Best Baby Strollers India – Mom’s Favourite

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Have you just welcomed your baby at home? Well, then baby strollers will be a necessity to give your child a protected and safe ride every time you go out. Being a newbie mom, you have to go through a lot to give your young infants the best care.

However, a female body goes through many changes post-pregnancy and carrying your baby all the time is enough to make you tired easily. And that’s exactly why you require a baby stroller/ pram.

So, after consulting several newbie mommies and analyzing their motherhood experiences, we have brought to you the reviews of 16 best prams for babies in India. So, without wasting further words, let’s jump into the review section.

1. R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby

best prams for babies in India

Ensuring the safety of your child is the prime importance of this brand. If you are looking for the best stroller in India 2020, then R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Baby Stroller undoubtedly tops the list.  

The rainbow-coloured appearance is the prettiest feature to make your baby feel happy. The sturdy design is brilliant to use for newborn babies to 3 years old toddlers. Apart from the catchy look, the most important feature which is worth considering is its wheels. The 6.5-inch front wheels are specially designed with the suspension for delivering a smooth ride over the bumpy Indian terrain.

Made with a safe and easy reversible handle enables control over the stroller with ease so that you can see your smiling baby anytime while strolling. The pram is easy to fold. All you need is to push the bar, located below, and it’s done! You can recline your baby’s seat in 3 positions with R for a Rabbit Lollipop stroller to give your little one the best comfort. The 5-point safety harness is efficient in holding your baby in the safest position, which enhances the safety score.

The huge storage basket below is best for carrying everything essential for your baby. The adjustable two positions leg rest is there to give the best comfort to those tiny tender feet in between the rides.

  • A sturdy metal frame ensures your child's safety.
  • Proper cushioning allows your baby to relax throughout the ride. 
  • Steady wheel locks have reliable breaks to have total control over it. 
  • The easy fold mechanism makes it easy to assemble and store. 
  • Has enough capacity to carry 0-20 KGS. 
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  • No mosquito nets to protect your kid from insects. 

2. LuvLap Sunshine Stroller/Pram

best prams for babies in India

Here comes our second best one. Considered as one of the top brands, LuvLap offers the collection of best prams for babies in India. Trusted and approved by moms, the LuvLap Sunshine Stroller offers you the best value for money and enhanced safety features for your little one. 

The 5-point safety harness is excellent in protecting your child’s shoulder and waist for safety. With the reversible handlebar, you can either make your baby face you or the world, to make them happy and secure.

The three-position seat is reclinable up to 180°, for changing the posture, according to your baby’s mood. The application of adjustable leg and footrest enables your toddler to relax the way they want.

360° mobility in the front wheels along with swivel locks are specially designed for having your total authority over the stability of your stroller for the baby. The rear wheel brakes are convenient in controlling the speed.

The canopy on the top of the pram is sufficient in protecting your kid from sunlight, and harsh wind, while the looking window is apt for watching your baby while strolling. 

The detachable cushioned seats maximize the kid’s comfort and make them feel like home.

The wide storage basket has enough capacity to carry everything necessary for your baby, and the back pocket adds some extra space for essentials.

  • The canopy protects your kid from harmful UV rays.
  • Suitable for the babies 0-3 years old babies. 
  • Capable of carrying 15 KGS.
  • The detachable cushioned seats are washable.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • The lightweight pram is easy to move.
  •  A safety belt is not that convenient
  •  The handle is a bit short. 

3. Little Pumpkin – Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby

best prams for babies in India

While looking for the best prams for babies in India, you can’t overlook this one. Being EN 1888 Certified for its superior quality safety measures, the Little Pumpkin baby stroller is made for treating your babies with extra care.

The lightweight built with 4 kgs weight is easy to carry. The compact umbrella fold makes assembling easier. The pram can easily be folded just by pulling up the jack.

There’s a 2-point harness for the proper child’s security while strolling. Besides that, the canopy gives brilliant coverage from sunlight and unfriendly weather. 

The comfortable sitting position to ensure the complete relaxation of your baby makes it one of the most convenient strollers for babies. The rear wheel brakes are great in having the best control over the stroller for assuring reliability.

