Best Monitors under 20000 Rupees: All You Need to Know

By Arindam Roy

Buying a new monitor is harder than you think. There are all sorts of features that the salesperson tells you NEED when they stand to make an extra few thousand rupees by selling the ‘Gold’ version.

Finding the right monitor is a pain.

There are hundreds of monitors in the local market, each claiming to be the best, but finding the best monitor is very difficult indeed. First of all which type of monitor should people buy in this price range? Which brand offers the best quality product for the price?

You want a great gaming monitor. Something with a good spec and affordable – you’re buying it on a budget after all. Maybe this is your first big purchase? That’s okay, we get it! Finding that sweet spot for your budget isn’t easy though is it?

But catching up with the right monitor has never been this easy. Our expert team brings you comprehensive buying guides every month based on our years of experience and continuous research.

We have done all the work for you by trying out dozens of monitors ourselves. We keep prices down by recommending the best monitor for under 20000 INR in India.

This guide will help you decide between IPS vs VA technology, refresh rates, resolution, screen size among others so that you can make an informed choice about your purchase decision.

1. Lenovo G27c-10: Best Curved Gaming Monitor under 20000 Rs

Best monitor under 20000

Are you tired of your ordinary monitor? Then the Lenovo Gaming Monitor is what you need. This monitor is a 27″ gaming monitor with an impressive response time of 1ms, giving you a smooth picture. It also has amazing features such as AMD FreeSync and Low Blue Light Certification. The best feature of this monitor though is its 165Hz refresh rate which allows you to play games on the highest settings possible.

The Lenovo G27c-10 gaming monitor blends great looks with excellent performance. This curved 27″ monitor supports vibrant visuals, whilst the AMD freesync synchronizes your games display to the GPU. The Lenovo G27c-10 also offers impressive audio quality with Maxx Audio Pro. Plus it has optimised eye care features such as an anti-glare panel and TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification.

Welcome to the sweet spot where great meets affordable, with the fun-sized, stylish, and sophisticated G27c monitor. Delivering precise picture quality on a 27″ curved VA panel that’s factory-calibrated to perfection at all times, this Full High Definition (FHD) display is equipped with AMD FreeSync, a fast response time of 1ms (MPRT), and a smooth 165Hz refresh rate. It also comes with an eye-friendly blue light filter that reduces the strain on your eyes during gaming sessions.

The Lenovo G27c-10 Curved Gaming Monitor is designed with a curved edge panel to provide enhanced immersion and sharper image quality. It comes with 1 HDMI, 1 Mini Display Port 1 Audio Out.

It is designed to make your gaming experience more comfortable, immersive and fun with its unique 1900R curved shape. With WQHD resolution and a fast 165Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy a flawless view of rapid movement with high fidelity and without motion blur. Additional in-game advantages include 100% sRGB colour space, AMD FreeSync technology and built-in eye-care technology with TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification.

2. ASUS TUF Gaming VG259Q: Excellent Gaming Monitor below 20000 Rs

Gaming LED Monitor

Asus VG 259q is no doubt one of the best monitors under 20000 price in India. It comes with a cheap price tag and offers tons of features. 144 HZ refresh rate means that you get buttery smooth graphics for gaming while the G sync makes sure that such a high refresh rate won’t cause any screen tear or laggy feel. There is also an Eyecare option to adjust brightness separately for each eye to reduce strain.

This gaming monitor is not just for gamers. It also possesses solid image quality, fast response time and speedy refresh rate that makes it an ideal monitor for critical work such as video editing as well as everyday computing. Anyone looking to get the most out of their graphics card will greatly benefit from what this gaming monitor has to offer in terms of technology and features.

Further, this monitor features a 1ms response time and free-sync technology for fast-paced games and exceptional image quality. The Asus VG24Q gaming monitor also has built-in eye care technology that is designed to minimize eye strain during long gaming sessions.

