Best Inverter Battery for Home in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

By Arindam Roy

Everyone knows batteries are the real heart of inverters. They have a profound impact on your life and financial values. Your days will be colourful and nights will brighten if you have uninterrupted and robust power supplies.

If you are working from home, and living in an area facing extreme power cuts and several hours load shedding? Do you want to perform smoothly? Do you need a durable battery that can provide you with power supply for longer hours? Then without any worries, we are here to guide you.

Focus on your needs and requirements while choosing for a battery. Inverters with incompatible batteries are useless. So consider some factors and authorized brands before buying a battery.

Here we have listed few best inverter batteries in India to help you.

A single lousy battery can cause a massive loss for you, so choose carefully!

EXIDE INDUSTRIES 150Ah Insta Brite: Best Inverter Ups Battery

Best inverter batteries

Do you want to brighten your homes fully when everything around changes into the dark? Then buy 150 AH insta Brite inverter Ups Battery.

It is an excellent battery having (L x W x H) 30.48 x 25.4 x22.86 cm ideal dimensions and 40 kg weight. In case of any severe power shortage, it will provide you with instant energy source due to its hybrid advance technology and extraordinary performance. The reason behind its superiority is its construction as thick plates are prepared by using special formulations and technology set up because of which it can bear or work properly even at extremely high temperatures.

Water loss reduced in this insta Brite battery because of a particular alloy system and most importantly, its dual plate separation (Pe+Gm) have minimized its premature failures. For indicating electrolyte levels, there is a floating guide. There is no surface leakage, or Acid and fumes come out during functional operations and easy handling batteries. Its maintenance is effortless and this best battery concerning its price.

Key Features:

Battery: Insta Brite 150 AH
ASIN: B015B5454A
Dimensions: 30.48 x 25.4 x22.86 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Manufacturer: Exide
Components: Water indicator
  • This battery provides you with good back up.
  • It can work for 9 hours if you use four fans and 2-3 LED bulbs continuously.
  • There is no affects on battery life if you charge it 100 percent every time.
  • It works properly with all its functionalities for 4-6 years maximum
  • Sometimes you face third-grade performance if you go beyond the decent load application

Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular: Top Rated Battery for Home

Best inverter batteries

Amaron inverter 150 Ah is one of the best Ups batteries that provide a continuous supply of energy even in severe shortfalls.

It is perfect suits to extreme hot Indian weather due to its high heat tolerance ability. In case of voltage fluctuations and long term power cuts, you can fully trust upon this 150 Ah tall tubular battery. The reason behind its heat resistant capacity and zero maintenance is its grids that made up of ultra modified hybrid alloy.

It weighs only 55 kg constructed with excellent material and having 35.6 x 30.5 x27.9 cm absolute dimensions. This inverter battery delivers with remarkable services and easy installation. While using this, you will feel much peace because it produces no sounds. For the first time when you buy this inverter 150 Ah it comes with fully charged batteries filled with distilled water, and they keep on working without any significant issue. You can set and charge it quickly without any worries.

Key Features:

Brand: Amaron
Product dimensions: 35.6 x 30.5 x27.9 cm
Product weight: 55 kg
Manufacturer: Amararaja
Model Number: CR150TT
Other Components: Battery and warranty card
Batteries: 1 12 Volt battery required
  • Its installation is very easy .
  • Needs zero maintenance.
  • Have the capacity to withstand high temperature.
  • Produce no sound and very smooth to use.
  • If no adequate ventilation provided it can produce smell sometimes
  • It can carry a load of 2 fans and one LED for only 4 hours

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LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular: Excellent Battery for Home Use

Best inverter batteries

Are you looking for the best luminous batteries in the market? Here is a perfect product for you; Luminous RC 1800.

Luminous RC 18000 is beautifully constructed and unique battery having painted alloy compositions that deliver excellent working performance.

You can charge it quickly, and its charging lasts for a long time. You can save your money due to its less power consumption ability. It is made up of high-pressure casting machines that help it to withstand in severe power cuts with consistent performance.

