Best Automatic Washing Machine In India: Buying Guide (2021)

By Arindam Roy

Gone are those days when you had to go through the hassle of manually selecting the wash and drying modes for your laundry. Not only did it take a lot of time to finish the whole cycle, but sometimes you had to select the methods in every cycle manually.

The advent of modern technologies gave rise to fully automatic washing machines and allowed people to step up from manual and semi-automatic ones. These machines not only made washing a fun chore but also helped homeowners finish their laundry without wasting much time.

The best perk of automatic washing machines is that they are loaded with wash programs that assist you easily choose the right wash based on your requirement. Talking about the best automatic washing machine in India is easy, but the real trick lies in finding the one. So in this guide, we will showcase the top automatic washing machine in India that you can buy.

Without further ado, let’s start with all the reviews of all the best fully automatic washing machines in India.

Overall Best Automatic Washing Machine

Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine...
1,716 Reviews
Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine...
  • Fully-automatic top load washing machine: Affordable with great wash quality, Easy to use
  • Capacity 6.5 kg :Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 10 years on motor
  • 680 rpm: Higher the spin speed, faster the drying time
  • Special Features: Power Wave wash system, Magic Filter

Overall Budget Automatic Washing Machine

LG 6.5 Kg 4 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine...
  • Semi-automatic washing Machine: Economical, Low water and energy consumption, involves manual effort; Has both washing and drying functions
  • Capacity 6.5 kg (wash): Suitable for large families
  • Energy rating 4: High energy efficiency
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years Comprehensive *T&C
  • 1300 RPM: higher spin speeds helps in faster drying

1. Bosch 6.5Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine: Best with Dual Dispenser Feature

Bosch is a highly reputed name in the washing machine sector, and they have a massive lineup of top-notch washing machines that have earned a lot of praise. WOE654Y0IN 6.5Kg washing machine falls in the same lineup that has made its way into numerous homes in India.

Primary Features

  • 6.5KG maximum load.
  • Power wave wash system.
  • Dual dispenser.
  • One-touch start.
  • Power-off memory.

Features Overview

  • Bosch WOE654Y0IN is undoubtedly a highly rated automatic washing machine that may 680RPM, but it can easily clean up to 6.5kg of clothes with ease. You can easily wash your clothes with a One-Touch Start facility where the machine automatically detects the suitable wash programs.
  • Built with a dual dispenser, you can use powder or liquid detergents for your clean cycle and achieve an excellent wash result. Starting daily wash, quick wash to intensive, and drum drying, you will have different kinds of wash programs for all your wash loads. Importantly, Bosch has given eight water level selections for all your washes so that cleaning extremely dirty jeans won’t give you a headache.
  • Have a low pressure in your water system? It won’t be a problem for this top automatic washing machine as it can deliver thorough washing performance in low water pressure up to 0.3 bar.
  • While cleaning, you won’t have to think about lint and fluff in your clothes because this device gets a magic filter that grabs all the lint and fluff on each cycle. Another feature that will impress you is the power wave wash system as it takes your cleaning regime to a whole new level. If the power goes off in the middle of the washing cycle, the machine stores the last point and resumes the washing from the same point when the power comes.
  • Unlike other top-load machines, you won’t get the annoying sound while closing the lid, and the credit goes to the soft closing lid that also minimizes any injury. The aesthetically pleasing design with grey finish gives this device a minimalistic look that goes well with any decor.
Best Automatic Washing Machine in India

  • Efficient and clean washing performance.
  • It comes with top-notch technologies.
  • Extremely simple to operate.
  • Soft lid closing.
  • Lacks a hot water option.
  • Low speed compared to its competitors.

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Planning to invest in a decently priced automatic washing machine with all the necessary features for a thorough wash? Well, you can take a look at Bosch WOE654Y0IN.

2. LG 6Kg Automatic Washing Machine: Best Budget-Friendly Automatic Washing Machine

When you talk about finding a top-quality automatic washing machine in India, one model that will pop out the most on the recommendation list is LG FHT1006SNW. It is loaded with all the necessary features that you will need and that too within an affordable range.