  • The metal framing is steady enough to give proper protection.
  • Suitable for kids from 6 months to 2 years. 
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Has a stylish blue appearance. 
  • Brakes are easy to control. 
  • Wheels are steady enough to withstand the bumpy roads.
  •  The seat is not adjustable.
  • It doesn’t have enough space to carry other stuff.
  •  Cushioning is not available for the seat.

4. LuvLap Joy Stroller/Pram

best prams for babies in India

Parenthood is all about embracing the happiness of having the tinier version of you and taking the best care of it. Whether it is the safe and secure protection or enhanced comfort to your tiny one, LuvLap covers it all. The LuvLap Joy Stroller is designed in a way to make it easy to carry your baby, thereby being an ideal baby stroller for car seats. 

Taking care of all the safety measures, it has safety belts that hold your baby safely and restrict them from crawling out of the pram. The reversible handlebar is given for turning the stroller according to your and your baby’s needs.

There are adjustable three-position seat reclines, and two-position leg and footrest areas add up to the comforting features and keep your baby in a relaxed position.

The wheels are constructed with 360° mobility for easy moving, and the swivel feature locks the secure ride on a bumpy surface. Easy to operate rear wheel brakes gives the best control on the motion of the stroller. 

To shine as one of the best baby strollers India, the LuvLap Joy Stroller has a reliable canopy to enhance the safety of direct sun and harsh wind. And there are looking windows for an easy view of your kid while strolling. 

There are soft and detachable cushioned seats to make a comfortable seat. The spacious storage bucket is convenient in carrying almost everything you need while travelling.

Moreover, the navy blue with light blue checkered design has a funky look to make your baby love its ride. 

  • The swivel feature in the wheels allows supreme control over the brakes. 
  • The canopy gives brilliant coverage from the weather out there.
  • The added back pocket provides extra space for carrying additional stuff.
  • Detachable cushions are washable.
  • Can carry up to 15 KGS of weight.
  • Suitable for babies from 0-3 years.
  • Has a trusted and reliable brand reputation.
  • There’s no mosquito net.
  • Cushioning lacks softness.
  • Pricey

5. LuvLap Joy Stroller/Pram

best prams for babies in India

Considered as the most reliable brand, LuvLap supplies the best prams for babies in India. This edition of LuvLap Joy Stroller has a cure and eye-catching colour with the red and pink combination. Suitable for babies of 0-3 years, this pram can carry up to 15 Kg.

There are safety belts/ harnesses to have a steady hold to keep the baby in place. Besides that, the reversible handlebar is added for reversing the position of the stroller while walking. The adjustable three-position seat recline has a reliable personalized comfort profile. Moreover, the adjustable two-position leg and footrest area serve for easy resting of the tiny legs.

The 360° front swivel rear wheels offer enough flex and enhanced stability on the wheels on uneven Indian roads. Safety is maximized with convenient wheel brakes to have brilliant control over the pram’s motion. 

Be it on a sunny day or a windy night, the canopy is for enhanced protection in any situation. And the looking window allows you to have a look at your baby during the stroll. Being a convenient stroller for babies, it has proper cushioning to make your baby feel like home. The detachable and washable feature of the cushions is for keeping them clean always.

Just like the other LuvLap strollers for kids, there’s an extra added storage basket and back pocket to carry stuff while travelling and shopping.

  • Easy to assemble and carry. 
  • Wheels are steady enough to absorb sudden shocks on bumpy roads.
  • The metal framing ensures durability.
  • Canopy saves your kid from UV rays. 
  • The lightweight feature allows you to carry the stroller with ease.
  • Has the best value for money. 
  • Plastic wheels are not very durable.
  • Safety belts require some improvements.
  • There’s no manual guide for installation. 

6. LuvLap Starshine Stroller

best prams for babies in India

This sturdy, foldable stroller has the best and thoughtful mechanisms to give your baby the enhanced safety backup while having a joy ride outside.

The reversible handlebar is for adjusting the position of the stroller while walking, and the safety belt/harness provides enhanced security and steady hold on your baby. 

The adjustable three-position seat recline can easily be changed into an upright, inclined, or flat position to have a comfortable seat. There are adjustable footrests that can be positioned in 2 postures to enhance comfort.

360° adjustable swivels of the wheels are given for the ease of maneuverability and stabilization on any surface. Besides, the rear wheel brakes control the motion of the wheels and stop moving unwillingly.

