Best Budget Water Purifiers in India – Top Brands

By Arindam Roy

Are you looking for an affordable water purifier that gives you the top-notch purity with every drop? Then you are just at the right place.

While living in an industrialization-based country like India, finding heavy metals and high TDS level in water is quite often. Most of the cheap quality water filters fail to work with such high levels of TDS. What’s that results in? Frequent waterborne diseases and slow poisoning through heavy metals are the consequences of such unhealthy consumptions.

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So if you are looking for the best budget water purifier that not only comes the best fit to your budget without compromising with safety, then you need to have a look at these reviews of 8 best water purifiers. We have made a list of the top water purifiers after going through a thorough analysis, which will ease out your decision making. Let’s have a look.

1. HUL Pureit WPWL100 Classic 23-Litre: Best Budget Water Purifier

Best Budget Water Purifier

If you are looking for the best budget water purifier, that not only suits your budget range but also designed to give you the safest and purest water ever, then you are just at the right place. As the name suggests, Pureit is known for being one of the top brands in the market that sells you one of the best purifiers.

This Pure-it WPWL 100 is made with the excellent quality food grade plastic which in the very first place assures you purity with the non-toxic material. This purifier with 23 L capacity capable of giving you 1500 L of purified water with the Germkill Cartridge, and after that, it shuts itself off to ensure your family’s safe health.

Being certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency, this easter purifier uses the Gravity based water purification technology, which adds up to its efficiency. With the capabilities of saving you from waterborne diseases like jaundice, cholera, it features the four-stage cleaning process. Throughout the process, it makes sure to extract all the dirt, dust, and dissolved impurities from your water while killing all the bacteria, viruses, and at the same time eliminating chlorine and bad odours.

The no-electricity design allows you to have pure water with any need for running -electricity so that you can enjoy the goodness of top-notch hygienic water without connecting it to power.

  • The filter life indicator lets you know about the lifetime status of the germ kill cartridge.
  • With the 9L of cleaning capacity, it produces the cleanest water even at less than INR 3000.
  • This non-electric unit, with large storage capacity, keeps you benefited with no power consumption.
  • The auto-shutoff technology is the best way to let you know that you need to change your cartridge.
  • No need to think about installation, as it’s easy to put at any slabs of your kitchen.
  • A bit bulky in size.
  • You need to change the cartridge quite often.

2. RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO abs shower and tap filter for hard water: Top Rated Water Purifier in Budget

RIVERSOFT abs shower and tap filter for hard water

If you are worried about the roughness of the hard water supply from your tap, then this one can be the ideal one for you to give you the top quality water purification, at the best budget. This RiverSoft filter uses proprietary technology to make your hard shower water more clean and soft so that your skin and hair stay always protected from the water impurities.

Featuring the SF- 15 PRO shower filter makes sure that the water goes through the 5 stages of purification, which includes components like, high purity KDF, vitamin C, active carbon, calcium Sulfite, to neutralize the chlorine of the municipal water. By removing the organic matter, it eliminates the hard salts and promotes the antibacterial effect.

Along with the mineral stone and the alkaline balls, it helps in inducing minerals in the water, while curing the pH balance to keep your skin smooth and reducing hair fall. The high capacity cartridge assures the proper water pressure, with 40000 litres of water.

This NSF approved water purifier with KDF technology, along with the calcium sulfite, removes all the chlorine from the hot water. Vitamin C helps in retaining the natural colour of your hair. Also, vitamin C is rich with antioxidant properties that neutralize the free-radical present in water. Moreover, the KDF, along with the active carbon, keeps your skin stay away from the damage.

Along with the ½ inch of inlet and outlet, the installation is quite easy. The product comes in compact packaging that includes 1 filter housing, Teflon tape, cartridge, 2 silicon seal, and a user manual, with which the assembling is quite easy. Being available at a low price, it serves as one of the cheapest water purifiers, which is highly recommended for your harsh tap water.