The ASUS VG259Q Gaming Monitor features an eye-care technology designed to minimize eye fatigue, in addition to the 1-millisecond (MPRT) response time to eliminate tearing and provide a smooth viewing experience. It has an ultrafast 100Hz refresh rate and built-in Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync technology, which synchronizes the display’s refresh rate with the graphics card’s frame rate output to deliver smooth visuals without tearing or stuttering. Low input lag lets you enjoy highly responsive gameplay during fast-paced action scenes.

These adaptive technologies will sync with your graphics card to provide the smoothest gameplay experience, making split-second decisions easier to make. This gives you the upper edge in the first-person shooter, racing or real-time strategy games but also doing your multi-task on the other monitor connected with DisplayPort or HDMI.

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3. HP 27-inch Ultra-Slim Full HD: Outstanding Computer Monitor with Accurate Color Representation

HP Full HD Gaming Monitor

The HP 27″ Ultra-Slim Full HD Monitor (27fw) comes with an IPS panel that offers accurate colour representation. The powerful speakers that come with an audio line input jack and 3.5mm audio connection offer deep yet crisp audio quality. The monitor also has an inbuilt AMD FreeSync that doesn’t make the screen jerk or lose colour consistency while in motion.

The monitor features a full-HD 1920×1080 display that can playback non-native video at up to 75% less motion blur when compared to standard panels. It has HDMI and VGA inputs as well as built-in speakers. The HP27fw is a good bet for gamers looking for an affordable display with added gaming features.

An ideal monitor for your PC, movies, and games at home or in the office, the HP 27-inch display is stunningly clear with Full HD IPS technology. It comes with built-in speakers for an immersive audio experience. The HP 27-inch Ultra-Slim Display – AMD FreeSync puts you in control. This display features a resolution that is smoother than 1080p Full HD and delivers more detail and heightens contrast.

This HP 27″ Ultra-Slim Full HD Computer Monitor is the ideal choice for a versatile solution that allows you to view documents, play games or watch movies. You’ll love the big picture quality and the impressive screen space offered by the HP 24″ LED monitor. Perfect for small spaces, this corner mountable HP display features a slim profile that will look great on your desk.

It has a slim profile that provides you with the ultimate viewing experience with your computer. With a Full high definition and a high contrast ratio of 5M:1 as well as attractive audio integration, this product is a must-buy for every business users or those who enjoy a good gaming session on the computer.

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4. BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510 24.5 inch Full HD: High Rated Gaming Monitor below 20000 Rs.

EFull HD Monitor

The MOBIUZ EX2510 is a Full HD 24″ 144Hz gaming monitor that offers 1ms MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time), HDRi (High Dynamic Range Imaging) and AMD FreeSync 2 technology. This feature is what allows you to play games at stable frame-rates with smoothness and precision.

The BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510 is an HDR, 1ms monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate that makes it the ideal choice for gamers looking to win every battle in style. With four critical features – High Dynamic Range (HDR), Low Blue Light Mode, Flicker-Free Technology, and Brightness Intelligence Plus – this superb monitor delivers top-of-the-line gaming experiences.

The display is built with an IPS panel that covers 99% of the sRGB colour gamut to deliver consistent, accurate colour expression throughout different light spectrums. It also includes AMD FreeSync technology to reduce screen tearing on variable frame-rate gaming monitors, which delivers a smooth, tear-free gaming experience without any stutter or lag.

It features a frameless design that eliminates visual distractions like borders or bezels. This gaming monitor also provides a height-adjustable stand, tilt/swivel/pivot, VESA mounting options for a wall-mount setup, and a low blue light mode for viewing comfort.

With a 24.5″ screen with super-narrow bezels and a colour gamut of 99% sRGB, the EX2510 is an affordable Full HD monitor designed to complement your gaming rig. Play like the pros with 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms MPRT that make action sequences, fast-paced games, and high-speed racing look incredibly smooth.

It has a high-refresh-rate of 144Hz, 1ms Motion Blur Reduction (MPRT), and AMD FreeSync Premium. It’s HDR and TrueSound technology provides gorgeous visuals with refined colours, contrast, and details. Packed with great specs and features, the display also boasts an eye-care technology designed to reduce eye strain, headaches, and fatigue when viewing.

