Best Projector for Home in India: All You Need to Know

By Arindam Roy

Finding the best projector for home India India is such a pain. There are so many options that range from low-priced to luxurious and they all have their plus points. If you are looking for the best projector in India and want to buy the best portable projector, then you are at the right place. Compare portable projectors specifications and features to select this one for your home setup.

For your home entertainment or presentations, it is important that you get a high-quality projector. But, there are so many options available in the market that it can be difficult to decide which one is the best one. If yes, then it’s time to say goodbye to this old-fashioned way of viewing and get a brand new projector. Carrying around a blu-ray player, DVD player, console and TV? With this digital age, you don’t need all of that.

First of all, Considering I am working on the “best p​projector​”​ which is compact in size and easy to use, which gives you High-level clarity at any place and time without any issue. It’s my point p​ermanent for the long run. When buying a projector for home India we strongly recommend taking these four things into account as they are more meaningful than any technical factor.

1. Egate i9 Classic HD + FTS LED Projector: Best Rated for Home Use

Best Projector for Home India

The Egate i9 HD projector is an ideal companion for anyone with a passion for movies and television programs. This LED projector has a 7″ TFT LCD display that projects up to 120″ wide, and up to 32′ high. The built-in 2W speaker brings sound to life, while the 1200:1 contrast ratio produces deep blacks, making your pictures and videos more interesting and vibrant. Enjoy more of your favourite content by connecting this projector to the Internet.

It has a powerful computing processor and 1GB RAM, supports wireless LAN, and more than 1,000 apps are available for free download. A 5V/2A power adopter is included. Featuring a Dynamic contrast ratio of 30,000:1, DLP display technology and high brightness of 200 ANSI lumens the Egate I9 projector is a beautifully designed, compact and powerhouse projector to enjoy the thrill experience of using it at home.

It can also connect to your PC or laptop via VGA Dsub 15pin input port and can be connected to all Bluetooth enabled mobile devices via powerful Bluetooth connectivity. The focus is done manually and looks great. Lamps last about 8,000 hours of use.

The image is clear and crisp and the colours are perfect. It has Bluetooth connectivity so you can hook up your phone or tablet and watch movies or listen to music without wires. It’s capable of displaying 720p native (1080p support) in a variety of modes including, Presentation, Theater, Game, and Image Zoom.

It adopts a latest designed LED optical system and the image quality is well improved by adopting the advanced high performance DLP chip. It provides a intelligent streaming technique, which can provide a better display effect for the user. This projector can simultaneously support 2 multi-screen activities.

2. ViewSonic M1+ Portable Smart Wi-Fi Projector: Great for Home Entertainment

ViewSonic Portable Smart Wi-Fi Projector

The ViewSonic M1+ is the ideal projector for home entertainment or business. This portable projector features built-in Harman Kardon speakers for 360 ˚of room-filling sound. With an impressive 20,000 hour LED lamp life, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 and Miracast capability, and so much more, you will wonder if this is really a pocket-sized projector.

This projector is a great solution for home entertainment, delivering vibrant and detailed images with optimum brightness and colour. A built-in battery enables you to watch movies and play games on the go. A 100″ projected image, as well as connectivity options such as HDMI, USB Type C, Bluetooth, and more, make it a great choice – your new best friend when it comes to home entertainment.

It has a powerful processor with exceptional 1,500 lumens of colour brightness and 1,200 lumens of white brightness. This 16:9 widescreen LED produces crystal clear images at an ultra-wide 90″ screen at just 100cm (120” diagonal). Whether you’re streaming movies from your laptop or hosting an outdoor movie night by the pool, you’ll appreciate the large 100-inch projection image and comfort features that allow for hours of viewing.

A built-in battery enables this projector to run on the go without having to be hooked up to a power source, while dual Harman Kardon speakers and Bluetooth connectivity provide premium audio and take the distraction away from the screen. It is equipped with dual speakers featuring Harman Kardon audio technology.

It is also equipped with a long-lasting built-in battery, HD Digital media player function, HDMI port, USB Type C and Wi-Fi connectivity to expand your viewing possibilities.