Primary Features

  • 1000 RPM speed.
  • 6KG maximum load.
  • Direct drive technology.
  • Six motion control technology.
  • NFC support.
  • Auto-restart option.

Features Overview

  • LG FHT1006SNW is designed to cater to the Indian households where manual cleaning is a massive hassle for every homeowner due to their busy lifestyle. Based on the critically acclaimed six motion control technology, the machine gives you numerous programs to clean different fabrics with utmost care properly.
  • It gets the inverter direct drive where the motor is attached to the drum, so while spinning, it can reduce noise and any wear and tear. Cleaning a large stack of clothes won’t be a problem, and the credit goes to the 6K load capacity with 1000 RPM speed.
  • The feature that takes all the limelight is the proprietor Steam wash that comes in handy for cleaning delicate fabrics and also sterilizing them from specks of dirt, germs, and pollen allergens. Loaded with numerous cleaning programs like baby care, crease care, quick clean, pre-wash, etc., it doesn’t give you any room to compromise.
  • Getting rid of hard stains is quite easy as you will have the option to heat the water up to 60-degree centigrade. While pouring the clothes from the front door, you can comfortably use the touch panel with wet hands as the panel gets proper waterproofing.
  • To cope up with modern demands, LG FHT1006SNW has introduced SmartThinQ NFC and smart diagnosis that allows you to introduce different wash cycles and also diagnose the machine. Having a child around the washing machine won’t be a concern to you since it features popular child lock features to keep the setting safe.
  • The stainless steel drum ensures that it would last for a long time without getting affected by rust or bacteria. Lastly, this device receives a compact body size, so accommodating in your house or apartment won’t be a problem.
Best Automatic washing machine in India
  • Totally value for money.
  • It offers numerous cleaning features.
  • Superior cleaning performance.
  • Suitable for all types of clothes.
  • It doesn’t get a rat mat.

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LG FHT1006SNW is an excellent buy for homeowners who want top-notch cleaning performance with Smart features at a moderate price level.

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3. Whirlpool 7Kg Automatic Washing Machine: Best with 5-star Energy Rating Feature

Whirlpool Whitemagic Royal 7.0 is a top load fully automatic washing machine that accomplishes all your cleaning chores with ease over a front-load washer. You will be surprised by the fact that despite coming as a budget range device, it hosts all the necessary features that you will generally find in top mid-range devices.

Primary Features

  • 12 wash programs.
  • 1-2-3 simple wash system.
  • LED control panel.
  • 5-star energy rating.
  • Auto tub clean.

Features Overview

  • The Whirlpool Whitemagic Royal 7.0 packs a sizeable 7kg load with 740RPM spin speed sufficient to cater to a family of four with ease. Featuring humongous 12 wash programs, you can comfortably clean different types of clothes, whether regular clothes, bedsheets, jeans, or woolen fabrics.
  • If you aren’t sure about the washing program, you can use the special 123 wash program where the machine’s intelligence will automatically sense the wash type to deliver clean clothes. Getting rid of stains won’t be a problem, and it is due to the Spiro Wash action that uses an advanced circular motion to give you a thorough cleaning.
  • What makes it stand out? The power scrub technology knocks off all the dirt and pollens by making the clothes go through a three-way agitation process. Even if you have a low water pressure issue, you can expect to get a quick wash because the zero pressure fill technology fills up the tub by 50% more speed.
  • Importantly, this device can work with any water type, whether regular or hard water, it customizes the wash cycle by sensing the water type. By selecting the Express wash, you can quickly finish your washing process and get ready with other works.
  • Maintenance is an essential aspect for every washing machine, and that is why this machine gets an auto tub clean and magic lint filter. Built with stainless steel, the tub can last for many years without getting affected by chemical detergents.
  • Plus, the digital control panel is entirely waterproof, so you can operate it in any way you want. If constant water availability is a problem in your area, then you can utilize the Aqua store that allows you to store water for the next wash.
Best Automatic Washing Machine in India
  • It carries numerous modern technologies.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Efficiently handles low water pressure and hard water.
  • Highly energy efficient.
  • PCB issue.
  • No water heater.

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Thinking to invest in a decently priced automatic washing machine? Want all-round performance? Then Whirlpool Whitemagic Royal 7.0 could be a great buy.

