Best Mattress For Back Pain in India – Complete Buying Guide & Expert’s Advice

By Arindam Roy

Have you ever woken up with back pain? The more we live, the more we have to face it. It’s inevitable, and if you’re reading this, we’re sure it’s a familiar story.

The pain from your back can be controlled if you know how to sleep right and understand what the best mattress for back pain should be when sleeping.

But with the huge amount of products and features available, it’s hard to understand which one is good for you. Some people use a futon or a thin spring mattress to provide relief for their back, but they are both better suited for your guests.

Looking at all the products in the market, I have formed a buying guide for a mattress that will help you get rid of your back pain. It’s very important to understand what makes a mattress perfect for your body to avoid back pain. Some are designed with comfort layers like latex or memory foam that cradle and mould around your body.

Sleep on the right mattress that combats back pain effectively. We have listed down the best mattresses for back pain in India, giving you a clear idea of what to look for and why they work. If you follow the link above, you will find detailed information about the top 10 mattresses for back pain

1. FITMAT Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Cover: Best for Back Pain Relief

 best mattress for back pain

Fitmat memory foam mattress topper is the perfect addition to your existing bedding. The mattress topper consists of a removable high-quality cotton cover with elastic. Also, it is machine washable which means it will be very easy to clean. Made from open-cell memory foam that helps the mattress to remain cool and ventilated. It establishes a custom feel and its soft design adds a great deal of comfort to your bedding.

FitMat Memory Foam Mattress Topper is ready to save you from backache. Our memory foam mattress topper is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s soft and comfortable, made from polyurethane and visco-elastic memory foam for consistent support and the perfect weight distribution. Use it with your existing mattress to enjoy a better sleep every night, or with a new one to dream even bigger!

This mattress topper from FitMat is made of high-quality memory foam that will provide you with full comfort and support. Made with 2-inch memory foam for proper height and 1.5-inch polyurethane foam base to keep the mattress topper breathable and ventilated, while also providing strong yet soft support. With its features of high-density memory foam with open cell technology, it will highly absorb pressure on your body for a comfortable sleeping experience. You can use this mattress topper on any type of mattresses like spring, latex, memory foam, or futon bedding.

It reduces pressure points that helps alleviate that nagging ache in your neck or back. Our topper is available online at very affordable price. This mattress topper is a great solution for a bad back. It helps relieve aches, prolongs sleep and relieves those annoying pressure points.

2. SleepX Ortho mattress – Memory foam: Top Rated Mattress in India for Back Pain

SleepX Ortho mattress

SleepX Ortho mattress is engineered to adjust according to your spine so that it is comfortably supported. So, hustle through the day and sleep well through the night. It has a 25mm thick visco rebonded foam core for pressure point relief and flexi rebonded foam for better back support and comfort. The purple colour adds vibrant appeal to this Memory Foam Mattress which can change the look of any bedroom instantly.

Sleep well through the night, wake up refreshed! SleepX by Sleepwell is built to adjust according to your spine so that it supports you better. It has a comfort core of 25 mm Visco rebonded foam for pressure-point relief and 80 mm flexi rebonded foam for better back support and comfort.

Use it with our recommended Memory Gel mattress cover for even better sleep quality! When you purchase your mattress from us, you are going to be guaranteed 30 nights of hassle-free and tension-free sleep.

Enjoy a night of deep and restful sleep on a contoured surface, designed to adjust according to your body’s natural shape. Rest assured that you’ll wake up refreshed each morning, thanks to this bed’s medium to firm feel.

Filled with foam quilts, this orthopedic mattress by Sleepwell boasts an open cell structure that creates ample airflow, ensuring a refreshingly cool sleeping experience. The memory foam top quilt provides an added layer of comfort, thanks to its high-density support.

This orthopaedic mattress has 75mm thick triple-layered memory foam which expands uniformly across all sizes. It is made without harsh chemicals, odours or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can be irritating to the respiratory system. The mattress is made in an eco-friendly manner and is fully recyclable upon its end of life. Rest easy every night on this Ortho Support mattress and wake up rejuvenated in the morning.

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3. Dreamzee Ortho-Back Memory Foam Mattress: Premium Quality Mattress for Back Pain

Memory Foam Mattress

The Dreamzee Ortho – Back collection is designed to provide the maximum comfort to your body with the advanced base support system. Our special blend of memory foam actively responds to your movements, allowing you to move freely around the bed without experiencing the quicksand effect. Memory foam responds to your body’s individual shape, weight and temperature.