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5. AOPEN Acer 24-inch (60.96 cm): Curve Gaming Monitor for Super Smooth Gaming Experience

Gaming Monitor

Aopen Curve Gaming Monitor is designed for gamers with a super-smooth gaming experience. As AOPEN curve series monitor with 1800R curved panel display which can enhance the immersion level while you are playing the game. So it will be easier for you to feel the faster response and let you enjoy the gaming world more real.

Moreover, it is equipped with AMD Free Sync technology and a 144Hz high refresh rate, combined with rich connectivity options, it could easier to upgrade your productivity and play videos anywhere anytime. For satisfying your visual needs, Aopen Curve Gaming Monitor will bring you an unforgettable experience.

With its 23-inch full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution 1800R curved VA panel display, 1ms response time, good contrast ratio and low power consumption, this LCD monitor provides outstanding viewing quality for detail Web browsing or document editing.

Equipped with VESA compatible mounting options, it can be used in either a horizontal or vertical position on the wall or on an articulating arm. The curves create a dramatic and immersive viewing experience while also helping to facilitate easier reading of critical in-game information.

The curved Aopen gaming monitor Curve offers amazing picture quality with crystal clear visibility. The monitor has a gaming-friendly design that includes a stylish red gaming stand, which helps to keep your desk looking neat and sleek while saving space.

To ensure you enjoy every single minute of playing, the monitor comes with excellent screen clarity and stunning colour accuracy, alongside super-fast response time to pinpoint every movement. The in-built AMD Freesync technology works smoothly with the gaming graphics card, allowing you to have a seamless visual experience and eliminate screen tearing for uninterrupted gameplay.

Unparalleled performance with AOpen’s superior VA panel technology. The Curve gaming monitor produces crisp, seamless curves that take your gaming to the next level. The Curve’s PLS panel monitors deliver brilliant colour reproduction across a wide viewing angle, ensuring that the brilliant visuals you expect in your favourite games pop from start to finish.

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6. LG 29 inch Ultrawide Full HD IPS: Superb Gaming & Multitasking Monitor

LG Gaming Multitasking Monitor

When it comes to buying a monitor, you generally get what you pay for. Our top pick is perfect for everyday use as its high-resolution display will make your photos, videos and games pop – with stunning colour sharpness and clarity. Key Features 29 inches, DisplayPort X 2, HDMI X 1, VGA X 1, USB-C X 1 – 10 watts inbuilt speakers. Its massive size makes it perfect for multitasking as well as movies and gaming. A comfortable viewing angle prevents any eye strain upon extended use.

The 29-inch Ultrawide Full HD IPS Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSync Display Port, HDMI and VGA. Designed to be used for PC and PS4 gaming. It features variable refresh rate technology which eliminates screen tearing and stuttering. The Free sync technology will match the refresh rate of your built-in graphics card to that of the monitor, eliminating screen tearing and stuttering.

Choosing a good monitor is a tough choice with so many products available. We have researched the market and found the 23” widescreen ViewSonic XG2401 that is affordable yet with all the necessary features for gamers. With 1ms Motion Blur Reduction, you will never miss any detail in fast-moving action scenes.

Games are much more realistic and enjoyable when you can see everything clearly without motion blur and judder. AMD FreeSync technology synchronizes the refresh rate of your monitor to your Radeon Graphics card to eliminate screen tearing, and minimize lag.

This 34WK95U-W has a gaming mode that’s optimized for quick response time to keep you on top of your game. As well as a rapid refresh rate for smooth picture quality and anti-scratch protection layer that keeps your screen safe from harm. This resolution maximizes gameplay by keeping split-second moves sharp and prevents ghosting from making you lose sight of the battlefield.

