Best 4k Projectors in India – Expert’s Choice

Pain: Finding the perfect projector for your needs can be challenging. With so many models on the market, what makes choosing the right one such a daunting task? The price tag is just as intimidating as the number of options. This projector isn’t easy — there are so many on the market, and it can be hard to tell them apart.

You want a projector, but you also want to have a good time. Can you really use it in any location? Is it much too loud? Finding a projector that will meet your needs can be incredibly time-consuming,

Agitate: but the worst part is when it arrives and you realize it’s not the right projector. That’s why we created this list of the best portable projectors in India. And remember, going into a projector purchase without understanding the benefits and its applications will make it even more complicated.

Solution: We have tried to simplify your search for the best portable projector by reviewing some of the most popular brands available in India. It’s important to read reviews from other users who have purchased them before making a final decision, if you want to buy something that’s good quality and affordable.

Our handy buying guide tells all. We’ll help you sort out the important things like screen size, image quality, light control and brightness. With our help, you can buy with confidence knowing that you have the best portable projector – no more guesswork involved.

1. Newest 4k Full HD LED Latest Projector

Best 4k projector in India


The Skyworth HD147 Portable Projector is the best portable projector with 3D surround, latest 4K Resolution and low pupil distance that provides sharper and clearer images, it can work well in conference hall, office and home use, specially for large screen video games, movies and television.

The Advanced DLP Technology gives you vivid colors and amazing details. The high brightness level up to 2200 Lumens ensures great image quality in daylight or well-lit environments.

The New Generation Projector comes with an awesome 3D stereo sound and 3D surround for the ultimate home entertainment experience. Coupled with the latest Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat OS and Intel Quad-Core A6 processor, you get to enjoy all the newest online apps & games available on Google Play store including YouTube 3D Movie streaming

This is an ultra-mobile 2K DLP projector engine that offers 30,000 hours of lamp life and a resolution of 1920×1080. The white light LED lamp has a lifespan up to 10 years. It contains six pieces of high-precision lenses in the optical system and provides a very narrow projection beam which can be easily controlled at an angle.

It supports 4K, so you can watch any type of picture with an amazing color contrast. It has a high lumens output, and a brightness of 6500 Lumens. This assures that you will have your desired brightness for full HD clarity and perfect video quality. It even has 3D Stereo sound capabilities, so you can really feel like you are part of whatever movie or show you are watching.

The M3 4K DLP portable projector provides high viewing experience, whether you are attending a conference or watching your favourite movie. The built-in Wifi enables you to wirelessly play videos from YouTube and various stored video files. With 3D stereo sound technology, the wireless speaker setup delivers immersive audio and smooth, rich video. Recharging your device is easy with USB charging, HDMI input and more.

2. BenQ TK850 True 4K HDR-PRO Projector

 BenQ Projector


The BenQ TK800 is a high-performance 4K DLP home theater projector with 3000 ANSI Lumens, 3D, HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Rec.2020 color gamut. The included dynamic iris functionality & low input lag feature make it an ideal choice for gamers and sports fans alike. With BenQ’s 3-year industry leading warranty, you can rest assured the TK800 will long outlive your relationship with your last projector.

The included dynamic iris functionality & low input lag feature make it an ideal choice for gamers and sports fans alike.

The TK850 utilizes BenQ’s unique Dynamic Iris technology for an unrivalled contrast ratio. From movies to sports, and from games to work presentations, the TK850 delivers stunning image quality with ultra smooth graphics for true 4K “ULTRA HD” entertainment. This projector features a brightness of up to 3000 lumens, resolution of 3840×2160, colour performance to match the latest 4K HDR TVs and Sources.

Featuring quantum dot technology for ultra-true colour reproduction, HDR-PRO Bright mode delivers the best picture quality possible with both HDR and SDR content. built-in speakers and an innovative color wheel that provides true-to-life colour by enhancing contrast ratio with brighter colours.

With a resolution that’s 4X sharper than Full HD projectors, DCI-P3 color space coverage, HDR support, and a lightning fast 1,000:1 contrast ratio and ultra short switch time of just 0.25 seconds, the TK850 delivers spectacular, movie theater-like images you will want to share with friends and family.