The canopy gives superior protection from sun and wind, surely makes it one of the best baby strollers. Moreover, watching your baby is easier with the looking window located in the back. 

The soft and detachable cushioning serves proper comfort and warmth to the baby during the ride. With the 15 Kgs of carrying capacity, the LuvLap Starshine Stroller is a suitable choice for kids up to 3 years old. 

  • The fixed wheel type is for steady control over the speed. 
  • The canopy protects from UV rays. 
  • There are convenient locks on brakes to control the pram. 
  • The back pockets can carry anything you want. 
  • It can be fit easily on a car seat.
  • A 3-point harness is best in providing enhanced security.
  • There are no mosquito nets. 
  • The seats need much improved cushioning.

7. LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram

best prams for babies in India

If you’re in search of an extra-large stroller with enough space and additional security, then this one can be the perfect choice for you. Being one of the most convenient baby stroller brands, LuvLap’s collection has been approved by the European Standard EN 1888.

It has the 5-point safety harness, designed to hold your little one securely. There are adjustable three-position seat reclines and two-position leg rests for keeping your kid in a comfortable body posture while having fun strolling outside. Besides, the soft, cushioned seat enhances comfort while relaxing.

There are many options to switch the position up to 180° according to your preferences with the reversible handle. You can either make your baby face you or the front while walking. 

The extendable canopy gives full coverage, which makes it the best baby stroller with maximum weather protection. The looking window lets you watch your baby anytime you’re walking. The wheels are reliable with 360° mobility and swivel lock and brake to move the pram smoothly over any surface; thus, having great control over it.

Extra-large storage baskets and a back pocket makes it a reliable baby stroller and carrier at the same time. 

  • The cushioning fabric is nice and comfortable, which keeps irritation away from your baby. 
  • The full-coverage canopy serves as an alternative to a mosquito net. 
  • There are wheel link brakes to stop the stroller in the correct place.
  • Easy to fold and store. 
  • The full coverage might feel suffocating to your kid. 
  • Cushioning needs to be softer.

8. LifeKrafts Stroller Mosquito Net for Baby, Carriers, Car Seats, Cradles 

best prams for babies in India

To add your little one some extra protection from mosquitoes and insects, the Life Crafts Stroller mosquito net is just what you need.  

This 29×22-inch mosquito net is designed to protect your babies inside the strollers from any kind of creepy worms. There are small ventilation holes that ensure proper air circulation and a clear view of the outside.  The protection coverage offered by the pram company protects your kid during a ride. And the mosquito doubles the safety features to make your stroller for babies a secure one.  

The stretchy mosquito net, along with elastic edges, offers a snug fit to any kind of Stroller, pram, carriers, baby buggies, car seats, cradles, Baby joggers, sleeping beds, etc. The fine holes of the net prevent the smallest of insects to enter, thereby giving full coverage to your baby.

Made of strong and long-lasting mesh, this mosquito net should be included in your parenting essentials to keep your toddler safe from any kind of harmful bugs or mosquitoes.

  • Easy to use. 
  • Fits properly to any baby strolling gear.
  • Breathable to prevent suffocation. 
  • The material is soft and long-lasting. 
  • The elastic can become loose fit with passing the time.

9. Little Pumpkin – the Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby/Kids

best prams for babies in India

This beautiful red baby pram can become a best friend to any newbie mom out there. The travel-friendly lightweight design of the Little Pumpkin stroller is one of the best strollers in India 2020. 

There are valid reasons to make such claims. The front wheels are designed with the proper suspension to prevent risk on the uneven Indian roads. Hence it provides great control over the breaks and motion. 

The easy to fold mechanism is provided with an easy to push bar located below, for assembling the pram within seconds, with one tap only. There are reversible handles for enabling you to stroll from both sides based on your choice. 

The three positions reclinable seat is specifically designed to recline the seat based on the comfort preference of your baby. Besides, the adjustable leg rests adds up to the cosiness of each ride. Capable of carrying 20 Kgs weight, the pram is suitable for toddlers up to 3 years.

The stroller has canopy protection to save your tiny one from any kind of harshness of whether, i.e., sunlight, heavy wind, etc. It has an additional storage basket below for carrying almost anything essential for your baby.