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4. Whirlpool 6.2kg Automatic Washing Machine: Perfect Automatic Washing Machine

When it comes to delivering top-notch washing performance, Whirlpool has never disappointed one, and neither does the Whitemagic Royal 6.2 top-load washing machine. Backed by numerous washing technologies and features, it is designed to make your daily cleaning task a fun affair.

Primary Features

  • 6th sense technology.
  • Spa wash.
  • 6.2Kg load.
  • 740RPM spin speed.
  • ZPF technology.

Features Overview

  • Whirlpool Whitemagic Royal 6.2 is a fully automatic washing machine that easily serves a family of three by washing clothes up to 6.2kg. The top-load access makes it really convenient to load clothes, and you can see the washing process through the transparent panel.
  • The waterproof LED control panel makes the operation simple, and you can also access it with your wet hands. It is designed to give you the best washing performance by utilizing 6th sense technology that senses the load and takes appropriate water level and detergent according to the weight.
  • While cleaning your baby’s clothes, you should put the machine in the Spa wash system, where it would gently treat the fabrics and reduce dangling by using the move-and-drum combo. You can also set the wash cycle in Express Wash mode that reduces wash time by a large margin, but it is only suitable for fabrics that are less dirty.
  • Sometimes programs can be confusing, so to make cleaning simple, Whirlpool has incorporated 1-2-3 button systems for a complete wash. This machine is loaded with Smart sensors that not only automatically removes lint through a Smart Lint filter but also indicates low voltage and detergent amount.
  • The water pressure in the tap system won’t hamper the wash time because ZPF technology fills the tub 50% faster than standard models. Similarly, hard water won’t be a concern to you because the machine uses a specialized operation so that it can maintain the softness and freshness of clothes after wash.
  • If your kid has come home with a dirty uniform, then you won’t have to worry because the machine’s power scrub technology can easily eliminate that dirt using a specially-engineered agitation method.
Best Automatic Washing Machine In India
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Tackles hard water and water shortage easily.
  • Beautiful grey finish.
  • Highly effective sensors.
  • Caters to all types of clothes.
  • Poor after service.

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Whirlpool Whitemagic Royal 6.2 should be your target as it fulfills all your washing needs without making a hole in your bank balance.

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5. LG 6.5KG Inverter Automatic Washing Machine: Affordable & Best

Another popular addition in this list of top automatic washing machines is LG FHT1065SNW, and it has amazed numerous Indians mothers with its flawless performance. It may look like an ordinary front door, but once you start using it will change your perception.

Primary Features

  • Six motion direct drive technology.
  • 1000RPM spin speed.
  • NFC connectivity.
  • Waterproof touch panel.
  • Low vibration and noise.
  • 10-years warranty.

Features Overview

  • Engineered with front door entry and 6.5kg load capacity, this one of the finest automatic washing machines in India is suitable for catering to most Indian families. LG FHT1065SNW is packed with a powerful motor that achieves a peak 1000 RPM spin speed to dry all your washed clothes quickly.
  • The best part is that the engine incorporates an inverter direct drive facility that attaches the drum to the motor to curb vibration and noise during high speed. Enjoy the most exceptional cleaning performance every time you put your dirty clothes in the drum, and the credit partly goes to the six motion direct drive technology.
  • LG FHT1065SNW also treats you with the famous Steam wash that allows you to eliminate allergens and bacteria so that your family can stay healthy. Plus, if you are washing your baby’s cloth, then you can use Baby care mode, and the device will delicately wash the fabrics.
  • Through the SmartThinQ app, you can download different wash cycles and introduce them to the washing machine through NFC for catering to different types of clothes. Say goodbye to stubborn stains as you can heat the water up to 60-degree centigrade to remove all kinds of marks with ease.
  • Every time you use the touch panel, you won’t have to dry your hand, and it is due to the efficiency waterproofing that doesn’t get affected by moisture in your hand. Having a baby around the washing machine won’t be a problem as you can safeguard the control panel with the Child lock feature while you are not around.
  • Sudden power cut during the wash cycle won’t require you to start a new cycle because auto-restart features resume the washing from where it left off.
Best Automatic Washing Machine in India
  • Efficiently removes allergens and stains.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Suitable for all kinds of clothes.
  • The SmartThinQ app makes cleaning more effective.
  • Lacks only spin option.
  • The overall build quality could have been better.

