secure and user-friendly functions for easy operation. The cool touch feature of the product ensures ultimate durability and heat resilient built that keeps the outer body harmless and cool to touch.

The anti-slip grip prevents any kind of movement of the sandwich maker while cooking. You can use any type of bread and fillings without having to worry about the taste, as it perfectly keeps up with butter and cheese too.

800 watts look forward to quick heating while saving up on the electricity bills with 200 volts. The ergonomic handle is another major highlight that lets you hold in a simple manner and as it is pretty compact, you need not worry about storing the appliance in the kitchen.

The sandwich maker holds a good capacity of 2 to 4 slices of bread at one go, which is suitable for every size of crowd and families. The grill plate lines are efficient enough to make the bread crispy and also this one comes under the best cheap sandwich maker list.

  • Light weight, easy to carry and compact in size.
  • One year warranty is fair enough.
  • You can open the grill plates easily.
  • Non-stick grill plates that doesn’t stick.
  • Red and green indicators for machine stats.
  • Value for money with advanced features.
  • Ergonomic handle for easy grip and safety.
  • Non-toxic coating for fat-free and healthy cooking.
  • Monitors temperature and heat while grilling.
  • Small power cord length.
  • Non-removable grilling plates.
  • Sandwiches sometimes become soggy.

3. Kent 16025 700-Watt: Top Quality Sandwich Grill Maker

Best Sandwich Makers in India

Kent sandwich grill maker has got multifunctional toasting and grilling features that would suit all types of fillings like cheese and butter, stuffing, and of course the bread types.

The design and style are way too comfortable and convenient, which also lets us carry outdoors and even for huge parties and get together.

This best grill sandwich maker also comes with an automatic temperature control knob that manages the heat and doesn’t burn the slices. The LED indicators are another major feature that lets you know about the machine status, whether it’s done cooking or not!

You can adjust the height of the sandwich maker considering the food items and the dishes, which also makes it an extremely efficient toaster and griller with quick heating technology and advances.

Non-stick grilling plates and cooking surfaces are something that would give an ultimate cooking experience, as you need not worry about the stickiness or residue post-cooking. The non-toxic ceramic coating gives you healthy and fatless sandwiches instantly.

Dual cooking surface grabs the eye, as it helps in quick grilling and toasting that gives perfection from both the sides, making it efficient.

  • Light-weight, portable and durable enough.
  • Non-toxic coating gives a harmless and healthy food.
  • Automatic temperature control and cut-off indication.
  • Adjust the height of the grill according to the food size.
  • Cool touch body and ergonomic handle for convenience.
  • Multi-functional grilling benefit.
  • Consumes 220 volts with 800 watts, saving energy.
  • Pretty easy to clean and maintain.
  • One year warranty available.
  • Design quality is not as per expectations.
  • Heavy grilling could be an issue, sometimes.

Short Reviews

1. Bajaj Majesty New SWX-3, 2-Slice Sandwich Toaster
If you love sandwiches, then the Bajaj Majesty sandwich maker would be the perfect tool with the sleek and compact design that majors with many top features like cook indicators, non-stick cooking plates that help with easy cleaning. Storage structure literally saves space and of course the cool touch body that would never let you feel the heat.

Overall functioning is amazing as it does the job pretty well. The brand is obvious enough to get a place in your kitchen. The buckle clip and the base support gives you the perfect grip and ensures that you get the ideal and the desired toast. The only drawback is it doesn’t support the temperature settings and it works better only with small-sized homes.

2. Prestige PSMFB 800 Watt Sandwich Toaster with Fixed plates
One of the best seller category brands that always been in the minds of Indian minds every time when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. The elegant design steals the spot, while fixed grill plates do provides efficiency also speeding up cooking heat for instant cooking. The non-stick plate doesn’t let any residue stick on to the plates, post-cooking. This best grill sandwich maker is easy to use and prepares the food within minutes.

The 800-watt power consumption is amazing for quick heating and it is totally worth your money. Cleaning and maintenance are not too much of a trouble, as it goes on easily, however, the sandwich becomes sticky sometimes and the cord length isn’t lengthy.

3. Wonderchef 52121212 Family Size Super 1460-Watt Tandoori Maker
Yes, it is also known as Wonderchef Sanjeev Kapoor grill sandwich maker, if you love sandwiches. The glossy and dark black and grey colour built with a perfect finish that would suit up any kitchen.

The non-stick grill plates help with super-fast cooking and do not let the food burn. Of course, it also has temperature control functions to take care of the heat adjustments. It opens up wide with 180-degree grill plates that are sufficient to cook for more and indeed it does make the slices crispy and tasty. This wonderful tandoori maker grills both sides evenly without burning the slices. However, it is a bit costly but worth buying!

4. Russell Hobbs RST750SW 750 Watt Non-stick Sandwich Toaster
Just 4 minutes to toast and grill? Indeed, Russell Hobbs sandwich maker takes care of it.

The pre-heat feature is amazing as it saves a lot of time from just cooking. Again, it serves and supports every type of filling and different types of bread as well. From the sandwich to Panini to Waffles, it works as the ideal multi-functional home appliance at this very pocket-friendly price.

