Best Room Heaters in India – Expert’s Choice in 2021

By Arindam Roy

It is quite difficult to come out of the room during winters. And of course, who will not want to stay cosy and warm during the cold months of the year? Precisely that is when there arises a need for room heaters. All the credit goes to modern technologies that gifted us with high-tech, facilitated room heating devices.

With room heaters, you can avoid the heavy winter costumes in your room and grab some coffee while reading books at ease. So, are you searching for the best heaters for home? If yes, then you are here at the right place. After doing a lot of research and analyzation, I have come up with the best room heater blower in India for you, while taking care of your comfort zone.

1. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater: Best Room Heater For Winter (Editor’s Choice)

Best Room Heater In India


This white-coloured fan-type room heater is specially designed for the winters. It is suitable for both small and moderate-sized rooms and covers a range of about 250 square feet area. 2-heat settings are available of both 1000 watts and 2000 watts for achieving the perfect heat intensity inside the room.

It is contemplated to be the best room heater because it makes use of maximum 2000 watts and operates at 220-240 volt based on room type. As it is a fan-type heater, it makes a negligible amount of noise.

The product body is made of fine plastic, while the safety mesh grill and other parts are made up of metal to make it more durable. A long-life heating element is present in this heater. The height of the product is about 4.6-inch and weighs not more than 1 kilogram. It comes with plug type 15A, but an extension cord or a 3-pin plug can be used for 5-15A conversion.

The small room heater comes with a cool-to-touch exterior, which means it can be easily touched, while the switch is already on. This feature allows the product to be stored safely almost anywhere. The room heater ensures overheat protection and comes with thermal cut-off. The product can be used as a fan too. Additionally, you will get a 1-year warranty on this best room heater in India.

  • It can be used during summers, as a table fan.
  • Lightweight makes it convenient to carry.
  • The heater can run about 7-8 hours easily.
  • It takes only 20 minutes to warm up the room.
  • The product is ISI certified.
  • It may be harsh for sensitive skinned people, infants or kids.
  • It dries up the air in the room if used for a long time.

2. Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Heater (steel): Top-Notch Room Heater

Best Room Heater In India


Bajaj is one of the well-established and reliable companies that have devoted itself to simplify human life by working on newer innovations. The model named Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater is one of the best room heater reviews. It is a halogen-type room heater, and it can heat a room of around 150 square feet instantly, because of its spot heating feature.

Users can customize his or her heating needs with the adjustable thermostat. The legs of the heater can be tilted, thus making it a user-friendly product. Also, for strong support, a flexible stand has been attached. This Bajaj room heater consumes not more than a wattage of 1000 to warm up the entire room within no time. The best feature is that it is noiseless so that you don’t get disturbed and maintains the cosiness of the room.

It is made up of Nickle chrome-plated mesh. This makes the product not only corrosion-resistant but also increases the hardness of the surface. The reflecting surface is made up of stainless steel so that the heat is spread evenly inside the room. The compact and stylish design is perfect for both medium and small room types and has the best room heater reviews.

It comes with a cotton braided cord, with a length of about 1.5 meters, and has a rated voltage of 230 Volts. The superior heating element enhances the spot heating feature and makes it ideal for the small rooms during the winter, making the product dependable and safe to use.

  • It consumes much lesser power, compared to other heaters in this budget range.
  • It can easily heat small apartments.
  • The item comes with a warranty period of 2 years.
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable.
  • Lightweight design.
  • The heater uses parabolic reflector with infrared radiation for fast heating..
  • There is no automatic shut-off feature.
  • It might not be appropriate for babies or infants.

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3. Usha Quartz (3002) 800-Watts with Overheating Protection: Best Room Heater from top Brand

Best Room Heater In India


Usha QH 3002 is one of the must-have best room heater in India for any household throughout the winter season. The product is ideal for small room types and covers a range of up to 150 square feet, but it works best up to 120 square feet. The infrared heater comes up with 2-heat settings of 400 watts and 800 watts, making it an ideal choice for common people.