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If you are in search of a moderately priced automatic washing machine that is loaded with features and Smart facilities, then LG FHT1065SNW can be an option.

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6. LG 6.5kg Automatic Washing Machine: Budget-Friendly Top Load Automatic Washing Machine

LG T7581NDDLG can be described as a meticulously crafted fully automatic that not only looks elegant but also treats you with an unparalleled washing quality. It is an ideal washing device for Indian families as it can handle all types of dirty clothes with ease.

Primary Features

  • Smart inverter technology.
  • Efficient energy consumption.
  • TurboDrum movement.
  • 6.5Kg load capacity.
  • Punch+ 3 cleaning method.

Features Overview

  • Without a doubt, LG T7581NDDLG is one of the most excellent automatic washing machines in India that is built for all your heavy-duty washing needs. Engineered with a smart inverter motor, it allows the machine to deliver top-notch performance and also save energy at the same time. Importantly, the engine gets a complete BMC motor protection that seals the motor from humidity, dust, and other elements.
  • Moreover, the sophisticated design of the motor also curbs down the noise and vibration by a large margin. However, the TurboDrum makes the main impact as it rotates the drum with water in one direction and pulsator in the opposite to knock off any kind of dirt.
  • The TurboDrum also combines Smart Motion, where the tub delivers three types of tub movement to enhance the washing quality while taking care of the fabrics. Thanks to numerous washing programs like a quick wash, smart cleaning, delay, fuzzy, etc., you can easily wash different materials to get optimum results.
  • The washing machine flaunts a favourite mode where you can set your own wash cycle and use it whenever required. After every wash cycle, you can utilize the Tub Clean option to sterilize the complete tub and ensure a fresh and hygienic surface for your next cloth’s batch.
  • The SmartThinQ app comes really handy as it lets you assess the working condition of the washing machine and find out any error easily. Constructed using stainless steel drum, it not only ensures tremendous longevity but also curbs down the growth of germs and bacteria.
  • The intuitive digital panel is straightforward to operate, and you can control everything with the touch of a button. It comes with a mammoth 10-years warranty coverage so you can stay assured that it would stay by your side for a long time.
Best Automatic Washing Machine in India
  • Silent washing operation.
  • Mighty motor.
  • Efficiently cleans the toughest dirt and stains.
  • Low power consumption.
  • High water consumption.

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LG T7581NDDLG is a worthy investment that meets all your washing requirements and also treats you with numerous modern facilities to make washing a convenient task.

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7. Godrej 8Kg Washing Machine: Best in the Semi-Automatic Category

Godrej WS 800 is a typically designed top load washing machine that has the prowess to wash a large number of clothes and that too with different programs. It is an old school device that is more into performance and features rather than modern gimmicks.

Primary Features

  • 8Kg maximum load.
  • Roto scrub with aquajet pulsator.
  • Steel drum.
  • Active soak.
  • 5-years warranty.

Features Overview

  • Wearing a popular design with a rustproof poly body, Godrej WS 800 is one of those washing machines that may not look extraordinary but possesses immense durability. The top cover packs high-quality toughened glass lids that also adds to the strength of the device.
  • The Lilac top with a white body gives it a unique outlook that looks attractive in any home decor. Most importantly, it is integrated with a steel drum, which won’t get any dent even if you use it daily.
  • The combination of aqua jet pulsator and roto scrub that gives all your clothes an excellent wash quality without causing damage to the fabrics. Godrej has also introduced a spin shower that delivers a special rain shower rinse mechanism to drive away all the detergents quickly.
  • The best part is that you will have a separate wash tray where you can scrub and rinse all your clothes to achieve a better wash quality. Ergonomically designed with a modern wheel, you can quickly move the machine anywhere in the house without putting much effort.
  • Godrej WS 800 can easily achieve a maximum spin speed of 650RPM so you can expect to dry your clothes quickly. Surprisingly, it comes with an inbuilt water heater, which makes it easy for you to clean clothes hard stains or marks. With this machine, you will even have the option to pre-soak the clothes using Active Soak mode and enhance the washing time.
  • You can load up to almost 8kg of fabrics in one go, and it would give you an optimum wash quality in every wash cycle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any digital panel; instead, it comes with traditional plastic knobs that offer smooth operation.
Best Automatic Washing Machine in India
  • Excellent wash quality.
  • Inexpensive price point.
  • Highly durable build quality.
  • Five years of warranty coverage.
  • No digital display.
  • It is quite large in size.

