Best Gravity Based Water Purifiers in India – Buyer’s Guide

By Arindam Roy

If you are living in an area with a high amount of power outages, then choosing an electricity-based water purifier for yourself can affect the filtration process very often. Choosing a gravity-based water purifier for that purpose can help much, as it doesn’t require any electricity or running water source to serve you with fresh and pure safe water.

Now choosing a water purifier with all the necessary attributes is much better than consuming regular boiled water. So are you looking for a top-quality gravity-based water purifier that features high-end construction?

Then you’ll definitely get your answers by the end of this article. Here are the reviews of 7 top-rated purifiers that you can easily choose without any second thought to feed your need for the best gravity-based water purifier.

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Nexqua Dew Uf Non-Electric Gravity Water Filter And Purifier With...
  • Includes Nexqua Gravity housing (Upper container, Lower container, Bottom Stand, Carbon Candle and Tap etc.)
  • Holds 7 Litres of purified water. Designed for home use for 4 to 6 people.
  • Filter Life: Up to 3,000 Litres per filter element. Slow filtration process removes maximum impurities.
  • The water purifier contains durable and long-lasting ABS container which is very easy to maintain and serve you purest drinking water.
  • Economical, low running cost & does not require electricity. Safe & crystal clear drinking.

1. HUL Pureit Advanced 23 L: Best Gravity Based Water Purifier

Best Gravity Based Water Purifier

When it comes to the best gravity water purifier in the market, products by Pureit always top the list. The best performance assurance comes from its brilliant construction. Made up of the non-breakable high-quality food-grade ABS plastic the filter is not only food safe but also offers brilliant durability.

The construction includes a 9 L of the clean water tank so that you never run out of purified water, as it holds enough. Moreover, the break-resistant tap makes you always get top-notch hygiene without wasting a single drop. The HUL Pureit 23 litre of water purifier provides an excellent cleaning process with its top-class functionalities.

Using Programmed Germkill Technology, it can kill up to 10 million viruses in 1 litre of the water. This includes the 4-stage water purification strategy that contains the pre-programmed germ kill processor, microfiber mesh with advanced technology, carbon polisher, and the reverse osmosis system.

Featuring the Imported Microcharged Membrane, the protection level gets the maximum of enhancement, as it removes all the leftover impurities with perfection. Thereby the activated carbon tap is capable of removing pesticides from your water while removing the bad odours from the water.

Having the twist fit components, it is very easy to handle and come with the ease of installing without any need for professional help. The no requirement for electricity to run the purifier is specially designed for Indian homes, so that power cut can’t stop you from having the purified water all the time. Along with the advanced germ kill indicator, the unit easily lets you know about the lifetime of the cartridge so that you can easily replace it.

  • No electricity is required as it is made with the design that meets US EPA standards
  • No requirement for tap connection
  • The carbon polisher is capable of removing all the pesticides, parasites, and chlorine
  • Along with the imported micro-charged membrane double safety has been ensured
  • The auto shut-up mechanism works great in stopping the filter without compromising with you and your family’s health
  • Size is quite bulky.
  • The germ killer kit measurement block needs much improvement.

2. Konvio Neer Gravity Based Non-Electric Water Filter: Top Rated Purifier With Plastic Tap

Konvio Neer Gravity Water Filter Purifier

Finding the best gravity-based water purifier with UF technology is the ideal best way to ensure the good health of your family. This premium quality water purifier can give you the best quality purification without any requirement of electricity, which not only saves your power consumption but also lets you get the purified water even during the time of power cut.

The gravity effect lets the water pass to the lower container from the top container, after going through the top-notch purification system. Along with the activated carbon filter, the carbon granules are added for absorbing the impurities present in the water. Thereby the ultrafiltration process acts as the membrane of hollow fibres that traps the impurities to provide purity with every drop.

The gravity-based design gets paired with the ultra-spun technology which traps all the dust, odour, bacteria, virus, debris, rust, which are larger than the size of the pores of the porous membrane filter.

It features a sizable amount of storage capacity, as the water tank is capable of holding 7.2 litres of raw water and 6.8 litres of purified water, which adds up to 14 litres of large storage capacity, suitable for any medium-sized Indian family.

Along with the 20 litres per hour of purification rate, it gives a suitable amount of purification, for the municipal or corporation water, that comes with a low TDS level. With the filter replacement for once or twice in a year, it gives an excellent performance all the time.

  • Along with the UV and UF technology, it offers the best quality purification
  • The filter is capable of giving your water a chemical-free purification, for enhanced safety of the health
  • Gives a premium quality filtration along with the 4000 litres of life /1 year
  • The food-grade plastic material is completely safe to use
  • Comes at a very affordable range
  • Not so durable
  • The purified water storage capacity is quite low

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3. KENT Gold Star 22-litres: Outstanding Gravity-Based Water Purifier

Gravity Water Purifier

What makes a good gravity-based purifier? The excellent performance paired with ultrafiltration technology is the answer. And this Kent Gold Star purifier features all those important attributes that make it one of the best gravity water purifiers in India. Along with the total capacity of 22 litres it serves huge purified water storage that can hold up to 14 litres of purified water.