The heater consumes a maximum power of 1000 watts and produces a negligible amount of noise so that your sleeping hours remain undisturbed. The Usha heaters for home take care of the environment, by making use of latest and smart eco-friendly technologies. Unlike other heaters, it is not harsh for people having sensitive skin.

A ceramic heating element has been used for the heater to enhance its efficiency. The quartz tube is another heating element that has been used for the product. The powder-coating finish of the heater prevents corrosion of its body.

The product weighs about 2.49 kilograms and has a dimension of 8.75*19.37*10.31cm. The long power cord can be mounted easily for easy storage. Certain safety features have also been included. The safety switch protects the heater from getting overheated and shuts off the heater if by any chance it gets tilted or falls off.

Usha gives you a 1-year warranty on the best room heater reviews. The adjustable thermostat helps you to adjust temperature settings according to your needs, and for your comfort, two heating positions are also offered.

  • The heater comes with an in-built cord storage facility.
  • It is designed for lower power consumption.
  • The ergonomic design takes care of comfort and makes it user-friendly.
  • It comes with safety measures.
  • Compact design.
  • The temperature falls too quickly.
  • It offers a small area coverage than others.

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4. Havells Cista Room Heater: Outstanding Room Heater

Best Room Heater In India


Havells Cista Room heater is one of the best room heater blowers in India. This heater uses convection method for heating and comes with two heat settings. This heater comes up with 2-heat settings of 1000 watts and 2000 watts and works on an input of 220 – 240 V. The cool-touch body of this heater is made up of a non-heating coating which makes it easily portable and safe. It has an inbuilt overheat protection setting which ensures endless hours of cosy comfort during winters. It comes with a cool fan function so that the appliance remains cool and not face any heating issue.

This heater by Havells is the best room heater in India and has inbuilt overheat protection guards for temperature fluctuation issues. There is a night light indicator for dark rooms which ensures that you do not stumble upon the appliance. It also indicates whether the heater is on or off.

You can easily adjust the temperature with the thermostat control knob. This heater comes with a 1-year warranty period. This heating appliance weighs about 3.56 Kilograms, and its dimensions are 20.9 x 35.5 x 31.8 cm. It requires 16 A socket for input.

You can easily adjust the temperature with the thermostat control knob. This heater comes with a 1-year warranty period. This heating appliance weighs about 3.56 Kilograms, and its dimensions are 20.9 x 35.5 x 31.8 cm. It requires 16 A socket for input.

  • It comes with proper safety measures.
  • Built-in cooling fan.
  • Overheat protection guards against fluctuation in temperature.
  • Night light indicator.
  • It comes with a smart adjustable stand.
  • It cannot use heat mode with the fan.
  • It cannot be used on standard 5 A 3-pin socket.

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5. V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000: Top-Rated v Guard Room Heater

Best Room Heater In India


This compact and stylish best room heater in India heater by V-Guard is an Infrared heater. If you are looking for something that can add cosiness and comfort during chilly winter along with adding an aesthetic look to the home décor, then look no further.

2-heating settings are available in the heater, that is, 400 W and 800 W; therefore, you can control the temperature accordingly. The heating method used is Radiant, which ensures that your room is warm and cosy without producing any noise. It has automatic tip-over protection to ensure that the heater is automatically turned off if tipped over.

Can you imagine the weight of this room heater? It just weighs 5 grams. This pretty little room heater will perfectly fir in any corner of your room. The dimensional measurements of the same are 15 x 13 x 12 Centimeters. Also, it has a warranty period of 1 year. This elegant heater has a feature of faster heating; therefore, your room will be warmed up quickly.

  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Faster heating.
  • Automatic tip-over protection.
  • Dual-heat setting.
  • No noise.
  • It won’t work well for large rooms.
  • Not suitable to use in baby’s room as it does not have a cool-touch body.

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6. A & Y-Brand Fan Heater: Excellent Room Heater

Best Room Heater In India


This white-coloured fan-type best room heater blower in India is primarily for the winters. It is small and compact, making it ideal for small rooms. It looks very stylish and has a shockproof fibre body. There are tow heating positions; therefore, you can concentrate the hot air in whichever direction you want.