It adjusts its shape to provide precise support, keeping your spine in alignment while relieving discomfort at pressure points in areas like your hips and shoulders. A solid support base made of Re-bonded foam absorbs impact and prevents noise transfer.

Our special blend of memory foam responds to your body’s individual shape, weight, and temperature. It adjusts its shape to provide precise support, keeping your spine in alignment while relieving discomfort at pressure points.

A solid support base made of Re-bonded foam absorbs your weight to dampen motion transfer and prevents noise. The mattress is finished in a Premium Quilted Knitted fabric that stretches in all directions, allowing you to enjoy maximum pressure relief.

Memory foam responds actively to your movements, allowing you to move freely around the bed without experiencing any quicksand effect and minimising motion transfer. This mattress is made with a multi-layered design for intermediate comfort level.

Eight comfort layers made of Re-bonded foam which absorbs your weight to transform it into pressure relief throughout your sleep. A Premium Quilted Knitted fabric that stretches in all directions allows you to enjoy maximum pressure relief and also adds an elegant touch.

It adjusts its shape to provide precise support, keeping your spine in alignment while relieving your pressure points. With its ability to absorb synovial fluid, memory foam is also hygroscopic & it functions as an air conditioning system. This helps keep the temperature stable & reduces body heat.

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4. Duroflex Back Magic – Orthopaedic Certified 5 Inch King Size Coir Mattress: Best for Back Pain

King Size Coir Mattress

Duroflex Back Magic is one of India’s best mattress for back pain. The 5-Zoned Orthopedic Support Layer and high-density coir layer work together to ensure that all the pressure points on the body are well supported while you sleep. The manufacturers of Duroflex Back Magic have made this mattress with comfortability and support in mind. It comes with an exclusive 5 Zoned Orthopedic Support Layer that is tested and recommended by doctors at the National Health Academy, making it India’s best orthopaedic mattress.

offers advanced coil technology that puts the power of sleeping right into your hands. Duroflex technology gives you a mattress comprised of quality materials and premium technology that’s designed to help you sleep better every night. From its relaxing comfort layers to its one-of-a-kind support layers, this mattress is just what your bedrooms have been missing.

Our Memory Foam Mattress is made from top quality memory foam, wrapped in a soft velour cover for added comfort. It features an additional layer of support foam for better pressure relief and a firmer feel.

It has 5-zone orthopaedic support layer and HD high density coir that helps in giving the best kind of support to your back. The exclusive technology used in its manufacture helps it in keeping firm for an extended period of time.

The four-way flexible pocket spring system provides the same separate support to your shoulders, waist, hips and thighs. Each pocket spring is individually wrapped encased for extra strength, durability and hygiene. The springs are independently sewn into a pocket between two layers of fabric.

The mattress of this Camping Cot is filled with soft. polyester and cotton, the frame is made from sturdy, supportive steel tubing. Comes with a mesh carry bag for easy storage and transport.

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5. AVI Super Soft 500 GSM Mattress: Best Sleeping Mattress for Back Pain in India

 AVI Super Soft Mattress

Turn your mattress into a healthier one with the Avi Super Soft 500 GSM Mattress Padding/Topper for Comfortable Sleep. It is a great way to protect your mattress from dust and microbes and give you the maximum possible comfort from your own bed. It can be used as a mattress topper or as a mattress overlay that ensures you get an even distribution of weight across the surface of the mattress, thereby preventing sagging and keeping you healthy by preventing pressure points.

This mattress topper comes with 500 GSM cotton finishing, i.e., a mattress pad that is soft and best for your body to relax in painless comfort. The Avi Super Soft Mattress Padding/Topper for comfortable sleep is made of 100% cotton and is highly resistant to dust mites.

Avi Super Soft Mattress Padding/Topper for Comfortable Sleep is just the right mattress padding for back pain relief and comfortable sleep. Made of soft, durable and knitted cotton, this super-soft mattress padding provides quality, healthy sleep due to its 500 GSM thickness and 3-inch deep filling. It protects from allergies with a non-pilling cotton fibre cover. Avi Super Soft 3 Inch mattress topper will change your bedroom into an oasis.