  • Works great with the water below the 1000 TDS.
  • The multi-stage filtration helps in eliminating the odour caused by chlorine.
  • Along with the KDF and active carbon, it reduces the bacterial growth of your shower water.
  • The 15 stage cartridge gives efficient performance.
  • Makes the water safe for your baby.
  • The cartridge needs to be changed quite often if the water contains a higher level of impurity.
  • No indicators are available to make you aware of the cartridge life.

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3. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amrit 20-Litre: Great Quality Water Purifier (Blue)

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaguard Water Purifier

Are you in search of the best cheap water purifier and that’s too with the best brand value? Then opt for this one from Eureka Forbes, without any second thoughts. This Non-electric water purifier comes with a transparent blue appearance, which both looks good and saves your electricity bill.

Along with the sleek and stylish design, it offers more to make the product much more user convenient. Along with the Positive Charge technology, it works great along with the assortment of positively charged nanofibers, with intricate mesh, that makes the water pass through it, to remove all the bacterial, cyst, virus, etc.

Featuring the natural shut-off technology, it makes sure the stopping of water flow, when the life of the water cartridge comes to an end. This design is added for ensuring the healthy and safe life of your family. Made with the 20 litres of storage, it can hold enough capacity of water, which reduces your job of refilling it quite often.

The 3 stages of purification designed with the Kitanu Magnet creates a protective shield in the water to prevent all the waterborne disease-causing components. Featuring the food-grade plastic material for the construction, it is made using the gravity-based water purification technology, that allows it to work with efficiency with the municipal / corporation water, up to 350 TDS.

The purifier includes two cartridges of 750 litres of purifying capacity, each, which adds up to a total of 1500 litres, to make sure that you never run out of purified water.

  • There is no need for boiling, or running water, or any electricity connection, which saves your power and gas.
  • Maintenance is completely easy, with the simple cleaning process.
  • No need for installation hectic, as it comes in a ready to use design.
  • The natural shut off stops the flow, to enhance your safety.
  • The food-grade non-toxic plastic is best for use.
  • Can cause leakage, if you try to overload it.
  • Cartridge life lasts for 4 months only.

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4. Water Quality Enterprise Aqua DIGI 12 litter RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller: Durable & Safe Purifier

Water Purifier in Budget

Ensure good health for everyone in your family, along with the best budget water purifier in India that offers top-quality performance. Made up of the best quality, food-grade plastic, this Aqua DIGI 12 ltr filter features the aqua reverse osmosis purification system.

Designed to give you the automated operation, it promotes a multi-stage purification, that includes several processes to make your water go through it, which gives you a totally clean and healthy output. The safety of the water has been secured by 100% of RO and Uv purification. After combining with the UV purification system, this RO water purifier ensures the best quality of water with every drop.

RO purification is added to make the water free from any kind of heavy metals, pesticides, and impurities to stay away; thereby the UV purification treats the water with UV rays to destroy all the bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. The mineral-Z technology corrects the pH balance of the water by adding essential natural minerals while the revitalizer works with many conveniences, in enhancing the water molecules to increase the hydration, and the mineral absorption.

Featuring the TDS adjuster, it works with the TDS level in the water, to control the balancing for keeping the water, staying safe all the time.

  • The wide water level indicator keeps you updated about the water level.
  • The 10 stages of purification assure 100% or RO and Alkaline purification.
  • By adding natural minerals, it increases the health value of the water to offer top-notch hygiene.
  • Installation is quite easy with a unique design.
  • Offers a durable and safe purifier material.
  • Low storage capacity.
  • The price is comparatively high.

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5. NEXQUA Dew Non-Electric Ultra Filtration (UF): Best Water Filter and Purifier With 14 Litre

NEXQUA Ultra Filtration Gravity Water Purifier

Why compromise with the quality of your drinking water, when you can get the cheapest water purifier that fits into your affordability capacity? The Nexqua Dew UF water purifier, in spite of being available at a low price never compromises with its performance and purification quality.

Using the Gravity purification technology and Ultra Spun Purification, it features a filtration through a porous membrane of filter, to remove all the odour, colour, dust and bacteria, present in the water.

Capable of purifying up to 20 litres per hour it features 14 litres of the water tank and 7.2 litres of the raw water tank which serves enough storage. The filter has a 2 stage purification system and runs with 4000 litres of lifetime capacity, that lasts for 1 year.