It comes in white colour and blends in every kind of home décor. The hot air outlet has a safety grill, and this heater is noiseless. There is a small indicator light to check whether it is on or off. It has cool-touch handles along with heating setting knob. You can control the heat as per your comfort. Also, you can fluctuate the temperature with the temperature control knob.

This heater weighs 980 grams, and its dimensions are 25 x 25 x 10 cm, which takes very less area of the room. If you are looking for any sleek, compact and affordable blower to add comfort to your chilly winter days, then this is best room heater blower in India.

  • Shockproof body
  • Heat and Temperature control knobs.
  • Affordable, compact and lightweight.
  • Two heating positions.
  • It comes with safety grills on the hot air outlet.
  • Safe to use for baby’s room
  • Not suitable for larger areas.
  • It does not have automatic power cut feature.

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7. Orpat OEH-1220 Room Heater ( White ): Magnificent Room Heater

Best Room Heater In India


This heater by Orpat is a must-have if you are looking for a fan-based best room heater. It is budget-friendly and durable at the same time. It has a sturdy white coloured body which has safety grills in front of the hot air outlet. There is a heat controlling knob on the top so that you never struggle with adjusting the heat according to your choice.

It is a white coloured room heater with a two meters long power cord. You don’t have to worry about your power socket location as the connection wire is quite long and you won’t struggle in connecting this heater to the far-from-bed socket board. This best room heater reviews consumes a maximum of 2000 watts and can run seamlessly for about 6-7 hours straight.

The product dimensions are 33 x 21.5 x 11.7 cm, which is quite a decent size for any room type. It weighs around 1.04 kilograms, and the outer surface is shockproof, making it safe to use and portable room heater.

This stylish and best room heater blower in India by Orpat covers a range of about 200 square feet and warms up the area within no time. It will make your winters cosy within your budget. There is not any automatic power cut option, but you can switch on the low setting and leave it for the entire night.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Long power cord.
  • Heat controlling knob.
  • Durable and works seamlessly.
  • It might create a little sound as it is a fan room heater.
  • The automatic power cut is not available.

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8. Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Heat Convector: Perfect Room Heater with Over Heat Protection

Best Room Heater In India


Usha is one of the best, affordable and reliable company when it comes to simplifying human life. This model, named as Usha 423 N by a well-established brand is a convector heater with three heating positions. This particular heater is meant for spot heating and warms up a room of around 150 square feet very quickly.

It is the best room heater in India and durable as well as reliable also comes with an overheat protection feature. Brownie points for the ISI mark. It will turn off automatically if it in case it gets overheated. This 2000 W Heater comes with a one-year warranty period. 3-heating positions are available in this heat convector which works on 665/ 1330/2000 watts respectively.

Along with this, 2-fan speeds are also available to control the flow of hot air. It has a durable twin-turbo design which ensures better and fast heating of the area. Thermal cut out feature is added to ensure safety measures. Although it weighs 4 kilograms, still it is comfortably portable. The dimensions of this heater are 26.25 x 20.12 x 11.25 cm. It produces a very negligible sound so that you don’t get disturbed and maintains the cosiness of the room.

There is a night light indicator which helps in locating the heater in a dark room. The handles come with PVC coating making it safer and more comfortable to this best room heater blower in India.

  • Overheat protection.
  • Handles come with PVC coating.
  • Very less noise.
  • 3-heat setting available.
  • Twin-turbo design.
  • Safety thermal cut out.
  • The cool-touch body is not available.
  • It covers a little less area in 2000 watts compared to other compact heaters.

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9. Singer Quartz Heat Glow Plus 800-Watt: Splendid Room Heater (White)

Best Room Heater In India


A sturdy and stylish, best room heater by Singer is named as Quartz heat glow plus. The power consumption is 800 Watts on maximum heat setting and 400 Watts in a low heat setting.

