Best Electric Beater for Cakes in India (2021): In-depth Reviews

By Arindam Roy

Are you someone fond of cooking and baking? There might be a vast number of brands and its feature that might confuse anyone. An electric beater is one of the low-cost electronic devices in your kitchen compared to others. It is one of the important kitchen appliances for anyone who likes to bake. Typically, it is a lightweight and efficient device that can decrease your workload considerably. An electronic beater has always been a convenient option in India for mixing wet ingredients.

We have gathered here the top ten best electronic beaters for homes in India. We will be informing you about all the most important features and parameters that should be considered before purchasing the best hand mixers in India.

1. Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Beater (Black): Best Electric Beater in India

best electric beater for cakes

Bajaj HM 01 is powered by a 250 W motor and has three-speed control regulators, which is needed for different types of dishes. It also comes with a chrome-plated dough beater attachment. Further, it has a beautiful stylish black mat finish design. This Bajaj product also has an eject button and SS dough hooks that will make the experience very efficient.

Moreover, since this product is from a very popular and established brand in India, you can put your complete trust in it because they offer after-sales service for 2 years.

The 250-watt motor can efficiently take care of all the kitchen needs. This best hand blender from Bajaj has a sophisticated look because of the beautiful all-black colour finish. This is one of the best hand beaters that can be operated for a long period of time due to its lightweight design which is just 1.1kg.

SS dough hooks will enable to ease the toughest task like kneading, mixing, beating, whipping and other cooking tasks. The eject button will allow you to easily remove so they can be cleaned or replaced. The attachments cannot be removed unless they are ejected by pushing the eject button.

The body material of this Bajaj blender is made out of plastic and also has safety features such as anti-slip. This will prevent any accident that can be caused by a slip. The 2 years warranty is for both domestic and international. They come with on-site service where the customer has to contact the nearby authorized service centre. The service engineer will come to the site to inspect the appliance.

2. Inalsa Easy Mix: Top Rated Hand Mixer for Cake

Inalsa Hand Mixer

This Inalsa product comes with powerful processing and also saves energy efficiently. This high-quality electric blender is made out of premium quality stainless steel with very beautiful colours of white and red. It does the most efficient work with batter and dough with much ease and efficiency.

The attachment that comes with it can be removed easily so it can be convenient to clean and keep the stored in a place without any hassle. This product is the best electric beater that has a slim grip which is safe. It also provides comfortable gripping solutions mostly when working with a huge number of products. This mixer has 7 different speed control settings to regulate its speed for various other types of recipes.

This Inalsa product is the best electric beater that is developed to save cost, energy and your valuable time. This mixer can do various other functions with less to no effort. This design comes with a high-quality chrome-plated stainless steel beater and SS dough hook.

This Inalsa product is the best electric hand mixer that is engineered with a powerful 250-watt motor. With this amount of power, they have controlled with 7 variable speed controls and the max speed reached up to 1150 RPM. It is better to switch off this device after the speed selection for safety purposes. The variables speed can be regulated by moving the knob downwards or in upwards direction. For safety purposes, the attachments shouldn’t be ejected while they are running. The materials in this design are made out of plastic.

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3. NR Seller Electric Hand Mixer: Perfect Egg Beater and Food Blender

NR Seller Multifunctional Hand Mixer

This best electric beater is one of the finest beaters in India. It also has 7 different modes or variable speed and can be regulated to achieve different textures. This can be used to mix ingredients of different textures and consistencies. The product also has a few attachments that come with it which help in blending and whipping styles.

This electric beater also comes with a two-beater attachment. They can be used for butter, cake, pancake and beating eggs, etc. The other hook can be used for kneading doughs for biscuits and cookies.

The power wattage of this product is about 180 watts. Therefore, it is a powerful device and can be used at hard texture ingredients and is energy efficient. With the 7 different speed control, you can start slow and finish fast to get a good uniform texture.

This best beater is designed to be user-friendly which makes sure that the users don’t get their hands strained due to constant usage. It weighs only 300 grams which are lightweight and this too helps in not straining your arm while working for a long period of time. It also has a pipelined handle that ensures ease of use and comfort. The knob is also user friendly which can be operated easily to adjust the speed of the motors.

The product is also equipped with a safety fuse which in turn will protect the user if there is any short circuit or power leakage. Moreover, a heat dissipation hole is engineered in this device which ensures that there won’t be any overheating incidents. Damages beyond repairs can be caused by overheating and the heat dissipation hole equipped in it will give you peace while using it. They also come with a year-long warranty.