The non-electric and chemical-free purification combines power-saving and improved health all the time. Being certified by the CE and WQA Gold Seal Certification ensures top-quality performance with enhanced safety and protection from any kind of waterborne disease.

It also includes a Spin Welded UF membrane technology, which makes sure that the joints are high quality and permanent that eliminates the tampering for the improvement of the membrane life. The purifier has a hollow fibre Hydrophilic membrane which is made of 0.1 microns that gives enhanced protection from the cysts and bacteria to give the best filtration.

Along with the wall-mountable design, it is completely easy to install. Therefore, the activated carbon filter lets it disinfect the weather that keeps you away from any harmful waterborne diseases.

  • Made up of food-grade plastic, it is non-breakable and offers enhanced safety
  • Complete chemical-free purification s great for improved health
  • The gravity-based UF purification is best for the municipal and corporation water with low TDS level
  • No electricity is required for having fresh and pure water every time
  • A total of 22 litres of capacity is enough for household purposes
  • The plastic body might get damaged if exposed to direct sun
  • Can’t improve the taste of the water

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4. Tata Swach Non-Electric Cristella Plus 18-Litre: Excellent Gravity Based Water Purifier

Tata Swach Gravity Based Water Purifier

Quality is always the main focus of this brand. And the Tata Swach Non-Electric Christella is the proper amalgamation of quality and performance. Using the silver nanotechnology can perfectly destroy the virus and bacterias, as per the guidelines of the USEPA.

Using the GRavity based water purifying technology, it offers the supreme quality service along with the long life of the cartridge. There is no need to change the filter or the cartridge quite often as it can give a long life back up worth 300 litres.

There’s no need to worry about the quality of the purified water as it efficiently filters the water without the help of any kind of chemicals like chlorine, iodine, or bromine. Along with the auto shut-off technology that comes with the Tata-switch fuse which automatically stops the water flow when the lifespan of the Tata Swach bulb comes to an end.

Capable of removing 100 crores of bacteria and 1 crore of the virus per 1 litre of water, it can be undoubtedly considered as the best gravity water purifier in India. Along with the water level indicator, you can easily get notified about the water level so that you never run out of the water, and no way of wasting water due to overload.

Featuring the 2-way dispenser tap and micro-mesh filter, the filtration just gets another level of efficiency with this high-end product. The 2 ltr / hr of filtration capacity offers a moderate amount of filtration speed.

  • No need for running water and electricity gives you the ultimate savings per month
  • 2 stage of purification destroys all the impurities from the water
  • The food-safe non-toxic plastic body is scratch-resistant and quite sturdy
  • Very easy to clean
  • 9 ltr of raw tank capacity and 9 ltr of purified water storage is suitable for any Indian family
  • The filter life is quite short
  • The filtration rate is medium

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5. KENT Gold 20-Litres UF technology-based: Reliable & Best Gravity Water Purifier, Blue

KENT Gravity Water Purifier

Kent well assures reliability, that’s why they produce the best quality water purifier. Added with the ultrafiltration technology it ensures a high amount of water purification without the need for any running water or electricity.

With the 20 litres of total storage capacity, it offers the 7 litres of raw water tank capacity and the 13 litres of huge purified water tank capacity, so that you can get the purified water all the time. No use of any harmful chemicals like iodine, chlorine during the filtration process makes this product one of the champions in the market.

Being one of the certification holders by the NSF, CE, and WQA Gold Seal Certificate ensures the best safety and protection from any waterborne diseases caused by the presence of impurities in the water. Having the sturdy built construction with the food-grade plastic, it is non-breakable and non-toxic that ensures the long life of the purifier with enhanced safety.

Featuring the Spin welded UF Membrane, the joints of the filtration mechanism have been treated with durability and permanency so that the membrane life doesn’t get tampered in any way.

Along with the revolutionary reverse osmosis process, it effectively works to remove any kind of heavy metals, solid particles, pesticides, and harmful contaminants. The ultrafiltration technology is capable of purifying any water from the inlet source along with its 0,1 microns of pore size so that you never have to worry about any of the disease borne out of water.

  • The gravity purification method doesn’t require any running water
  • The hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane traps all the impurities to produce purified water
  • Works with the max water temperature of the 35-degree celsius which is comparatively better
  • With the max duty cycle of 120 litres/day, it works great with any low TDS water
  • Easy to install anywhere with the high base stand
  • Takes a lot of space
  • Pricey

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6. Tata Swach Non-Electric Smart 15-Litre: Good Quality Gravity Based Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier

If you are looking for a good quality water purifier with innovative features that also fit suitably to your budget, then this purifier by Tata Swach is the best one that you can bring home. Along with its translucent and sturdy body, it ensures the quality with durability and stylish look which is available in two shaded sapphire blue and fresh green.

Both internationally and universally acknowledged as one of the best and smart units or water purification; it serves the best performance as the best gravity water purifier. Featuring a long life cartridge, it can purify with 1500 litres of water in its lifetime along with the Tata Swach Bulb.