Two rods operate when being used in 800 W and one rod works when used in 400 W. This heater has included proper safety measures including the tip-over safety switch which ensures that the heater gets switched off automatically in case of drop-down or tip over.

This room heater is extremely portable, and you can easily move it to various corners of your room conveniently. It is lightweight and comes with a handle. It makes absolutely no noise ensuring you are not disturbed and enjoy the winter season with comfort. The dimensions if this heater by Singer is 66 x 38 x 44 cm and it weighs around 1.5 Kilograms.

This heater easily covers around 100-120 square feet of area. The rods of the heater is protected with metal grill. This super Sleek heater uses Radiant method to heat the area, and it is a white coloured model. It offers you with a warranty period of 1 year. It is affordable and adequate for small rooms.

  • Dual heat settings.
  • Affordable.
  • Tip-over safety switch.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Noiseless.
  • Stylish and Sleek design.
  • Not entirely cool-touch as it is an infrared heater.
  • Not suitable for large spaces.

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10. Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector: Admirable Room Heater (Ivory)

Best Room Heater In India


It is another awesome Bajaj Blower which consumes 2000 watts of power. If you are looking for the best room heater, do check out this one as well. This convector heater ensures that you are all warmed up in chilly winters.

You can customize the heat settings with the thermostat knob. The power cord of this heater is coated with PVC. There is an automatic thermal cut-off feature along with a thermal fuse which ensures safety and peace of mind. Plus, you can use it vertically or horizontally according to your preference.

The unique feature in this best room heater is that it acts as a heater in winters and as a fan in summers. This room heater is reliable and safe and available with a warranty period of two years. It also has a cool-touch body. Equipped with a built-in handle, it is easily portable.

  • Multitasking
  • Cool Touch Body.
  • 2-year warranty..
  • Thermal cut-off feature.
  • Built-in handle.
  • It might be a little noisy.
  • Will not function with the small socket.

Other options you might consider while buying a room heater :

A. Lifelong Flare 2000 Watt Fan Room Heater, White (ISI Certified, Home Service Available)

It is a fan room heater by Lifelong and uses convection heating method. The unique aspect of this heater is that it can be used vertically or horizontally according to your preference and space available. It contains a Powerful 2400 RPM copper winded motor which ensures quick heating of the room.

This ISI certified room heater comes with an Adjustable thermostat setting for temperature control. Three heat settings are available for Cool, Warm or Hot wind. The air throw range of this heater is around 10 feet which are adequate for a medium-sized room. This perfectly designed heater comes with Built-in overheating protection to ensure safety.

It consumes 2000 watts of power on maximum settings, and the operating voltage is 220 – 240 volts. The product dimensions are 23 x 11.5 x 24 cm, and it weighs around 1.4 Kilograms. You will get this heater with a warranty period of one year. Plus, this appliance has an almost noiseless operation.

B. Usha Heat Convector (812 T) 2000-Watt with Instant Heating Feature (Black)

It is one more convector heater by Usha Brand which you can consider while shopping for the best room heater. It is meant explicitly for spot heating and is ideal for small rooms only. It comes with a twin-turbo design for fast and efficient heating. It has an in-built stand with which you can adjust the height of this heater according to your preference.

For additional safety measures, this heater contains copper conductors in its cord. The power cord is coated with PVC and has a three-pin plug. It consumes 2000 watts of power on the maximum setting option and 1000 watts on the minimum setting.

It operates at a voltage of 230 V and comes with thermostat control. You will get a one-year warranty with this product. Also, the in-built twin blade fan ensures better heat distribution in the room.

C. Maharaja Whiteline Lava 1200-Watt Helogen Heater (White and Red)

Are you looking for sleek and elegant looking Orpat? Do consider this one in your list. This heater by Maharaja Brand has a sleek and classy design comes in colour combination of white with red. This room heater is easily portable and easy to use.

This efficient heater covers up to 150 square feet of the area and can be rotated up to 180 degrees. It contains three Halogen rods with three heat settings. It has a shockproof body, and its dimensions are 62.7 x 36.3 x 16.3 cm, and it weighs around 3.17 Kilograms.