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4. Qualitative Beater for Whipping Cream Egg Beater: Powerful Electric Hand Beater

Double Whisk Cake Baking Tools Processor

This powerful hand electric beater is durable and compact for all your mixing needs. This efficient electric beater is designed with 7 variable speed and can be regulated for anything such as stirring, whipping, mixing and beating. This model comes equipped with two types of chrome-plated beaters for optimal beating and mixing.

The user guide suggests the first two speed is good for stirring dry foods. The third setting is best for mixing salads and also liquid ingredients. Speed 4 is best for mixing bread, cakes and cookies. Likewise, the 5 6 7 speed is preferred for good beating and whipping stuff at high speed.

The stainless-steel beater and SS dough hooks featured in this beater are really good for longevity due to its durability and stainless-steel. These tools provide you with the best and efficient solution for all your situations.

This best electric beater in its package also includes 1 x electric beater, 2 x faces stick, 2 x egg beater. Just because they have all this, they won’t take much of space because it is engineered with a compact design for easy storage. While using also they can be easily removed and one can store the hooks separately.

This highly compact design is handy and has a convenient shape. It also has a heat-dissipating hole which rapidly dissipates the heat produced while using and extending its life span vastly. An overheated electric beater can fail and some times cause harm in accidents.

Its speed control is like a gear system where it should be moved forward to adjust the speed. The pipeline handles design gives an ergonomic feeling to it with various other pros to its design. It also comes with a creative storage stand which will allow to store it elegantly and save space. The stainless-steel hooks are easy to clean just using some hot water and voila, everything’s is clean as new.

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5. CPEX Hand Mixer Easy Mix-300W with 7 Speed Control: Excellent Electric Beater & Whisker

CPEX Hand Mixer

This is one of the cheapest electric hand beaters available in the Indian market. This product comes with a very powerful high wattage motor of 300W. The hand mixer for cakes has 7 variable speed control for beating and whisking. The appliance is lightweight and can easily handle 700 grams. Due to this, it is easy to handle.

Having this CPEX model has its advantages because it comes with 5 stainless steel attachment which is durable and long-lasting so you can use them without any problems. They also include:

  • 1 x beater
  • 2 x Egg stick
  • 2 x face stick

The operation of this device is designed to be safe while using. The manufacturer has engineered this device with a heated air dissipating vent and over-voltage protection with this product. Additionally, the maintenance of this product is easy by just removing the attachment and cleaning it easily. It is highly durable and a good performing product.

This device can be used for making a wide range of food items which includes lassi, cookies, bread, muffin, smoothies etc. All this can be done at a significantly cheaper cost. It is versatile and comes with a good gripping handle. The speed control is a finger strip speed control gear.

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6. ADKD OPINA Electric Beater: Best for Mashing & Beating for Cakes

Cream Mixer Kitchen Baking Tool

This 180 watts electronic powered electronic beater is one of the most powerful electronic beaters in India. It offers you 7 different speed for mixing, beating and whisking different ingredients. There are several benefits to using this product. The first speed is best for stirring and crushing chunky components to small pieces.

When the speed is kept at 4 it is best for mashing potatoes and with each speed up you can whip meringues and best for beating eggs for cakes. Thereon, with each speed increase, you can beat various types of textures. Its starting features are easy. The beaters are designed with ultra-high-strength steel and are highly durable and long-lasting.

This super sleek design is stylish and made out of stainless-steel too which enables it to wash it with a dishwasher too. The ergonomic design of this product is easy to handle. Not only that, but it is also lightweight and makes beating easy and avoids fatigue while in operation.

While mixing and stirring you can look at the recipe with ease because of the special bowl rest. This also enables the user to keep the place clean because you will not need to place the mixer somewhere else. It is also made of ABS and comes with an instruction manual. The product includes 2 chrome beaters and 2 SS dough hooks to make it easy to use for any type of ingredients. The company has given its customers a two years warranty for this product.

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7. G Track Hand Mixer Easy Mix-200W with 5 Speed Control: Top Quality Beater & Whisker

G Track Hand Mixer

This best electric cake beater has 5-speed variable control with a 200 W motor. With this feature, it is one of the low-cost products in the Indian market. The product comes in white and a fluorescent green shade.

The G Track Hand Mixer has 2-part pieces of an egg beater, 2 SS pcs dough hooks and a spiral radiating fin. A 5-gear speed regulator is engineered in it with some key acceleration functions and an eject button which will allow it to remove it safely without damaging the device. This function also enables easy cleaning of the product and increases the efficiency of the usage. The most important thing to note is to always switch off the speed before removing the attachment for safety reasons.

Its body is made out of ABS and has pure copper in its design. This product is also engineered with high torques so tough ingredients can be easily mixed. This best electronic beater for mixing cakes also has a one-year warranty so the user can use it with peace of mind.