  • Steady wheels are brilliant in shock-absorbing from bumpy surfaces. 
  • The metal framing ensures a sturdy structure.
  • Easy to fold with one tap only.
  • Convenient to carry anywhere.
  • Cushioning material is soft enough and doesn’t harm your baby’s tender skin.
  • The cushioning requires much improvement. 
  • There’s no seat belt provided. 

10. LuvLap Sunshine Stroller/Pram

best prams for babies in India

It is another reliable product from the collection of LuvLap. This orange and multicoloured pram for your baby is the best thing to purchase for strolling. This foldable stroller with enhanced safety provides much convenience in its safety profile. There are 5-point safety harnesses for adequate safety and steady hold on the baby. 

A reversible handlebar is given to let you decide the facing side of the baby. There are 3-reclinable position seats to adjust the comforting posture, along with the two-position leg rest, to keep your baby’s legs adequately.

The seat is equipped with detachable cushioned seats. And the safety measures get its maximization with a detachable mosquito net to prevent bugs and worms. There are looking windows at the back to have a better view of your baby while strolling. There’s a canopy to protect your kid from direct sun and wind. 

The wheels are engineered with 360° mobility and swivel lock to move it according to your will and ensure a smooth ride every time. The rear wheel brakes keep the stroller stay in place when you want it to stop. 

  • Cushioning can be washed. 
  • The mosquito net is breathable enough.
  • The metal framing is long-lasting and steady.
  • Wheels have brake locks to keep the motion in control.
  • The storage basket can carry everything. 
  • There are back pockets to enhance the storage capacity.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Value for money.
  • Plastic wheels are not that durable.

11. Luvlap Sunshine Stroller/ Pram 

best prams for babies in India

Having the convenient brand value of LuvLap’s, this baby stroller stands as one of the best strollers in India 2020. The exquisite, sturdy built design contributes to the reliability of the product. Being suitable for kids up to the age of 3 years, it is recommended by 98% of the parents who have used this stroller to provide their child with enhanced safety.

The 5-point safety harness provides safer hold around the shoulder and waist area for enhanced protection. The reversible handlebar enables you to change the position of the pram whenever you want. The seat can be reclined into three positions, which means the adjustability of the position according to your baby’s need. Detachable cushions are extremely soft and easy to wash, to offer your baby a clean and comfortable ride. Adjustable leg rests work brilliantly in giving your baby the best foot position according to his/her moods.

The front wheels with 360° mobility and swivel locks, have great influence upon controlling the stability of the wheels, to avoid the roughness of any surface. Also, there are wheel brakes that are easy to control anytime, through a little amount of pressure. 

The full coverage of the canopy gives convenient protection from any kind of weather, and the looking window is best for having a constant watch on your baby. The dark grey and neon green appearance look stunning, while the additional storage basket and the back pockets give enough space to carry almost anything. 

The easy to fold features make it simple to assemble and store anywhere with ease. The only drawback it has is that its plastic wheels, which are not durable enough to bear with the roughness of the Indian terrains. 

12. LuvLap Starshine Stroller/Pram

best prams for babies in India

Make parenting easy with the Starshine collection of LuvLap strollers. Along with the trusted value and a reliable reputation backup, the pram has a very sturdy and secure profile. The brand assures safety with the inclusion of a safety harness to avoid slipping or crawling of the baby anyhow. There are reversible handlebars to change the way of handling the stroller anytime.

The seat is made with detachable soft cushions, which are great in providing the mom-like warmth. Moreover, the three-position seat reclining is excellent in changing the sitting posture of your baby, according to their mood and age. There is adjustable leg rest to keep their feet in a relaxed position based on their sitting posture.

The enhanced mobility of the wheel adds up to 360°, and the swivel feature of the wheels is great in offering proper stabilization on any kind of road and bumps. There are convenient rear wheel brakes to have total control over the pram.

The canopy works great in protecting your little one from the harshness of nature while allowing them to have a joyful ride every time. The LuvLap Starshine Stroller comes at a very affordable range and ensures a good enough service for a longer period. 

Having a catchy red look makes your kid excited enough to have a ride on it every time. There are storage baskets and back pockets to carry everything essential to your baby. The lightweight pram with its safety rich design is its USP, which makes it stand among the best strollers in India 2020. 