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3. Visitek V6 Smart Android HD 720p: Excellent Projector for Home Use

Smart Android HD Projector

Welcome to the best projector for home in India. This Visitek V6 Smart Android HD Projector is just what you need to make the ordinary into extraordinary with its large screen display and genuine android operating system, letting you enjoy any app. It boasts a brightness of 3300L (390 ANSI) with 210″ (5.3 m) of large-screen display, meaning that this projector is perfect for movie nights, professional

Presentations and gaming. And supports Full HD 1080p video and Dolby Audio decoding. This cool projector comes with a 3300 lumens brightness and 3300 lumens colour brightness, 4000mAh battery. It features dual HDMI ports to connect gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, Media Centers, and other external devices with higher display resolution and refresh rates.

With the latest AMLOGIC Quad-Core Cortex-A7 processor, 6GB internal storage and expandable memory slot, and support for native 720P (1080p) resolution, the V6 is ideal for all your home entertainment needs.

A 5200 mAH Lithium battery ensures this device can be used outdoors and anywhere in the home. The unit is equipped with many features like 4DX keystone correction, HDMI, USB Ports, Bluetooth, and mSD Card Slot that turns any compatible card into an on-screen keyboard or picture display. This projector is perfect for families, business audiences, and all types of events and activities such as presentations, lessons, theatre and entertainment.

The Visited V6 Projector features include a Smartphone app and remote control that makes it easy to project favourite content from your device wirelessly at any time; Includes USB Port, AV Input, HDMI Input; SD Card Slot; Bluetooth Connection, built-in speaker with hook up cable for the headphone jack to play music.

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4. BORSSO Moon 7.1 HD Wi-Fi LED Projector: Great Home Theater Projector

BORSSO Moon HD Wi-Fi LED Projector

The BORSSO Moon 7.1 projector is the best seller and the best-branded projector in India. This projector is a great home theatre projector that will bring an immersive video experience to any viewer. With excellent connectivity options, like HDMI, VGA and USB inputs, it makes it easy to connect with almost all of your favourite media devices. The vibrant LED display offers 3000 lumens of brightness while the 1280 x 800 resolution offers sharp video.

Our best projector for home India is packed with features and functions you won’t find in projectors at this price range, including a built-in high-quality speaker system, crystal clear voice output, an intelligent power management system, and automatic keystone correction. USB and HDMI ports make it easy to display documents as well as your favourite music and movies right on the big screen.

This 3D projector supports both the File formats H265 and VP9, which ensures your video is highly detailed and vivid. It comes with a built-in high-performance stereo speaker system, making it an Enjoyable entertainment experience at home even without a surround system. Use the integrated 2W power audio adapter to hook it up with your favourite devices and enjoy music or movies in a totally new way!

The home cinema projector is perfect to enjoy the cinematic experience in a home environment. It’s easy to connect Bluetooth and wifi to streaming games, music, movies and tv shows through Amazon Firestick TV boxes. It ensures both great performance and reliability during many years of use.

This 3D projector supports both the File formats H265 and VP9, which ensures your video is highly detailed and vivid. It comes with a built-in high-performance stereo speaker system, making it an Enjoyable entertainment experience at home even without a surround system.

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5. BenQ GV1 Smart, Stylish & Portable: Superb Quality LED Projector for Home Cinema & Gaming

Portable LED Projector

BenQ GV1 smart projector is designed to bring high brightness and superb colour quality, ideal for presentation, home cinema and gaming. It’s the most powerful mobile projector yet, capable of delivering brilliant multimedia content wirelessly from almost any device. Featuring auto keystone correction technology for display on any surface, the GV1 is a go-anywhere projector that will transform how you connect with and enjoy your personal media library.

With built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and a host of other connectivity features, connecting to the GV1 is quick and easy. Image quality is crisp and colourful, thanks to the DLP projector engine. And it’s packed with connectivity options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For old pros and newbies alike, you’ll love the way it delivers exceptional performance without taking up much space!

No matter where you use it, photo or video content is projected with optimal brightness and colour via DLP projection and uniform intensity due to its LED light source. The GV1 supports 12-bit signal processing for deep colour and is outfitted with a motorized lens cover, in addition to featuring auto keystone correction, 8-watt in-built speaker and Bluetooth connectivity.