The top of the casing is made up of soft fabric that delivers a luxurious look, so you will love sleeping on this mattress. It comes with a high-quality coil spring that provides great support to give proper sitting posture. You can always count on this mattress to give you good sleep and durability too.

With a firm structure (of your desired weight) and enough padding to support the pressure of your body, this Avi Super Soft 500 GSM Mattress with a thickness of 14 cm will provide the height needed to keep your spine aligned while keeping you comfortable as you sleep.

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6. SleepyCat Plus Mattress | 8-inch Mattress: Excellent Orthopedic Mattress for Back Pain

SleepyCat Plus Mattress

SleepyCat Plus Mattress | 8-inch Mattress Made with 2-inch Premium Gel Memory Foam The SleepyCat Plus is a new 8″ mattress with a two-inch thick layer of premium gel memory foam that cradles your body on top of a 6 “high-density support foam base. The results are nothing short of extraordinary. The SleepyCat Plus is all about lowering the pressure points on your spine and aligning your body so it can properly relax.

Sleepy Cat Plus mattress is a perfect option for those who are looking for medium-firm feel orthopaedic mattress that is made using premium gel memory foam (top layer) and thick 6-inch high-density support foam (base layer) that ensures ultimate comfort, minimum sagging and long-lasting use.

Along with this mattress comes smart zipper cover that lets you adjust the bedsheet as per your comfort needs. This mattress has something interesting to add- it includes different layers within the main part of the mattress.

SleepyCat Plus Orthopedic mattress is extremely comfortable as it can relieve any back pain problems. SleepyCat plus Mattress is one of the best deals you could get in terms of being a high-end orthopaedic memory foam mattress for a really affordable price. This mattress comes with Smart zipper cover that can be completely unzipped into two parts for easy washing and is made with non-toxic materials.

It uses a combination of gel memory foam and support foam to give an additional layer of contouring support besides memory foam for proper spinal alignment. Sleepycat mattress is designed to be used in all kinds of conditions ranging from a child’s room to a doctor’s clinic. Made using breathable knitted fabric, this mattress is built for superior airflow and temperature regulation.

7. Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress: High Quality Ortho Mattress

Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Our Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layer Foam Mattress is made using 3 layers of the finest mattress foams. The upper comfort layer consists of high-quality foam which ensures that even the heaviest of night sleepers can find comfort. The middle layer is a pressure-relieving memory foam meant to support your body in all the right places. The final layer is made up of a high-density HR foam, providing the mattress with its orthopaedic support quality.

Sleepyhead is a memory foam mattress for back pain featuring triple layer technology of comfort foam, pressure-relieving memory foam and ortho-certified high-density memory foam, making it the best mattress for back pain in India. It helps to stop the user from tossing and turning & also gives relief to stiff and sore muscles.

The 3 core layers are designed to react together to give you that perfect luxurious and comfortable sleep you have been dreaming of. And the soft layer on top is made from highly breathable fabric, giving you an exceptionally quiet sleep with a wonderful experience and making sure there is no strain on your joints.

This mattress is the perfect choice if you desire a comfortable night’s sleep without a compromise in spinal support. It is topped with a special super soft 3D knit fabric that gives you that wonderful “sense of touch” so you can slumber peacefully throughout the night.

It utilizes hypoallergenic and antibacterial stretch fabric, this is attached to breathable high-quality memory foam and a firmer polyurethane base foam. This ensures the bed does not overheat when used, making this mattress more suitable for people who suffer from heat-related back pain. Its higher density memory foam supports peoples’ body shape while providing an orthopaedic level of support and comfort.

8. Amore Spine Memory Foam 6 inch: Rebonded Foam Orthopedic Mattress for Back Pain

Amore Spine Memory Foam Mattress

Convoluted HR latex Foam over rebonded foam with memory foam quilting that contours the body and provides a better sleep experience. Say goodbye to back pain and get quality sleep with Amore Spine Memory Foam mattress.

Made with Convoluted HR latex Foam over rebonded foam with memory foam quilting that contours the body and provides a better sleep experience, Amore mattress uses quality resilient foam for optimum comfort, Ortho Foam that can help with orthopaedic spine support and pressure relief.

Amore mattresses are the best for your health and comfort. Buy the best memory foam mattress that is specially designed for spine alignment. Know about the top-selling mattress model from Amore: Amore Spine Memory Foam 6 Inch King High Resilience. The unique core of supportive high density rebonded foam, Convoluted HR latex foam over rebonded foam with memory foam quilting, Soft on and firm on the bottom.