The only drawback it has is it’s the polyester fabric of the cushioning material, which can cause some irritation for your kid. However, you can resolve the problem easily by placing a cotton fabric with a towel on it.

13. LuvLap Sunshine Stroller/Pram

best prams for babies in India

To lessen the difficulties of carrying your newborn baby while going out, this pram from the LuvLap Sunshine edition can be a perfect choice for you. There are proper arrangements of safety measures with a 5-point safety harness to hold your baby in place. The reversible handlebar allows you to make your baby face you while walking.

There is proper soft cushioning to take care of that tender and little body with softness. Most importantly, the cushioning is detachable and washable to keep dirt away from your way. The cushions are ergonomically designed to prioritize comfort.

The 7-inch wheels’ 360° mobility and swivel lock make things easier to control on roads. Also, the three positions reclinable seat makes it shine among the best baby strollers India, which is capable of carrying 15 Kgs. The brand offers the best comfort with the two-position leg rest to adjust the comforting position for the baby’s legs.

The canopy is added to maximize the safety features, while the looking window makes you have a watch at your baby through it. Also, there are detachable and breathable mosquito nets to keep your little one safe from any creepy bugs and mosquitoes. 

Enough storage is given with an added basket below, to keep everything essential with you while travelling. Parents can also store their stuff in the back pocket. The only limitation it has is the long-lasting life of the plastic wheels. Apart from this, the product can be a better choice for any parent having a 0-3 years old kid.

14. Luvlap Starshine Stroller

best prams for babies in India

It is another budget-friendly collection by the LuvLap Starshine store. Being the first choice of 99% buyers, the brand has created a very trustworthy profile in the market of the stroller for kids. The comfy blue stroller with proper cushioning is apt for your baby to feel your lap’s comfort. The detachable cushions are washable, which makes cleaning easy.

The three-position seat recline offers adjustability for a comfortable position whenever you want, and the two-position leg res adds up to the comforting features. A reversible handlebar gives complete freedom to shift the side of handling your baby. The safety belt enhances security to reduce the risk of falling off.

It comes with wheels having 360-degree mobility and swivel locks that prevent any kind of slip in motion and ensure a smooth ride. The rear wheel brakes make sure the stroller is not moving without your will.

The foldable canopy with a looking window provides complete coverage to your baby and, at the same time, allows you to have a view of your baby all the time. Just like its predecessors, it also has the extra added storage bucket, which gives you enough space while shopping.

No mosquito net comes with the product. To complete the safety measures, you can buy another detachable mosquito net to attach to it.

15. Luvlap Galaxy Stroller/ Pram 

best prams for babies in India

Certified with European Standard EN 1888, this Luvlap Galaxy Stroller offers extra safety added with extra-large sitting space. Suitable for your kids up to the age of 0-3 years, this pink stroller can carry approx 15 Kgs. Made with a 5-point safety harness, the product gives complete protection to your baby near the shoulder and waist, to keep him/her in place.

The handlebar can be reversed to choose between your baby either to face the front or you while strolling. The extendable double layer canopy gives complete coverage to your baby, and the looking window is given for having a look at your baby all the time.

The seat is perfect for a newborn baby to lean on, as it has the proper cushioning. An adjustable four-position backrest maximizes the comfort level, and two positions extra-wide to keep your baby in the right posture every time. There’s a detachable back tray for extra comfort.

The heavy-duty wheels are made with superior quality material with 360-degree mobility and swivel lock feature to make rides smooth even on Indian roads. And the rear wheel link brake is the best feature to have total control over the motion of the pram, which makes it one of the best strollers in India 2020.

Along with the storage basket and the back pocket, you can use it for shopping while having the company of your little one.

16. Luvlap Starshine Stroller / Pram 

best prams for babies in India

Made with durable steel framing, this LuvLap Starshine Stroller is suitable for any kid up to 3 years. The reversible handlebar lets the baby face the front and take a look at their parents to feel more secure and happy. The three positions adjustable backrest is to choose a comfortable position. The adjustable footrest helps in keeping those tiny legs in position.