It has 53.3 kg weight and 52 x 23 x32 cm (L X W X H) ideal dimensions. Corrosion-free spine alloy and pure compositions in this Luminous RC ensure its long term battery life and high- quality working functions. Its quick charging and slow discharging all depend upon its balanced plates designing a structure that protects it from internal short circuit also. It s easy to install, but you need to deal with this carefully; otherwise, you will experience some problems such as battery leakage.

Key Features:

Brand: luminous RC
Product dimensions: 52 x 23 x32 cm
Product weight: 53.3 kg
Manufacturer: Luminous
Model Number: Luminous RC 18000
Other Components: Battery
  • It has good battery backup with one fan two lights for 20 hours.
  • Quick charge and slow discharge.
  • Its working is impressive, and no minor issues have shown even in 6 months.
  • You need to handle it carefully; otherwise, you will face battery leakage.
  • Do not work accurately in severe long time power cuts

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V-Guard VJ145 135AH Flat Tubular: Outstanding Inverter Battery

Best inverter batteries

Are you looking for some best inverter batteries in the market? Try V-Guard VJ145 135AH tubular inverter battery.

It comes with excellent quality batteries that work smoothly with other Ups. This battery is a powerful source of energy in areas facing higher electricity shortfall.

Its working duration varies from three hours to fifty hours depending upon load capacity. It has a strong battery backup.

It is beautifully constructed having sharp fixed blades and weighs 25 kg only. Battery’s length is 25 cm width 20 cm and height 19 cm. You need to add distilled water in the battery before installation for proper working and accurate performance.

Once you charge this, you can smoothly run two fans and one LED for many hours without any hurdles, and when it started to discharge, it goes on slowly. It can fulfil all your requirements and needs; in short, this is the best inverter battery for your home use.

Key Features:

Brand: V Guard
Product dimensions: 25 x 20 x19 cm
Product weight: 25 kg
Manufacturer: V-GUARD
Model Number: VJ145
Other Components: Battery
Batteries: 1 A battery required
  • Excellent product, working quality is great.
  • Installation and maintenance is easy.
  • The good Battery backup from three to fifty hours.
  • Work best in a country like India where everyone has to face huge power cuts.
  • Sometimes water gets leaked due to carelessness.
  • Cannot work properly in heavy load.

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LUMINOUS RC 25000 200AH TUBULAR: Magnificent BATTERY inverter

Best inverter batteries

If you are looking for a battery having very long backup time, then you should surely try this best Luminous RC 2500 200 AH battery.

It is totally suited for several areas, including India, where people face severe energy shortfalls for an extended period. It enlightens your homes when everything around changes into the dark. Its working is perfectly smooth and supports a single battery of 12 volts. You can carry it easily with its 60 kg weight.

If you charge it once wholly, it will supply you energy for more than nine hours. It has notable battery backup even if you use it for three fans, 2 LEDs and a TV also. Even it can power an AC for a few hours without any issue. Its maintenance and installation both are straightforward. This is a durable battery that can fulfil all your needs, and you can easily do your work from home. This is genuinely recommended for you if you are a workaholic.

Key Features:

Brand: Luminous
Model number: LuminousRC 25000
Product weight: 60 kg
Manufacturer: Luminous
Batteries: 1 12 volt battery is required
  • It provides Ideal backup of three to four hours with 100 percent power consumption
  • Excellent product with zero percent malfunctioning and add value to your money
  • Maintenance and installation are not tricky at all
  • Minute negligence can cause any leakage and affect its performance

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LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular: High Quality Battery for Home

Best inverter batteries

This is one of the best inverter batteries in India in 2020. This 18000 luminous RC tall tubular battery is an excellent product that truly matches with extreme weather conditions and power shortage problems of India.

It is equipped with unique alloy composition that saves lead portion from corrosion. It demands low power consumption for charging. This tall tubular battery gets quickly charged, slowly discharge and save your money. It is designed according to advanced patterns that help to withstand severe electricity shortage.

It has 53 kg weight and 52 x 23 x32 (L x W x H) cm perfect dimensions. High-pressure casting machines changes its performance more outstanding and consistent. Its constructing material is of high quality and pure; that reduces chances of internal short circuits. Its installation and maintenance take no time, quick and easy process.