This projector is an advanced entertainment device that produces stunning images for an unforgettable experience. The TK850 True 4K HDR-PRO has a 3000 lumens brightness, rendering it bright enough to clearly see images in dark environments. It also features a native contrast of 5000:1 for high quality picture.

3. SAMSUNG 130″ The Premiere  4K Projector

4K Projector


The Premier 130″ is our 4K UHD LED projector with sophisticated color, deep contrast and crystal-clear clarity. With seamless Smart TV features and Alexa support, you can stream your favorite shows and movies for your ultimate entertainment experience. This is the TV you’ve always wanted.

The unit features a 13,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and delivers vibrant 4K UHD resolution. Its smart interface allows you to seamlessly connect it to various devices as well as access content from more than 20 top video streaming applications.The ultra-bright, crystal clear 4K UHD picture delivers true-to-life realism and HDR content is designed to showcase its impressive brightness and contrast ratio.

Designed to shine an enormous 130-inch picture, this projector has enough power to completely immerse you in the action. You can play from any device with its built-in Smart TV App and connect to its dual HDMI ports for gaming consoles, PCs and streaming devices. With dual 12W speakers and a 4.2-channel surround sound system, the result is like being at the cinema.

It’s projector can display a 120″ image at 1600 lumens, all in a sleek design with integrated speakers to provide an immersive home entertainment experience ideal for family movie nights, gaming, This one-of-a-kind device brilliantly combines cinema quality screen performance with the power and convenience of smart TV and video streaming services in a sleek, premium design.

The 130″ Premiere projector is a portable home theater projector with 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160). It projects up to 130 inches and includes an integrated speaker.  It is great for watching your favorite sports, feature films, TV shows, videos and more in large-scale form.  The built-in SmartCast remote control allows you to connect it to your Wi-Fi network easily.

4. Optoma CinemaX P2 Smart 4K UHD Laser Projector

Optoma Laser Projector


With the release of the Optoma P2 Smart 4K projector, now everyone can enjoy the experience that comes with 4K technology. Available at a fraction of the cost of its competitors, this projector delivers an incredible 3000 lumens and superior image quality with a laser & 6-Segment Color wheel. With its sleek compact design, you can take your theater on the go. Plus, it features built-in WiFi and Bluetooth technologies as well as compatibility with all of your media devices.

It is the ultimate portable 4K UHD laser projector. Powered by Texas Instruments’ Bright View technology, the Optoma P2 can display stunning ultra-high definition content up to 3000 lumens in 1080p. It also features a crystal color 6-Segment RGBRGB color wheel, which ensures vibrant images with full color saturation and contrast.

Packed with a massive 3000 lumens of brightness, it delivers smooth balanced imagery with gorgeous 6-segment color wheel and laser light source technology. Its compact size makes it easy to install in tight spaces with less ambient light. Make your friends jealous with some of the best video projection you can get at home.

With a size of only 7.5 pounds and a built-in speaker, this 4000 Lumen projector can bring an immersive cinematic experience wherever you go. Featuring Laser and 6-Segment Technology, the P2 produces superior images that are crisp and clear with vibrant shades of reds, greens, and blues. Even in low light situations, the P2 delivers a bright 3000 lumens immersive experience.

This portable projector is a great solution for your home theater, use it at home or take it to any event you may be needing to project on a large screen. Featuring 3000 lumens of brightness, laser light source, 6-Segment color wheel and the compatibility with HDR10 & HLG makes this a home theater solution no more wires in connecting to your TV and you can enjoy any movie scene in 4k HDR.

5. LG HU85LA Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Projector

LG HU85LA Ultra UHD Projector


The sleek, compact LG HU85LA Ultra Short Throw 4K UHD Laser Projector is capable of producing a 120” screen from just 5.1′ away. The LG Home Theater projector is loaded with features and offers the convenience of mobile streaming. With sharp 4K UHD resolution and excellent brightness, this laser projector can be used in brighter environments–perfect for home theaters and gaming setups.

The LG projector delivers stunning detail and vibrant color with HDR technology (HDR 10), while thoughtful smart TV features make it easier to stream content wirelessly from your favorite devices.

This projector creates its own 100 inch screen by projecting on any blank wall or flat surface from as little as 26 inches away.