Therefore, the auto shut-off mechanism automatically stops the water flow after the end of the lifetime of the cartridge so that you never have to compromise with the water purification quality and the health of your family members.

With the huge storage capacity, it offers the raw water capacity with the 7.5 litres of the tank and the purified water capacity with the 15 litres of the tank.

Using the nanosilver technology it offers an effective performance in destroying almost all the 100 crores of bacterias and 1 crore of viruses, and that too without the help of any electricity, that saves up the bucks in your pocket while giving you the pure and safe water every time.

  • It purifies without the help of any chlorine, bromine, or iodine
  • The tata swach fuse offers the auto switch-off mechanism
  • No running water is required for the filtration
  • Capable of destroying the virus and bacterias as per the USEPA guidelines
  • Comes in an easy fit design with its small and portable body
  • Not so durable
  • The life span of the cartridge is quite short

7. KENT Gold+ 20-litres Gravity Based: Perfect Water Purifier (White and Blue)

KENT Gravity Based Water Purifier

This KENT gold plus 20 litres of best gravity-based water purifier has been designed with perfection so that you can easily get the top-quality purified water, and that’s within the range of INR 3000. Along with the CE, NSF, and WQA Gold Seal Certification, it meets all the required safety standards so that you never have to compromise with the health of you and your family.

Crafted from the superior quality food grade plastic construction, the product ensures high-end durability along with a non-breakable sturdy built body. Using the Spin Welded UF membrane housing, it offers excellent durability and absolute permanency along with the well-welded joints to prevent any kind of tampering and in other ways improves the life of the membrane.

Featuring a Hollow Fibre Hydrophilic UF membrane of 0.1 microns of pores that is capable of protecting the drinking water from the harmful cysts and the bacterias. Moreover, it is capable of eliminating other impurities like rust dust, chlorine, pesticides which improve your immunity to fight with such diseases.

Along with the tabletop design, this purifier comes in white and blue appearance which looks clean and transparent, so that you can easily check the water level. Also, you can easily place it anywhere on any flat surface without the help of electricity or the running water supply so that you can easily enjoy the best of totally pure water all the time.

  • With the tank-in- tank configuration there are no chances of overflow of the water
  • The 20 ltr of storage is suitable for any standard Indian family
  • Along with the nanosilver carbon, it ensures the disinfection of the drinking water
  • The tabletop design is easy to place anywhere
  • Works well with the low TDS municipal water
  • The filtration process is quite slow
  • Cleaning is not so easy

Buying guide for the Best Gravity Based Water Purifier

Here are the few points that you should definitely consider before buying the best gravity water purifier.

Storage tank type: 

While opting for the good quality gravity-based purifier, always choose a sturdily built storage tank made of ABS food-grade plastic material. Choosing a transparent one should be helpful as you will be able to see the water level quite easily.


Based on the number of members in your family consider the water tank capacity. For a family of two or three, the 14 ltr of purifiers can do a better job. For more requirements opt for the 22 ltr tank.

Purification system: 

Check for the purification system the filter uses. Some come with the carbon cartridge, and some use the UF technology with hollow fibre microns. Based on the source of water and TDS level in it, choose the purification suitable for you. Also, the purification system should include the high filtration rate and long life span.

Auto shut off design: 

Make sure your filter features the auto shut off the design. This technology in a filter stops the water flow itself along with the end of the lifespan of the filter to prevent it from compromising water quality.

Easy handling and cleaning: 

Your water purifier should require regular cleaning. Choose a design which is easy to install and easy to assemble, and comes with easy cleaning attributes so that you can easily handle it.


1. What Is a Gravity Based Water Purifier?

Gravity-based purifiers are those who use the purification system similar to the normal gravity process. The water passes from the top tank to the lower tank without the help of any kind of external strength like electricity or running water.

2. How Does Gravity Based Water Purifier Work?

Gravity water purifier works with the help of activated carbon or the ultrafiltration process. The carbon granules are usually added for absorbing the impurities from the water, and the UF system works through a hollow fibre membrane.

3. Is Gravity Based Water Purifier Good?

Yes, they are. The gravity-based water purifier gives a brilliant purification service using the carbon cartridge or the UF process, which is safer than boiled water. Also, it doesn’t add any chemical to the water, which is totally safe for consumption.

4. Can Water Purifier Purify Salt Water?

Depending on the amount of salt present in the water, the water purifier can work. If the water contains a small amount of salt, then it can easily be converted into freshwater using the RO process. But if you are planning to put seawater into it, then the answer is no.

5. Can Water Purifiers Run On Inverters?

Yes, some of the water purifiers can run on the inverter.  If the purifier features a UV lamp or a small pump, then it can finely run on the inverter.

6. What Is the Difference Between Purified Water and Bottled Mineral Water?

Purified water is much safer and free from any kind of bacteria, virus, heavy material, solid particles, and contaminants compared to a bottle of mineral water. The purified water goes through much more complex processes like reverse osmosis and deionization, which makes it safer than ever.

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