The wheels with 360-degree mobility and swivel locks, make every ride smooth and comfortable on any surface. Moreover, the rear wheel brakes give great authorization over the pram. The sturdily built wheels are capable of carrying 20 KGS of weight. 

What makes it a place among the best baby strollers India is the arrangements of a canopy on the top to protect your kid from the harsh weather. The looking window at the back of the canopy is great for having an eye on your baby. It has a large storage bucket and a back pocket to carry almost everything. 

But the seat belts need some more improvements for the best service. Otherwise, it is a very budget-friendly and trustworthy product to rely upon. 

Topic to Cover:

Care you should take when using a baby stroller for a newborn child:

The first step you should take to ensure the safety and comfort of your baby is by choosing the best baby stroller. Here are the other points to keep in mind for the proper care of baby, while strolling around in a pram: 

  • Always stay close to your baby, and don’t forget to apply the brake lock when you’re not in the movie.
  • Don’t forget to buckle up your bays harness to keep him/her in the right position. 
  • Never, ever park a stroller in a sloppy area without applying the wheel brakes. 
  • Check all the functionalities properly before putting your baby inside it.
  • Do not overload the storage area located below. 
  • Keep the cushions clean always. 
  • Don’t allow your kid to be around while folding or unfolding the stroller. 
  • Be careful with the toys you are hanging on the handlebar. 
  • It’s better to avoid too many bumps or uneven roads.
  • Do not keep the stroller out in the sun for a long time. The metal bars might heat up, which might burn your baby’s skin.

Frequently Asked Questions :

When to use/ buy a baby stroller?
Some of the parents use a stroller for their newborn baby when they are 3-4 months old. But it is good to start using a stroller when your baby is almost six months or more, capable enough to sit. A slightly reclined seat at the beginning should be an ideal choice.

What is the best baby stroller in India today? 
Companies like R for Rabbit, LuvLap, Little Pumpkin, Chicco Lava, etc. always tops the list of best baby stroller brands in India.

When to use a baby jogging stroller? 
Running with your baby in a jogging stroller can be a good option to make your kid happy. But if your kid is under the age of 6-8 months, it won’t be safe, as the certain continuous shocks can be harsh for their tiny tender, shoulder, and bones.

When does a baby hate stroller?
If the stroller belt is too tight or loose, or if the seat is not very comfortable or irritating, that can make your baby hate his/her stroller.

Why do you need a reversible handlebar for baby strollers?
It is needed to make a switch between your baby to face either the front or you, a reversible handlebar helps. Sometimes your baby might feel cranky or sleepy while riding. Making your baby face you at that time allows them to feel secure and safe. Choosing the best baby stroller always allows you to have a reversible handlebar. 

Can baby strollers be used as beds?
All the best prams for babies in India are designed with proper cushioning and three-position reclinable seats, which you can easily use as a comfy bed for your baby when you’re outside. The cushiony seats provide similar warmth as a cosy home bedding.

Can a baby sleep in a stroller?
If the pram is equipped with cushions and properly arranged with a comfortable seat, then your baby can easily have a power nap in his/ her stroller. Make sure the seat can be adjusted to make your baby lie down while sleeping. 

What is a baby stroller? What is a baby stroller used for?
A baby stroller is a more convenient way to carry your child in a hand-pushed vehicle. A baby stroller is designed specifically with enough support and a seat to carry the young infants more securely. Also, this is the most useful gear for those who have problems with carrying their babies in their lap.

Are baby strollers allowed on aeroplanes?
Yes, strollers and prams are allowed on flights. You can either carry it as baggage. Or you can leave it at the gate while boarding.

Is a stroller good for a baby?
Yes. They are designed appropriately to carry the tiny body structure and comforting essentials for a baby with enhanced support. 

How is a baby stroller for jogging different from the others?
A baby stroller for jogging differs from the others, based on its wheel construction. Three supersized wheels are placed in a triangle configuration to have an enhanced smoothness over the rough surfaces. 

What are the characteristics of a good baby stroller?
A proper amount of cushioning and adjustable seats and adjustable footrests are good for enhanced comfort. Steady wheels with great control over the brakes, easy foldability add up to the easiness of carrying.

Having a canopy and mosquito net provides adequate protection. And last but not least, a reversible handlebar, which contributes to making a good stroller for kids. 