When the battery is running low, you can connect to any power supply via USB to continue the entertainment. What’s more? It comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker for music or video playback as well as a wireless presenter to share what you see on screen.

Enjoy streaming your favourite TV shows and media through its built-in Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast & DLNA; as well as the capability to make and receive phone calls with the built-in VoIP feature. This unique projector comes ready for action with loads of practical features, such as the high-powered battery that allows you to enjoy 2.5 hours of projection on a single charge.

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6. Epson EB-X05 XGA V11H839040 : Brilliant Quality LCD Projector

Epson Projector

Epson EB-X05 XGA V11H839040 3LCD Projector is a combination of value and performance. This projector delivers bright, brilliant images in sizes up to 330″ diagonal from a 30′ foot distance. Offering widescreen formats, you’ll gain the flexibility of viewing full screen 16:9 aspect ratio. And its 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution ensures crisp, sharp images. Autofocus and 3D capability are great for viewing action-packed movies and games.

For more flexible installation situations, a YRGB mode is available for matching colours by adjusting the colour balance. This projector is a wall-mountable projector with up to 2500 ANSI lumens and WiFi. It comes standard with VGA, RCA and HDMI terminals to give you the freedom to work where and how you choose.

This projector is bright enough for home and business projectors as well as classrooms, houses of worship and boardrooms. Natural Light System simulates the brightness of sunlight through slides to make presentations impactful even in daylight conditions, while the 20,000 hours of lamp durability for long-lasting use.

Projectors dimensions (W x H x D) in inches (with lens): 12 x 9.2 x 8.2 ; Projector weight (without accessories): 5.6 lb; 167mmL x 124mmW x 108mmH.This top-selling product features an amazing performance such as 3LCD, 4200 Lumens brightness and wireless connectivity. The XGA resolution (1024 x 768) of this advanced device is more than enough to provide excellent performance.

It has a brightness rating of 3,000 ANSI lumens, with a native resolution of XGA (1,024 x 768) for crisp, clear images and video. Whether you’re watching a new release on Sky HD or playing Call of Duty the EB-X05 offers bright, natural pictures that will have everyone in the room feeling like they’re part of the action!

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7. UNIC 1200lm LED Corded Portable Projector: Great for Home Use

LED Corded Portable Projector

The UNIC 1200 LED Projector is a smart choice for your projector repairs, replacement and upgrades. It produces a bright 1200 lumens of brightness. This projector’s high resolution features a 1024 x 768 display with 16.7 million colours. The quality is further enhanced with the HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface), VGA and AV port connectivity options available on this projector.

It also has an inbuilt 10W speaker For a convenient projection experience, customers can also carry it easily around as it comes with a handle that provides grip. Highlighting Features: It is portable and supported with a 6000mAh high power battery, which can be recharged without the wire. This Projector is simple to carry and ideal for home theatre, with the capability of project big screen display on the wall or the ceiling.

It is great for sports events, network presentations in a work setting or casual movie night with family and friends. This Projector a very unique and creative gift to one of your family member, friend or beloved ones, no one will hate this gift. And Projector like other models of CDSUN have 10,000 hours lasting LED illumination system, 1200 anitech lumen with high brightness and a contrast ratio of 2200: 1.

A compact design makes it perfect for conference rooms, schools and other public places where maximum projection size is needed in a small space. It also adds a touch of style to any office or living room. Everyone wants to watch the clear sharp video in their home, but setting up a projector can be complicated and expensive.

Sometimes you don’t even have the space. It’s Projector you can simply just plug in and away you go. No cables, no fuss. This Projector is the best for your home due to its sound system.

8. Everycom X8 Native 720P  LED Projector: For Outstanding Visual Experience

Everycom LED Projector

The Everyone X8 LED Projector is an ideal home entertainment solution. You can watch movies, play video games, and now even recreate entire home theatres on the wall. The Everyone X8 Native 720P (Full HD 1080p Support) 3200 Lumens projector presents a sharp and colourful display. With 3200 lumens brightness, it is bright enough for home theatres and viewing in daylight.