Amore Spine Memory Foam offers a combination of comfort and therapy, helping relieve aches and pains. Made with Soft on / firm on the bottom, this mattress helps to align the spine so you can enjoy better sleep and get relief from back pain. Along with deluxe quilting, it features Convoluted HR latex Foam over rebonded foam with memory foam quilting that gives it a supportive edge to provide maximum comfort.

With the Amore Spine Memory Foam mattress, you can experience the same comfort that your loved ones experience. Its unique core of supportive, high density rebonded foam further enhances comfort and properly aligns your spine. With Ortho Foam that further relieves pressures while providing adequate support for your body`s natural curves, as well as a 360° memory foam quilting to enhance pressure relief, you will get to sleep right away!

Now, the overall feel of the mattress is a softer feel because it has memory foam on top of rebonded foam which has convoluted HR latex underneath it. The top part of the mattress delivers more pressure relief, a softer feel, and just plush comfort all around.

9. Duroflex Livein – Anti Microbial Fabric 6 Inch: Perfect Double Size Memory Foam Mattress Releives Back Aches

Double Size Mattress

Unsure of what mattress works best for you? Here is a helpful guide that showcases the Duroflex LiveIn – Anti Microbial Fabric 6 Inch Double Size Memory Foam Mattress in detail. It even includes a walkthrough on how to set up this memory foam mattress, as well as a review to recommend it for back sleepers and side sleepers.

This Duroflex LiveIn mattress is the perfect choice for your back health needs. With 6” supported memory foam and 1” gel-infused ventilated foam, it offers a full-body support to alleviate pressure point stress and increase blood flow. The mattress comes with an easy do-it-yourself setting up that ensures optimum sleep is enjoyed right after purchase.

This 6-inch memory foam mattress offers the perfect balance of support and bounce, relieving pressure points for a better night’s sleep. The innovative design has been created to be easy to set up and dismantle without the need for specialized equipment giving you peace of mind with the reassurance that we have everything covered.

The LiveIn mattress features three anti-microbial treatments that keep you healthier at home by eliminating potentially harmful microbes. There are many health benefits to sleeping on a mattress with antimicrobial technology like LiveIn Mattress.”

It’s made with memory foam that naturally moulds to the shape of your body for added comfort and support and relieves pressure points. Thanks to its pressure-relieving properties, LiveIn also helps relieve common back and joint pains. The Ortho-Support designation indicates that it significantly reduces the toss and turn motions so you achieve a deeper, more relaxing sleep.

The LiveIn mattress relieves common backaches with its revolutionary pressure-relieving memory foam. The top layer of supportive foam gives a spring-like bounce to minimize the body’s pressure points and allow the spine to keep its natural alignment. With edge support that prevents you from rolling off the bed, this affordable mattress is a great value for anyone who experiences chronic aches and pains.

10. Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress: Great Quality Mattress

Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

The Original Sleepyhead Orthopedic 3-Layer Mattress is a premium quality mattress that comes with patented 629 high-density foam. The mattress is available in three different comfort levels, each with 3 firmness options, ensuring the best fit for all body types. The cover is made from 100% cotton fabric and is machine washable to keep the mattress clean and fresh at all times.

The supportive, viscoelastic polymer foam layer reduces pressure points and improves airflow, while the ergonomically placed density HR foam cradles your body in comfort. It is so comfortable you’ll want to take it with you on holiday!

Sleepyhead is a patent-pending memory foam mattress with 3-in-1 orthopaedic qualities that you’ll fall in love with. Unlike traditional foam, it has been proven to increase body circulation and improve blood flow, provide joint pain relief and add lumbar support.

Wake up every morning feeling relaxed and revitalized, as you have with the right mattress to support your back. This bed comes with a pressure-relieving foam that adjusts itself to fit your body shape perfectly, regardless of whether your weight is evenly distributed or concentrated on a particular region.

Featuring three layers, this mattress provides orthopaedic support from the topmost layer of HR High-Density foam, while the middle layer relieves pressure points caused by natural body inequalities and distributes your weight evenly. The topmost comfort layer, meanwhile, cradles you in its firm yet comfy embrace, without allowing you to move too much.

Yet it gets dirty? No Problem! Just wash it in cold water using special detergents for handling your bedding. That’s right! Washing instructions are the same as your bedding.

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