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7. Acer Nitro VG270P IPS 27 inch: Magnificent Gaming Monitor under 20000

Full HD LED Backlit Computer Monitor

The Zero Frame design brings the image closer to you, allowing you to see more of what matters most on the screen. The monitor features Flickerless technology and a fast 1ms response time that eliminate screen flickering, to minimize eye fatigue during long periods of viewing. With its slim form factor, stylish design, and extensive connectivity options, this monitor will complement your gaming setup for years to come.

Acer Nitro VG270P is a gaming monitor with an In-Plane Switching (IPS) display, gaming-grade AMD FreeSync technology, and WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440) that provides such sharpness of images and the amount of clear and accurate details.

It has a refresh rate of 144 Hz which allows smooth and fast movement of all the things displayed in a picture. At the same time, it has a response time of 1 ms which reduces the image imperfections you can notice. It has a Zero Frame design where all the edges are nearly invisible.

The X-shaped stand promotes better airflow to keep the monitor cool while gaming. With a ZeroFrame design, this gives you more screen real estate without any bezels blocking your view. This feature also helps in setting up impressive multi-display setups as it eliminates background distractions.

With 4ms response time, AMD FreeSync technology and super-fast 144Hz refresh rate, it guarantees an immersive smooth gaming experience you will never forget. Delivering Full HD resolution and accurate colour with 99% sRGB gamut coverage, right out of the box, you are guaranteed an accurate image. Adding to this ease of use, Auto Game Mode will detect changes in scenes to dynamically optimize display settings, making it easy for all gamers.

It is equipped with the AMD Free-Sync technology to eliminate tearing, stuttering and screen-tearing as well as features such as Comfy View and Flicker-less technologies to reduce eye strain.

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8. ViewSonic XG2405 (24 Inch) Full HD LED: Fantastic 1080p Monitor with Premium Eye Care

ViewSonic LED Monitor

The ViewSonic XG2405 (24 Inch) Full HD LED 1080p, 1ms IPS Panel Frameless Gaming Monitor, Refresh Rate 144Hz, Premium Eye Care Technology, HDMI & Display Port, Flicker-Free and Blue Light Filter is one of the bestselling monitors online in India that can be used as a monitor as well as a gaming monitor. It has a response time of 1ms.

The ViewSonic XG2405-24 is a 24-inch Full HD monitor with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It also has an impressive peak brightness and contrast ratio. It is equipped with a 1ms response time. In addition to using IPS panels, this monitor offers a super-high 144Hz monitor refresh rate and AMD FreeSync technology.

Its 24-inch size will provide you with sufficient room to play your game while utilizing the 144Hz refresh rate. These primary features will let you play with ease, as well as enjoy your game without it appearing jumpy and being hard to track in accordance to your perspective.

Its IPS panel brings great display performance and wide-viewing angles. 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time provide smooth edges of images without screen tearing or ghosting. The blue light filter, flicker-free technology and ergonomic stand help remove eye strains while you game.”

The eye care technology provides a flicker-free screen with a blue light filter and is designed to reduce eye fatigue. This monitor’s refresh rate of 144Hz increases your FPS rate and has a response time of 1ms which can easily be connected with GPU, PlayStation, Xbox and several other devices.

The monitor comes with a WQHD display with full HD that comes with a 1ms response time and 144Hz that gives you smooth movements on the screen. Its Flicker-Free technology and Blue Light Filter ensure your eyes don’t hurt while playing games. It has AMD FreeSync Technology that keeps your gameplay smooth at all times.

The XG2405 features an IPS panel that offers wide viewing angles and excellent colour accuracy. This monitor also has a strong gaming performance that includes a native 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, FreeSync technology, and Black Stabilization for visual clarity in dark scenes.

9. Asus 24-inch (60.96 cm) LED Backlit: Superb Computer Gaming Monitor

LED Monitor

The Asus VG236H LED Backlit Monitor is more than meets the eye. This 23″ monitor features a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and a fast 1ms response time for ultra-smooth movement during fast gaming. It also has a smart contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1 and 350cd/m² of brightness that lets you view vivid, clear visuals against bright backgrounds.