The power consumption in this heater is 1200 watts, and the operating voltage required is 230 Volts. Plus, this product is certified by ISI and Maharaja provides two years of the warranty period with this best room heater reviews.

Buying Guide for the Best Room Heater:

Who doesn’t like cosy winters with a warm room and a cup of coffee in your hand? And to maintain a warm atmosphere during chilly winters, most of the people use room heaters for that. But very few people know that which is the apt room heater for their requirement.

Room heaters come in a lot of variety with various features, and you need to figure out which is the best one for you by analyzing all the parameters. If you are in search of the best room heater, then here are a few tips to consider before you buy a brand-new room heater for your room.

What is the heater type?
You need to decide which type of room heater you want. There are various heaters available, but basically, three heating technologies are used, those are, Radiant, Convection and Fan -type / Heat Blower.

Radiant : Particularly, it is used for spot heating, warms the area quickly.
Convection : It warms up the whole room evenly.
Heat Blower / Fan-type : It delivers warm air.

Heating Capacity
You need to check that heating capacity, that is, how much area will it cover? It entirely depends upon your requirement and room size.

Safety Features
Safety is the most important while using a room heater because if not handled carefully, room heaters can become dangerous fire hazards. Look for the heater that has a cool-to-touch body, shockproof, tip over automatic cut-off, overheat protection, and various other safety features.

This also depends upon you whether you want a noiseless heater or a little noise is fine for you. Do check out oil-filled radiant heater if you are looking for a quiet heater for your bedroom so that you are not disturbed while sleeping.

Do check out and compare the energy efficiency of various heaters before buying. If you are looking for a product which can conserve energy and maintains low heating costs, then go for heaters with adjustable heat settings, low wattage and timer settings which can reduce the energy consumption.

These were some essential things to consider before you purchase a new room heater. It is imperative to understand all the technical and non-technical information about the products like room heaters because these can be hazardous.

FAQs :

1. Which type of room heater is good for your health?

For the people who are suffering from any respiratory disease, an oil-filled heater is considered viable because the air does not get dried up. Oil-filled heaters do not cause any suffocation or dry eyes, skin rashes. Do checkout best room heater in India before buying a new one.

2. What is room temperature in India?

Typically, it is around 26 – 27 degree Celsius. It depends upon your location.

3. How to use a room heater?

  • You must adjust the heat setting according to your comfort
  • Do not use it very high temperature.
  • Keep all the flammable items away from the heater.
  • Remember to always adhere to the instructions given in the user manual.

4. How to keep a room warm without a heater?

  • Shut down your windows properly so that the chilly wind doesn’t come in.
  • Use sheer curtains so that the sunlight comes in.
  • Cover your floor with rug or carpet
  • Light up your fireplace. It is the best thing you can do in winters. Nothing is cosier than sitting in front of a fireplace.

5. How does room heater work?

There is various best room heater available in the market that work on different principles.

The fan heaters work on a convection mode of heating and spread warm air via a fan.

In Heat convector heaters, the coil is heated up, and the room starts becoming warmer slowly.

Similarly, there are many more heaters which work on separate principles. Must go through the list of best room heater in India before shopping.

6. What should be the normal room temperature in India?

It should be around 20 – 25 degree Celsius.

7. Side effects of using room heater side effects

People might experience various problems such as nausea, headache, breathing issues, sleepiness, unconsciousness, etc. the burn up the oxygen in the air, therefore, resulting in suffocation. Do check the best room heater reviews for honest opinions.

8. Types of room heaters

There are three types of heaters: – Fan, Infrared, Oil-filled. Further, there are countless sub-categories of best room heater reviews.


Generally, everyone is very much familiar with room heaters and what are they used for. However, people skip various critical information that must be considered while buying a room heater. Once you purchase a room heater, operate with all the safety precautions. Do not leave small kids and infants alone in a room with a heater. Do consider all the tips while buying a new heater for home and go for the one that has proper safety features and lying under your budget.

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