This innovative device is equipped with remarkable technologies including Cine HDR, Amazon Alexa and google assistant voice control, LG webOS technology, and Cinema 3D. The LG CineBeam 4K smart projector produces spectacular images, offers compatibility with various screen sizes and includes convenient features like Bluetooth speaker and 360 degree angle remote control.

A bright 1500-lumen picture combined with HDR technology and LG’s UJ7700 processor ensure stunning images for watching your favorite movies and TV shows. As an added bonus, this projector features Amazon Alexa built-in so you can voice control all of your home entertainment tasks.

This projector is the smart choice for your home thanks to its ability to display 4K UHD content, and multiple connectivity options: Ethernet, Miracast, HDMI, and Bluetooth. It also features a built-in LG ThinQ AI speaker and Smart TV capabilities with convenient access to the most popular streaming services. Even better? You can control it all with your voice and SmartThings compatibility.

6. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K PRO-UHD 3-Chip Projector

3-Chip Projector


The Home Cinema 5050 UB is a Full 4K Pro-UHD, 3-chip DLP, ultra high lumens projector. Immerse yourself in stunning 4K projections with 13,000 lumens of color brightness (color light output) and 12,000 lumens of white brightness (white light output). Offering HDR delivers an unmatched viewing experience with High Dynamic Range video content.

This projector is the world’s first 4K resolution projector using DLP technology, enabling 3840 x 2160 full-HD resolution in 4K and 16 times the resolution of Full HD. With advanced optics including a shift lens mechanism which has been exclusively developed by Epson for this model, and powerful optical design to support the DLP light source, brightness is increased from 2500 ANSI lumens to 3200 lumens while keeping color brightness close to 10,000 lumens.

Not only does it offer UHD resolution, but it also uses Optical Resolution Enhancement Technology to up-scale HD content to near-4K quality. You’ll also find superior image processing and Color Brightness Enhancement Technology for rich, deep color, while HDR Plus technology ensures that images will appear accurate and balanced even in a bright room. These capabilities allow the projector to display over 8 million pixels of content on a screen measuring 100 inches.

Pro-UHD resolution with four times the pixels of Full HD creates incredible detail and clarity, while four aspect ratio modes mean you can display the perfect picture on any screen. HDR10, HLG, and Technicolor modes put every frame right where it should be, and a motorized lens means you can keep up with fast-moving action. 4K HDR Processor X1 gives every color, brightness, and contrast in your content a boost for maximum impact.

7. Boss S7 DLP Android 6.0 Ultra HD,4K,3D Projector

HD,4K,3D Projector


The BOSS S7 is a highly compact and highly capable projector. It is loaded with features, and designed for business, education and home entertainment. Powered by Android 6.0, it can be used as a SMART Board with Google Apps and is DLNA certified to display multimedia content from your favorite apps. A built-in HDMI port connects directly to your TV, computer or set-top box.

At 7000 lumens, the S7 is one of the brightest projectors on the market. High brightness is accomplished using an LED light engine. The S7 boasts a Full HD resolution of 4096×2160 (4K). It sports an advanced cooling system with a specially designed fan casing and complete air flow channel design on both sides to keep its performance at optimal levels all the way up to 200″ screen size.

This ultra-compact and portable device helps you stream your favorite programs and movies anywhere you go. It is equipped with DLP technology that offers crisp and high-resolution images. You can even download movies online and watch them outdoors in the comfort of your own yard.

It has a 1200 Lumens lamp that produces up to 3840 x 2160 high resolution images, and is capable of projecting larger screen size up to 200″. Brightness and definition are the major features of this product. The advanced drivers and optical system guarantee better video and audio performance, and you get amazing imagery with three times the detail of HD.

The Boss S7 packed with an excellent feature list, including Android 6.0, Full HD 3D support, 4K UHD and HDR both Dolby Vision and HDR10 support make this projector for someone looking for an all-in-one solution that will function in both home entertainment and business settings.

8. WZATCO S4 Android 9.0 Native 1080P Full HD 4K LED Projector

Full HD LED Projector


With a dazzling 1,548-lumen output and support for 4K HDR images, the WZATCO S4 Android Full HD 1080P is one of the brightest projectors in its class. This premium portable projector features a native 1080p resolution in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios, an auto keystoning system (±45° correction) with manual counterbalance, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

In addition to all this, the WZATCO S4 Android 9.0 is powerful enough to project images up to a 120″ screen.This portable projector features a native Full HD resolution and a contrast ration of 3000:1, with multiple connectivity options including HDMI, RF ports and USBs, and built-in speakers. Lightweight and portable, yet a powerful performer.