The X8 has a wide array of features that allow it to provide crisp, clear and colourful images in most lighting environments. Through AUX, VGA and HDMI ports, If you are looking for the best Projector for your home, Then this projector is the right choice. This projector provides a very large display in a short period of time.

You can connect to your laptop, desktop, HTC, Android Phone, Apple iPhone to watch Youtube or videos and much more. You can watch television and play games on a 200 inches big screen with super clear clarity at 120 feet distance which makes it perfect for home-based entertainment.

It is far superior to your traditional TV and with its 800 x 480 native resolution it provides you a large 200-inch display for watching films, play games or enjoys high-quality entertainment. The USB port of this projector allows you to connect your flash drive and play videos directly instead of the stream from online sources that require additional hardware like Google Chromecast.

In a nutshell, this projector fills your screen with an enjoyable visual experience with the help of its 3200 lumens brightness that translates into a 200-inch display and 720p native resolution. Office charts, drawings, graphics, diagrams – anything on a whiteboard can be projected for viewing. This makes it convenient to hold conference sessions or project ideas for discussion, brainstorming sessions and many more.

9. Jimwey Mini Multimedia Projector: Premium Quality Home Theater Projector

Mini Multimedia Home Theater Projector

First of all, it is easy to carry and small size design, very portable to take it with you anywhere you want.Jimmy Portable Mini Projector has been modified and upgraded by the newest chipset and lamp technology. There are powerful three kinds of interfaces on the projector, HDMI, AV, USB, which makes it capable to project for almost any kind of devices. It will bring you a unique home theatre experience anywhere/any time.

The 3000 lm brightness can fill a 100-inch screen within only about 3 meters from the screen! It is easy to connect with Television Stick, Xbox, PS3, TV Box, DVD players, etc. High brightness and contrast ratio make the picture more vivid and clear. It could be used on many occasions such as football games, music playing, party etc.

This projector is 1080P HD Supported 3000 Lux Portable Video Projector is the ideal device to enjoy movies, games, videos, photos, and more on the big screen for work or leisure. With support high-quality HDMI, RF input, USB input, AV input(2x3AV). The built-in 2500mAh battery lets you take the projector anywhere.

This multimedia home theatre projector is easy to use and portable, making it ideal for travelling. It can be placed on the bedside table, desk or other places with 3 seconds cooling down after starting the projector.

This projector is an amazing product in the market and will be worth every penny that you spend on it. If you buy this projector, it will be a wonderful investment for your home multimedia setup. This mini projector offers the same experience as that of a digital movie theatre, but without having to leave your house or spend your hard-earned money on a ticket.

10. BenQ MS535P SVGA Projector: Most Suitable Business and Classroom Projector

Business and Classroom Projector

The BenQ MS 535P business and classroom projector is perfect for conference rooms, classrooms, entertainment rooms, and home theatres. The in-built speaker lets you enjoy movies, games and presentations without having to connect to extra speakers and the Keystone correction feature lets you position your image exactly how you want it.

The advanced SmartEco technology saves power through various tailored onboard features that will let you worry less about costs and more about presenting. This projector is designed for use in meeting rooms, boardrooms and classrooms. This projector has a 3600 ANSI lumens brightness, 3000 lumens of white brightness, and a 3200:1 contrast ratio which creates vivid and vibrant images.

The advanced optical system provides complete colour management. It is built for office and classroom environments, featuring a bright output of 3600 lumens and a vertical lens shift for easy installation. Its DLP chip utilizes a modular lamp system that provides up to 15,000 hours of maintenance-free use. With a resolution of 1024 x 768, it projects clear, bright images of text or vivid pictures.

This projector Brief Specification: Brightness 3600 UHD resolution SVGA Native Aspect Ratio 16: 9 3200 lumens brightness rating Brightness uniformity ratio 15000:1 Contrast ratio 2 x HDMI ports, MHL technology 2.5″ TFT LCD display Power consumption 320W engine Dell notebooks performance 40% increase in performance through innovation Compatible with select Dell notebooks:

This projector is suitable for classrooms, business meetings and training as well as presentations, home cinema and gaming applications. It’s streamlined design, integrated speaker and easy-to-use function will automatically put you at ease during presentations and meetings. The long-lasting lamp ensures long-term productivity.

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