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If you are on a budget and won’t mind getting an old school washing machine that delivers terrific wash quality, then Godrej WS 800 could be an option.

Before we bid final goodbye, we want you to take a look at some frequently asked questions that will clear a lot of your confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a fully automatic washing machine dry clothes?
Drying cloth in a fully automatic washing machine is straightforward. You will find the option of only spinning for drying clothes, and almost every full automatic model offers this function. However, you can’t expect a complete drying performance, but a full spring dries up to 80% of the water from your clothes.

2. How does an automatic washing machine work?
An automatic washing machine works in a sophisticated manner where it washes and dries up the cloth without requiring any input in between from you. The clothes go through a series of washing, rinsing, and spinning, and that too without needing interference. During washing, it automatically drains the detergent solution and adds clean water.

3. How do I choose a good automatic washing machine?
Choosing an excellent automatic washing machine is a tricky process, and you will have to consider a lot of factors. Water efficiency, cleaning result, speed, the effectiveness of the spin cycle, availability of technologies, and design are the main factors that you will have to consider. For ease, you can go through our list that will guide you to the best models.

4. Is it better to buy washers and dryers together or separate?
Getting a washer and dryer together or separately entirely depends upon the availability of space for washing machines in your home. Buying a washer and dryer separately is always a better deal because it offers better energy efficiency, finishing time, and higher drying capacity.

5. Does a fully automatic washing machine consume more water?
Since a fully automatic washing machine requires a continuous supply of water, so it consumes a considerable amount of water throughout the cycle. Even if the machine says it is water-efficient, but the still consumption will be on the higher side.

6. Is a fully automatic washing machine good?
A fully automatic washing machine is highly useful as it comes with pre-loaded programs that get the job done automatically with one click. It takes care of all the aspects of washing without requiring your interference. Not only do they offer better convenience but also finish the whole task with less time consumption.

7. How many times can a washing machine be used in a day?
You can use a washing machine as much as you can as they are designed for heavy usage on day to day to basis. However, if you run it continuously throughout the day, then either the motor or any other part would go kaput.

8. Do washing machines really clean clothes?
All the washing machines are based on the principle of wet cleaning, where it uses water and detergent to clean. When the solvent and clothes move on the spinning container, the tumbling causes the dirt to separate from the fabric and ultimately cleans the clothes.

9. What size washing machine do I need?
The size of the washing machine you need entirely depends upon your usage and the amount of clothes you are aiming to clean on each cycle. For a typical family in India, a washing machine with six to seven-kilogram capacity is more than sufficient. However, if you are residing alone, then you should go for a small model.

10. How many clothes can go in a 7kg washer?
A typical 7kg washing machine can accommodate up to 30-35 clothes in one go, and it includes a variety of fabrics. Underloading a washer won’t be a problem as you will get the same washing performance. However, if you overload the machine, then you might face issues leading to inadequate rinsing and drying.

11. What size washing machine do I need for a family of 3?
For a family of 3 members in India with a combination of three adults or two adults and one child, a five to six-kilogram washing machine is quite sufficient. You can accommodate a decent amount of clothes on a daily basis without requiring to go for a second run.

12. What size washing machine do I need for a family of 4?
We would suggest you get a 6 to 7kg load washing machine if you have a family of 4 individuals. Not only would it be adequate for your daily washing needs, but you can load a vast amount of fabrics all at once.

13. Which is the better LG or Samsung washing machine?
It is an entirely subjective question as both LG and Samsung offer high-quality washing machines, and they each excel in various departments. However, when it comes to breakage rage, LG shines in the department as it provides better longevity than Samsung. But unlike LG, Samsung comes with numerous modern features that make cleaning more convenient.