Made up of the best-quality ABS food-grade plastic construction, it serves safety combined with the durability for a long time. Along with the 0.1 microns of the Hollow Fibre HydrophilicUF membrane, it is capable of killing all the bacteria and cysts present in your water. The non-electric gravity-based design is capable of killing all the impurities, without any chemical.

Along with this transparent blue purifier, the package also contains a UF membrane filter, connector, syringe, spun filter, plastic tap, and a user manual, which makes the assembling of the product fast and easy.

  • The 6.8 litres of the purified water tank, gives you enough storage for the clean and purified water for your whole family.
  • The Nano-technology of this UF filter kills all the bacterias effectively.
  • With the 20 litres of purifying capacity per hour, it goes compatible with the low TDS level of the Municipal Water.
  • No extra fee for installation is required as you can easily assemble it on your own.
  • Comes in a light-weight and durable design.
  • Requires a bit large place to get fit in.
  • Purified water storage capacity is quite low.

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6. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Xtra Tuff: Outstanding 15-Liter Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaguard Water Purifier

Another reliable product from Eureka Forbes that serves as a top-quality performance is a very affordable range. This portable Xtra tuff is made with excellence to serve you as the best quality purifying unit that doesn’t require any electricity, running water, or plumbing. You can easily place it anywhere on top of a table or slab to get safe and purified water.

Crafted with the non-breakable material, this purifier features a toughened body that is very durable and runs for a longer period of time without getting damaged. The purifier comes with the 15 litres of storage capacity which can hold enough water, for household purposes.

With an intelligent design, it automatically switches the water flow off once the bottom tank gets full. This helps in avoiding the water wastage by preventing the overflow of the water. With the non-electric functionalities, it doesn’t require any electricity to serve you safe and pure water, which helps in getting the purified and healthy and healthy water anywhere.

The product comes with the water purifier, user manual, and installation kit, which is completely easy to assemble. Moreover, it comes with 6 months of brand warranty which makes it one of the best low price water purifiers in India.

  • Made with Float Technology, it avoids any kind of overflow and leakage.
  • Works well with up to 300 TDS level, which is convenient for purifying the municipal water.
  • The food-grade tough plastic is safe for use.
  • No installation fee needed.
  • Enhanced storage of 15 ltr is great for heavy usage.
  • Not able to remove heavy metals from your water.
  • Overloading might cause leakage.

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7. KENT Gold Optima 10-Litres Gravity Based: Excellent Non-electric Water Purifier (Aqua Blue/White)

KENT Gravity Based Non-electric Water Purifier

Being one of the best sellers, in the market of the best budget water purifier, Kent presents this top-quality purifier, to keep your family safe with purified water, at an affordable range. This aqua blue coloured purifier uses the hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane to keep your water safe from any kind of impurities.

Featuring the nano-silver carbon is good for offering the improved disinfection of the water. Thereby the 0.1 microns of hollow fibre Hydrophilic UF membrane prevents the way of any microorganisms like bacteria and cyst to keep our water always fresh and protected.

With an elegant tabletop design, it can hold up to the 10 litres of water at a time. The litre of the raw water tank and the 5 litres of the purified water tank, it gives you enough purified water suitable for a family.

Along with the electricity-free design, it can purify the water without any requirement of power consumption. Moreover, the chemical-free purification process purifies the water without the help of any chemicals like, iodine, bromine, chlorine that can be harmful to you. The Kent Gold Optima is made to give you the top-quality performance from the inlet waters that contain a low TDS level.

Being certified with the WQA, USA gold seal, it uses the Gravity based purifying technology to give you the best performance all the time. Along with the SS mesh, Granular actuated carbon, and the sediment cartridge the filter makes sure there are no impurities left in your drinking water.

The product comes with the top tank and bottom tank, along with the middle partition, top lid, cover, hollow fibre UF membrane, spare sediment filter, carbon assembly with inlet funnel, fork, 50 ml backwash syringe. And 1 pair tap which can be assembled quite easily.