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8. SHAYONA Egg Beater 300W(white): Outstanding Hand Mixer with 7 Speed

SHAYONA Egg Beater High-Speed Hand Mixer

Shayona is one of the best electronic beaters for cakes. It has a 300W high-speed motor and is also one of the strongest and durable motors in an electronic beater. Due to the powerful motor in this appliance, it has 7 variable speed control to adjust them to your cooking needs. Different speed can be used for a different type of ingredients which have various other types of textures.

To avoid any accident, for instance, from slipping while mixing or baking a cake, the manufacturers have engineered it with an ergonomic handle. This provides for a better grip with high friction so you can work without any worries. They also have air vents engineered into this design to prevent any type of clogging while working with batter.

It consumes a voltage of 220 ~ 240V 50/60Hz so there is no need to worry about the power wastages. Furthermore, it has a 1 meter long 2 pin power cord which is flexible for the user while working with this best electronic beater for cakes in India.

The product also includes 2 stainless-steel hooks for the purpose of kneading dough and mixing other ingredients. There is also a beater that comes with this product for mixing, blending and whisking needs. The company also gives 2x dough hook, 1x hand mixer, 2x chrome beater, 1x spatula and oil brush.

9. KHOPALA Electric Beater: Magnificent Egg Beater Hand Mixer with Stainless Steel ATTACHMENTS

Hand Mixer with Stainless Steel

The high-rated power of this beast of an electric beater is about 180 v and the supply voltage for this appliance is 220 ~ 240v while the power frequency is about 50 to 60HZ. This superb electronic beater for cakes comes with professional twin beater blades for mixing different types of ingredients with different types of texture. These blades are also dishwasher safe. This metal attachment for beating eggs are heavy-duty and rust-resistant stainless steel so they could cut through any ingredients that are seamlessly dry or wet.

It has 7-speed controls to mix any type of ingredients. It can be used slowly for chunky ingredients and at a higher-speed for airing or making them into something smooth or for whipping.

The product is engineered and designed to look beautiful, which has curved handles and also quick cooling. This product also has wire storage and is unique when compared to many brands. This makes it easy to store it without any hassle. They provide you with a comfortable and safe user experience. The easy ergonomic handles are also built with a BPA free compact plastic body design. This product is lightweight and can be handled with ease and maximum comfort.

10. Finalize™ Scarlett Beater Blender: Perfect Electric Beater for Cake Baking

Electric Hand Mixer High Speeds Roasting

This is one of the best electronic beaters which is lightweight and is engineered for power with 7 speed that is ideal for beating, mixing, stirring and whipping. The 7 speed is suitable for various types of mixtures. The high-speed settings are good for whipping and beating egg whites while the slow speed is best for kneading and beating chunky ingredients.

The company give an extra product with its beaters such as a silicone spatula and pastry brush which is suitable while baking, roasting mixing foods and cooking. They also include:

  • 1 x hand mixer
  • 2 x chrome beater
  • 3 x dough hook

It is also engineered with quick heat dispelling for longer life span so you can use it for a prolonged period of time without worrying. The only issue with this product is it doesn’t have a warranty. However, this device is easy to control. It can be quickly removed for changing attachments and cleaning.

The base of an electronic hand beater

One of the necessary things to consider is the base of the product because while working for a longer period of time you might have to place it somewhere when in use. When you keep it on the counter and if it constantly keeps toppling, using the product can be a huge hassle. Therefore, it is very important to consider the base of the product. With more stability, you get a peaceful clean kitchen environment while making cake batter or any other recipes.

The weight of the electronic beater

Imagine carrying it for mixing and when time passes you can’t handle it because of fatigue due to its heavyweight. It might seem light when first buying it but when time passes the strain it can cause can make you give up on what you are working on. This one of the most important things to consider when buying an electronic beater so make sure you buy one which is light in weight. The lighter the better.

The electronic beaters power consumption and wattage

If you want something really powerful and less time consuming then choose one with a higher watt. An electronic beater for cakes of about 350 watts will be ideal for whipping, beating etc. The other thing is considering the power consumption and frequency because it should not waste too much electricity or must work properly with your home power settings.


There are so many brands selling this product at the various price range. You can always find better quality from a well-established brand but that might be costly. Therefore, it is important to make sure of the features you require so you can find one at a reasonable price.

The specification and quality should be considered before price.

Beater direction of the spinning

This might sound unheard of but it is important to choose one with a proper spinning direction you require. First, both attachments should spin in tandem with one another so they can incorporate air into your recipe properly if that is one of your needs.

Speed of the electronic beater

Some electronic beaters have speed options such as turbo speed. This option might not be necessary for everyone. It is advised to check the needs of your products speed when buying it because some time slower speed is something you might require for your recipes.

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