14. Should I buy a semi-automatic or fully automatic washing machine?
Well, it entirely depends upon your choice and requirement when you have to choose between a fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machine. A fully automatic is fast, convenient, carries a lot of programs, and doesn’t require any manual water drainage. But this washing machine type is costly, faces a lot of electronic issues, and doesn’t offer top-notch drying performance.

Semi-automatic, on the other hand, is affordable, easy to use, dries up clothes quickly, and doesn’t get fancy gadgets that often tend to fail. However, they require constant attention, need a lot of space, and require manual water drainage.

15. Which washing machine is best for daily use?
Different experts have different opinions regarding the capability of washing machines, and almost every machine can be used for daily usage. But according to our expert products like LG FHT1006SNW and Bosch WOE6540IN grey are highly suitable for everyday usage.

16. Can we add water manually in an automatic washing machine?
It is possible to add water manually in an automatic washing machine, and the sensor will automatically detect the water level. However, you shouldn’t do this regularly as it might lead to water leakage and damage to the sensors as they aren’t designed for manual water addition.

17. How long does it take to dry clothes in a washer dryer combo?
A washer dryer combo takes a lot of time while drying wet clothes, and it takes almost two long hours to dry 4kg fabrics. You will have to keep the timer setting at the high side to dry up a large stack of cloth all at once.

18. Are expensive washing machines worth it?
Well, we can say that expensive washing machines aren’t totally worth the investment until and unless it is fulfilling your purpose. Basically, an expensive one comes with swift spinning performance, large capacity, numerous programs, a lot of heating options, and additional safety. But fast-spinning means enormous power consumption, and the availability of a lot of electronics will make the machine prone to frequent failures.

19. How long do the washer and dryers usually last?
Generally, the durability of a washing machine largely depends upon how you are using the device and maintaining the overall hardware. On average, a washer and dryer usually last for eight to twelve years, depending on usage. However, one can raise the bar by cleaning the parts at a regular interval.

20. Which is the better Bosch or LG washing machine?
According to many experts, LG is considered to be the best choice for average Indian family settings where people emphasize more on washing performance. However, if you want to utilize modern technologies, then Bosch would be ideal as it incorporates advanced technologies along with plenty of features, but they are quite expensive.

21. How long does a fully automatic washing machine take?
The time taken by a fully automatic washing machine to complete the washing cycle depends upon the program cycle of the device. The time of completion also depends upon water heating, RPM, pre-rinse, and pre-soak features that you might add. Generally, a top load fully automatic washing machine takes around 55means to complete the whole cycle.

22. Do washing machines use a lot of water?
Previously washing machines used to consume a considerable amount of water, but nowadays things have changed. In today’s time, most of the washing machines come with high water efficiency, and they use around 10 to 15 litres per wash. However, the water consumption varies from model to model, but most of them have curbed the consumption by a large margin.

23. Which washing machine uses more water?
A fully automatic washing machine with a top-load consumes the highest amount of water during each cycle, and it is generally around 140L. The semi-automatic model has the second most water consumption, which is around 120L, while a fully automatic model with front load consumes around 60L.

24. Is 1000 rpm good for a washing machine?
The 1000 rpm speed is considered to be the best sweet spot for every washing machine as it is suitable for both cleaning and drying different types of clothes. Most of the standard washing machines, whether automatic or semi-automatic, use this speed for every cycle. However, to cater to thick denim and cotton fabrics, the 1000 rpm speed is slightly less.


An automatic washing machine would be a massive relief in Indian households as it will make cleaning more comfortable and also deliver impressive wash quality. It is no longer a luxury device for Indian homes, and nowadays, everyone is getting to make their life simpler. Every Indian wants a product that not only offers a lot of features, but it also values for money.

So that is why we have come up with a top automatic washing machine in India that is worth every rupee you spend on them. Before putting out the list, our experts have properly examined every product so that they can live up to your expectations.

So we hope our guide will help you to find the most suitable washing machine and will make your household chores much more straightforward. We would urge you to post your thoughts in our review section so that we can create our new guide in a better manner.

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