Key Features:

Brand: Luminous RC
Product dimensions: 52 x 23 x32 cm
Product weight: 53.3 kg
Manufacturer: Luminous
Model Number: Luminous RC 18000
Other Components: Battery
  • Excellent product, working quality is great.
  • Installation and maintenance is easy.
  • The good Battery backup from three to fifty hours.
  • Work best in a country like India where everyone has to face huge power cuts.
  • The battery has excellent backup
  • Not even minor issues you will notice within one year
  • Its battery gets charged quickly, and discharging is slow.
  • If you face severe and long term power cuts, its performance will be got affected
  • You need to handle it very carefully

Buying guide for the best inverter battery

Batteries are the best energy sources in your dull dark life. You could save your money for home inverters if you made some right choices.

For buying smooth-running, powerful and long-lasting batteries, you need to follow some guidelines.

Power requirements for your home:
Before going for a battery, you must know about the power requirements of your home and what type of electrical appliances you want to run in energy crises.

There are multiple inverter batteries available in the market, and their structure and set up requirements are also different. Few demands closed areas for set up while for others proper ventilation is necessary.
So must consider available space in your house.

Voltage ampere ratings:   
You should find voltage ampere ratings; which is voltage and current that supplied by an inverter to all your appliances.
Its simple formula is;

Power supplied = power requirements / power factor
And power factor is the efficacy of inverter that is 60-80 per cent mostly for all inverters.

Always buy your inverter batteries from the Authorized Dealer:
While buying a battery, try to follow some best brands, and do not buy from a local place. All branded products have remarkable feature and ensure quality for long term use. On the other hands, buying from a local dealer may cause a problem due to non-certify manufacturing items which you can’t do anything about later. So if you are investing a handsome amount, you should consider it on a serious note.

Warranty period:
While buying a battery must check the warranty period of your inverter battery. It will help you in future in case of any mishap. Prefer the product having 2-3 years warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1- How to calculate solar panel battery and inverter?
Divide the total power produced by the solar panels to the voltage of the battery to calculate solar panel battery and inverter.

2- How to calculate battery capacity for the inverter?
You can easily calculate if you know the watts, calculate amps from watt.

3- How to fill water in inverter battery?
Check the water level by using water indicators and if needed pour some water

into little containers of battery by using a small glass or water funnel.

4- How to calculate inverter battery backup time?
You can calculate backup time by using the following formula.

Backup time= battery AH x N x 12V x efficiency of battery/ load in watts

5- How to check inverter battery health?
To check the health of your battery, switch off the mains, switch on all the usual loads and observe how long the inverter supplied them.

6- How to fill distilled water in inverter battery?
You can pour distilled water in containers of battery by using a funnel. Then check the water up to the red mark of floater and close the boxes.

7- How to connect the inverter to a battery?
Your inverter has DC input, connect a battery to these two terminals according to polarity and connect your AC output to the load.

8- How to fill distilled water in Exide inverter battery?
You can pour distilled water in containers of battery by using a funnel. Then check the water up to the red mark of floater and close the container.

9- What type of water is used in the inverter battery?
Distilled water

10- How long does an inverter battery last?
It depends upon the load and power of running machines on your battery

11- How to know if the battery has been charged fully?
Your battery will get fully charged when it reaches the terminal voltage provided by its manufacturers. For example, a battery will become fully charged when it attains voltage of near about 12.7 V.

12- Are all the types of batteries applicable to solar charging?
Not all regular batteries can be used for solar charging. Most applicable batteries for solar charging are lead Acid, lithium-ion, and saltwater.

13- What kind of Acid is used in an inverter battery?
Sulfuric Acid mostly used for inverter battery.

14- Is it possible to recharge the battery while using the inverter?
No, it is not possible to recharge a battery while using the inverter.

15- What is the best inverter battery brand in India?
There are so many brands. But few best brands are;

  • Luminous
  • Amaron
  • V-Guard

16- Can a solar panel be used on inverters instead of batteries?
Yes! The solar panel can be used on inverters instead of batteries

17- Will an inverter be able to recharge its battery all by itself?
No, it is not possible because while charging energy flows for higher concentration to lower concentration level.

18- Is it okay to keep the inverter plugged in all the time?
Yes! There is no problem in leaving your inverter plugged in all the time.

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