What is the best baby stroller travel system in the market?
Companies like Luvlap, Little pumpkin, Chicco Lava, Fisher-price are some of the best baby pram brands that have a better collection of strollers with travel systems. Our suggestion is to go for the R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Baby Stroller for a smooth ride while travelling.

Also, it has a unique folding mechanism, which can easily fit in any corner of your car. The stroller is lightweight, which reduces your tiredness in the journey.

What is the ideal size for a baby stroller?
The ideal size for baby stroller depends upon the age and size of your baby and his/her needs. There are multiple sizes available in the market to choose from.

What is the reclining position arrangement?
The reclining position arrangement helps in adjusting the seat into three possible positions, i.e., upright, slightly reclined, and flat, to allow your baby to have a comfortable seat e every time.

What are the best baby strollers for twins?
The Ginny and Johnny by R for Rabbit can be a top-notch twin baby stroller available in India. 

Buying guide for a baby stroller / how to choose the best baby stroller

While looking for a baby stroller, you should prioritize the safety and comfort to provide your baby with the best. Babies have soft and tender bodies, which are prone to get harmed with a little amount of carelessness. A baby stroller should be capable enough to take care of your baby in a proper way while ensuring the proper softness and relaxation. Here are the features that you should consider to choose the best baby stroller for your little one. 

Carrying capacity: The baby stroller you are choosing should be capable enough to carry the weight of your newborn baby. Sometimes you need to give enhanced support to your baby if they have some improper growth for a long time. The pram should be able to carry 15-20 Kgs of weight. 

Size: While choosing the right size for the prams of your kid, give attention to the size. Based on the age and weight of the baby, the size should be chosen. Your pram should have a suitable size to carry anywhere easily. 

Brakes: The brakes should be tested before buying. Having a convenient brake lock allows the wheels to easily stop wherever you want. Also, it is a convenient way to prevent the pram from moving when you don’t want it to.

Adjustable and comfortable seat: A seat with an adjustable backrest allows you to change the positioning of the seat depending upon your baby’s comfort. A proper level of cushioning in the seat helps in providing much support to the tender body of your baby and has enough feeling of warmth. 

Front bar: Choosing a pram with a detachable front bar at the front to serve as a handle for your baby to hold gives proper support. Your baby can hold it to feel secure whenever they want.

Folding mechanism: The folding mechanism of a prom should be simple enough to operate with ease. The folding and unfolding should be smooth and compact. There are strollers available with a single push-button for self-folding feature, which is easy to handle and store. 

Canopy: A canopy is the most important feature in a pram for babies. Canopies are designed to serve as a safety shield from the harsh sun rays and heavy wind, which can cause discomfort to your baby. Always choose a pram with a canopy for extra added protection.

Mosquito net: Some of the strollers come with detachable mosquito nets, which have very fine and breathable holes for proper air circulation and best protection from bugs or insects. Always consider a mosquito net to keep your baby away from creepy worms. 

Reversible handlebar: A reversible handlebar is made for shifting the handling position. Whether you can handle it from the back to make your baby face the front, or you can reverse it to face you. In case your baby feels uncomfortable or insecure, making them face you is the best option to stop them from crying. 

Five-point harness: Two shoulder straps at the reclining backrest and an adjustable clutch near the waist of your baby is the best way to protect them from falling off the pram. Also, the belts hold them in position, to keep them safe and in the proper place while riding over a bumpy surface. 

Pram safety checklist: You can’t risk your newborn baby’s safety, at the cost of anything. Always check for Safety Standard AS/NZS 2088 or EN 1888 certification for having an assurance over the brand value.

Durability: Comprising with your child’s travel gear cannot be considered. The pram you are choosing for your baby should be durable enough to bear with the daily wear and tear over the uneven Indian terrains. If it’s not durable, it can risk your baby’s safety. So be double sure about that.

Apart from these main focal points, you should also consider the type of pram based on your baby’s weight and age. Pick the best one that fits your budget and gives you the best parenting experience.


It is of too much importance to prioritize the safety measures while choosing the best baby stroller. Don’t forget to check on the buying guide to get an idea about the features to look for. Make your parenting easy and comfortable, thereby making your baby happy and healthy. Pick the best one for the best care.
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