  • The UF filter cartridge gives 4000 litres of filtration, in its lifetime.
  • Purifying with no-chemicals adds good taste to the water.
  • The unbreakable ABS food-grade level plastic is both durable and non-toxic.
  • With the 0.31ltr/m of filtration capacity, it gives an improved filtration performance.
  • The product is easy to assemble and install.
  • Not suitable for large families.
  • The carriage needs to be changed quite often.

8. OZAT PURE Water Purifier Electrical with UV: Best Budget Friendly Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier in India

Always cherish the goodness of purified water along with the OZAT PURE water purifier that works in a great way to keep you healthy and free from any waterborne disease all the time. Constructed with the capability to kill all the bacterias and viruses present in the water it meets the water test repost and ISO standards 9001: 2015, which makes it one of the best budget water purifiers.

Using UV technology to destroy all the bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms with efficiency, it has the water purification capacity of 20/25 litre/hour. As it goes suitable with all kinds of muddy, blackish, salted, and harsh municipal water, it can easily be considered as one of the best water filters in India.

With the capacity of running up to 500 TDS, but it isn’t able to remove the TDS from the water, as it is only designed to purify the water.

  • It is capable of retaining the essential minerals in the water which is required for our body.
  • Goes compatible with any kind of harsh water.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Purifies the water with all efficiency.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Cannot remove TDS from the water.
  • A bit pricey.

Buying guide for a budget water purifier

Before looking for the cheapest water purifier for your home, you need to consider a few factors while buying. Here’s what you should look for in the best budget purifier in India:

Source and type of water:

Based on the source of the water, the impurities present in it differs. Most common types of sources are the Municipal or corporation water, river/pond water and groundwater. Based on the sources the water contains impurities like rust, sand, mud, bacteria, virus, chlorine, heavy metals, harsh contaminants, salts, dissolved solids etc. Though some of the impurities are visible most of them come in an invisible form which affects your health silently. Besides that, the TDS level in the water also helps in choosing your water filter. Based on the high level of TDS, you need to choose a more powerful filter for you.

Purifying technology:

Most of the common purifying technologies are RO, UV, UF and TDS. Based on the source and type of water, you need to choose the right technology for you. You can choose the technologies individually, or you can choose the combination of all these technologies for better performance.

Purification capacity: 

The purification capacity refers to the capabilities to purify a particular amount of water per hour. Most of the standard purifiers offer 12-14 ltr/ hr of purifying. However, a top-quality purifier can provide 20-25 ltr/ hr of purification.

Storage capacity: 

Based on the number of people in your family, you need to add more numbers to the storage. Most of the Indian families go suitable with the storage tank of 7 ltr. However, you can choose on the basis of your own needs.


Choosing a filter with indicators for water level status can be the smartest choice for you. As an indicator will let you know when to refill it, or when you need to change the cartridge.

Tank material: 

While choosing the best budget water purifier for your home, make sure you are choosing the filter that features ABS food- grade plastic material which is non-toxic and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UF water purifier?

UF in water purification refers to the Ultrafiltration system which is capable of removing all the large particles, suspended solids and molecules from the water along with the killing of virus and bacteria. But a UF filter cannot eradicate the dissolved solids present in the water.

Is an RO water purifier good for health?

Yes, it is. An RO water purifier features the reverse osmosis system to purify the water from dissolved solids, heavy metals, pesticides and other water contaminants. Besides that, it also eliminates unwanted odour and colour from the water.

Is it safe to drink RO water?

Of course, it is safe. The drinking water gets treated with the Reverse osmosis system, which works through a semi-permeable membrane to make it much safer and adds up essential advantages to it.

How to clean a water purifier?

start with releasing the water from the filtration system. Then de-assemble the filter to take out the pre-filter and RO membrane. Then use warm water and two spoons full of chemical cleaners to sanitize the system. Then wash it using running water and reassemble it.

Is water purifier good for health?

Water purifiers are meant to make your health better than before by purifying the drinking water that you consume daily. It eliminates all the impurities from the water and adds minerals to it for making your drinking water much healthier and safe.

Does water purifier work?

Yes, it does. The water purifiers feature technologies like RO, UV, UF, TDS controlling, which work effectively to clean the water and make you stay safe from waterborne diseases.

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