The browning is extremely even and floating hinges take care of the thick foods. Power consumption of 750 watts is smooth to heat the bread and of course, it Russell Hobbs comes with user-friendly functions and features. Well, the handle sometimes gets heated while in use and plates are not dishwasher safe and might be tricky to change.

5. Panasonic NF-GW1 760 Watt 4 Slice Sandwich Maker
You need not worry about your morning rush hours, as it cooks 4 slices in one go, thus saving your efforts and time. The outer body is full of metallic which prevents the product from getting rusted and corrosion-scratch free overall.
You can store the sandwich maker easily anywhere in the kitchen as it is compact in size, and also it doesn’t need any much maintenance too. Those non-stick plates make your cooking experience wonderful, thus leaving behind zero oil and residue after grilling and toasting.

It also does the demand for less cleaning, as there wouldn’t be any necessity at all. Consumes less oil and butter, providing healthy food. The 760 watts of power consumption is amazing, which gives heats up instantly. However, it needs constant power, and temperature control settings do not last long, which are the drawbacks, indeed!

Buying Guide for the best sandwich maker

1. Standard or Multi-functional?
Well, some of the sandwich makers do perform efficiently even if that’s basic and others come with multi-functional features, which allows you to grill and toast different types of foods with different fillings, even meat, steak, and waffles. The basic sandwich maker won’t be able to hold another sort of food like Panini, meat, veggies, but multi-functional sandwich maker does the opposite, however, the multi-featured sandwich maker could be expensive as compared to the basic ones.

2. Look for the size
Indeed, you can buy a huge sandwich maker that would go for the biggest crowds and the parties or something that would suit a small family. However, you need to consider your kitchen space and storing area to store the sandwich maker. There are some best grill sandwich makers that can also be stored vertically, thus consuming less space. Also, there are also toasters that are compact but still can cook different types of foods.

3. Temperature adjustments
This is another major prospect to be considered while buying a sandwich maker as it should quite easily cope up with the heat temperature and that allows you to adjust the heat as per eating requirements. However, this would be essential if you are looking out to buy a multi-functional sandwich maker.

4. Check the plates
Cleaning melted-hard cheese over your sandwich maker plates could be tragic. Hence, when you opt for non-stick plates or grills or the cooking surface it leaves you no post-cooking chores as non-stick plates won’t leave behind any residue. Also, ensure that these plates are durable and thick. It would be a good idea if you can buy a sandwich maker with removable plates benefit.

However, this will allow you to remove the plates post-cooking and then clean and there are some models that come with interchangeable plates suitable for waffles especially.

5. Keep an eye on price
Obviously, there is no point in buying an expensive sandwich maker that does only the basic functions and operates at a standard level. You might want to do some price comparison and then go for the right one that is within the budget and also comes with the most advanced features that would minimize your efforts and would also give you the value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. How to use sandwich maker for the first maker? How to use sandwich maker grill?
Well, you just have to brush the surface of the cooking surface and the plates with cooking oil. It is recommended that you don’t use any kind of spreads as it might burn the non-stick surface. Check the sandwich maker before you put it to use.

2. Can sandwich maker be washed? When to clean sandwich maker?
Yes, they can be washed. Just ensure that the cord connection is unplugged. Some toasters do have removable trays, you can clean it on the dishwasher’s top rack.

3. Can sandwich maker toast bread?
Yes, but you might want to speed up the process with pre-buttered slices in case you have no fillings. You can adjust the heat control or the temperature knob.

4. Can sandwich maker make waffles?
No, the basic sandwich maker won’t support waffles, but if you purchase a multi-functional sandwich maker then it can cook waffles and even meat too.

5. Can I use sandwich maker to make pancakes?
Yes, you can! You just have to grease the plates with oil first and then heat it up for a few minutes, and then start with the pancake cooking procedure.

6. What is grill sandwich maker?
It is also known as Panini maker, or Grill press, which holds the top and bottom heat plates that grills and press the bread slices producing crispy and crusty sandwiches without having to flip.

7. What is Panini sandwich maker?
Panini is an Italian name for sandwiches and Panini sandwich maker uses the same way the grill sandwich maker does, heat plates produce crispy slices with the fillings inside.

8. Sandwich maker and grill difference?
Sandwich makers seal the edges, whereas the griller leaves them edges open. Also, the griller produces heat from the bottom, while the sandwich maker heats the slices up from the top.

9. Sandwich maker uses?
You can toast and cook, fritters, French toast, pastries, waffles, pizza pockets, fry eggs, make an omelet, doughnuts, pancakes, and so on. Sandwich makers can save you a lot of money and effort.


Undoubtedly, machines and appliances are minimizing our household tasks and also adding beauty to our cooking area, saving us immense time. Indeed, you know the benefits of a sandwich maker.

Most of you might be knowing how to buy the right sandwich maker, but if you are buying it for the first time, then you can keep the above-mentioned buying guide in mind.

Opting out for a non-stick sandwich make with multi-functional or advanced features can be of amazing use to you. Sandwich makers are here for our snack rescue, providing you with delish and lip-smacking dishes in minutes.

Our guide comprises of the best sandwich makers that would suit every household according to the needs and within budget. Ensure that you pick the most ideal one which also suits your budget, expectations, and amazing specifications that you seek.

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