Additional features include Asus EyeCare Technology that promotes visual comfort with flicker-free backlighting and blue light filter, plus a built-in 2W stereo speaker for an immersive home entertainment experience.

It has a fast gaming mode with a 1ms (GTG) response time, while the ultra-smooth 144Hz rapid refresh rate and FreeSync technology ensure a seamless viewing experience. It features an ergonomic design that allows tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment so users can change the settings to match their usage. MG24U is built with Eye Care technology and Flicker-free to reduce eye fatigue effectively.

With its 144Hz rapid refresh rate and 1ms response time, you get ultra-smooth action no matter how intense the action gets. And with an incredible 80,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 350cd/m² brightness, you’ll enjoy rich, vivid visuals that make every game more realistic.

No matter what you’re doing or where you’re doing it, the Asus 24-inch Monitor helps you get it all done faster and easier. With a stunning Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, fast 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and Time-to-Market (TTM) technology that dynamically optimizes the contrast ratio for an awe-inspiring visual experience. Plus, with integrated 2W stereo speakers, VG248QE takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

The ASUS VN series features the latest technologies and design touches to make it a must-have companion for your everyday computing needs. From high-performance graphics processing and superfast data transfer speeds to built-in 2W stereo speakers for an immersive home entertainment experience, the ASUS VN Series has been crafted with the user in mind.

With a full set of connectivity options including D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort, the VN249 series is suitable for both work and play.

10. ViewSonic VX2457-mhd (24 Inch) Full HD LED 1080p, 1ms: Good Gaming Monitor with Game Mode Presets

ViewSonic LED Monitor

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, our ViewSonic VA2457-mhd monitor has the features and ergonomics to keep you winning. The 24″ Full HD display with 75Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time is ideal for gamers and allows clear motion without blurring or ghosting.

Gamers can also customize their experience with Game Mode presets and Display Pilot software with on-screen crosshair and timer functions. The exclusive Eye Care Technology reduces the amount of blue light output from digital screens by up to 30% to protect your eyes during long gaming sessions.

Plus, the ViewSonic VX2457-MHD gaming monitor has built-in eye protection with flicker-free technology to help reduce eye strain caused by harmful blue light emissions from your display.

Accurate 1ms response time to eliminate lag & motion blur. AMD FreeSync technology for low input lag & seamless experience. Flicker-free technology & Blue light filter for comfortable viewing. Game mode hotkey and user-customized settings.

The Viewsonic VX2457-MHD is a 24 inch full HD monitor designed to provide high definition gaming performance. The monitor features a powerful AMD Freesync technology, a fast response time, and an integrated blue light filter for smooth visuals. It also has Game mode Hotkey and pre-calibrated, user-customized settings that are optimized for any kind of game or media.

AMD FreeSync technology in conjunction with this monitor’s powerful built-in features helps to deliver an incredibly immersive gaming experience. This superior performance is coupled with a greater level of comfort and visual enjoyment, thanks to the Game Mode hotkey and user-customized settings. The monitor also provides the eco-friendly option of power-saving by selecting either normal, game or smart ECO modes.

This monitor also supports AMD FreeSync technology, which matches the refresh rate of your dynamic refresh rate to your video card for smooth gameplay. The Black Stabilization feature highlights important details in dark scenes or games, making them easier to see so you can react quickly and win more often.

This LED-backlit monitor has DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA inputs for flexible connectivity options and an integrated speaker system that delivers rich audio.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I fix my computer monitor?

One of the first things you will want to do when fixing your computer monitor is to find an adapter that connects your cable from your computer to your new monitor. Many stores and online shops have these available in-store. You might even find them for free when buying a new TV or VCR.

If you’re looking online, you can search for VGA to HDMI (or DVI) adapters first and then search for newer adapters that will work with your operating system.

How far away should my monitor be from me?

This depends on the type of monitor you have, such as a TV or PC monitor. If it’s a TV, you should have it at least six feet in front of where you sit or watch television. If it’s a PC monitor, it should be two feet away from where you sit.

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