It’s the perfect projector for your home or boat. From powering presentations to sharing videos with friends, our native 1080p LED projector offers stunning performance at an affordable price.half-4K i.e. 2560x768p, with natural sound support for AVCHD MTS/M2TS H.265 MP4 etc video playback and wireless network connectivity thanks to its built-in WiFi module.

The projector is capable of projecting images up to 150 inches in size at a screen size of 4m-40m (47-400 inches), making it a decent choice for home theater systems, big TVs and gaming purposes.It features a re-designed rectangle case with the latest 9.0 android system, high brightness & faster response and low light,max brightness 5500lm for watching at further distance & better performance than the old version.

It supports 2D/ 3D/ 4K video decode up-scaling and high quality video playback, as well as 1080P HD TV Channel receiving, live screen sharing playing music & online HD streaming, Plug & Play via USB flash drive, cloud storage to enjoy media files, compatible with any 3rd party VR.

9. BenQ TK800 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector

Home Theater Projector


The TK800 4K HDR projector is a professional home theater projector for people who want the ultimate home entertainment experience. With BenQ technology, the TK800 projects brilliant, light-filled images with stunning colors. 8 million pixels means it’s four times clearer than Full HD models — and 30% brighter.

This projector makes installation in either a classroom or boardroom quick and easy thanks to its unique design, vertical keystone, and 1. 2x zoom. Boasting 3D support and four HDMI inputs, this 3000 lumen 1080P HD Projector delivers stunning 4K UHD picture quality within your space of choice.

With a height of just 1. 8 inches and weight of 6. 7 pounds, you can bring the TK800 anywhere without hassle. It delivers premium visual performance that will impress your audience in a convenient size and at an affordable price. Experience the highest resolution images with a picture quality four times better than standard Full HD projectors.

At just 11″ wide and the lightest ultra short-throw projector available, it’s easy to set up anywhere. With dynamic colors and exceptional 3D images, you’ll get big entertainment for the whole family.

This projector that reproduces lifelike pictures with its 8. 3 million pixels and true-to-life color. Its powerful light, compact profile makes installation quick and simple. This home theater projector’s 3000 ANSI Lumens ensure bright, crisp visuals in any environment, and its long lamp life extends to up to 10 years.

The TK800 supports upscaling of all resolutions to near 4K quality, and coupled with a high contrast ratio of up to 100, 000:1 and BenQ’s exclusive True Color Technology, every detail is rendered vividly.

10. XGIMI H1 Smart WiFi Bluetooth Wireless Video 4K Projector

Bluetooth Wireless Video 4K Projector


XGIMI H1 is a compact, lightweight projector that lets you enjoy movies at home or in the office. It is the Best projector in India that has an Optical Lens Shift Function for adjusting the image to any position and making it always be at your best angle.

You can enjoy LED array lamp of 900lm brightness, long running time 3 hours and 15 minutes and capable of displaying video/image with up to 1000TVL resolution. Anytime, anywhere, with this portable projector, you can surf online video libraries, watch movie programs, play video games or just give presentations.

It offers high brightness of 501 lumens with 1000:1 contrast ratio. Meanwhile, the portable battery pack can provide up to 2 hours of extra projection time. Because it is a smart projector, you can connect your devices to it via Bluetooth from AUX, HDMI and USB ports in just a few seconds.

Best 4k Projector is the Ultimate Video Projector for Home Theatre, Movie Nights and Gaming. It is compatible with iPhone/iPad/Android devices and supports different sources of multimedia input like HDMI, USB, SD Card etc.  It’s projector contains a high brightness LED light which provides you a clear picture with high quality visual effects. It projects a clear, sharp and bright picture on any surface be it a wall or screen in home theatre application.

It’s very lightweight and portable, allowing you to enjoy your favorite movies, sports events, presentations or entertainment projects from just about anywhere in your home. All you need is a power outlet and you can have all the power that you desire. This projector is packed with most entertainment features, like 3D support, built-in speaker, TV cord-cutter monitoring system etc.

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